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WP Robot Autoblogging plugin Review

People often think of auto blogging as a fast way to easy cash.   That’s just not true (although I’m sure that there are some successful autoblogs to prove me wrong).   Like any other blog you need to do your research, have a hot niche and the right market.   In order to have a blog that both the search engines and visitors like you need a blog with content that appeals to your visitors as well as constant content.

What is autoblogging?

Autoblogging is basically the concept of content that has been syndicated on the internet being automatically fed to your blog. In am always  experimenting with auto blogs, drip fed blogs and hybrid blogs to try and find the system that  produces the most  income for the least effort  on a niche blog.   So far what I have found to be the best performers are what I call hybrid blogs.

A hybrid blog is a  blog where I have done my keyword research and I have added at least 20 original articles written by my lovely US writer.    These are for  little niche blogs only and not on a money or authority site.  When I add my original content to these blogs I add it as pages for two reasons.  One of the reasons is that it makes it easy for me to figure out what content in the blog is original should I ever need to remove some auto blogged content.   The other reason is that it seems in my experiments that pages are considered more important by the search engines.

I then add further automation to this mix including plugins to automate SEO, tags, rss distribution, article distribution and link building.     It sometimes becomes a complicated mix and often things break and plugins  won’t play nicely with each other.     The automation process is something that I’m constantly experimenting with on test sites to see what mix produces the best results in so far as automated link building, quality content, visitor value and monetization methods and conversion.     I then add some automated content as Posts.    Again, the reason I add it as posts is if I notice that I have been slapped or penalized in some way it’s a simple matter to identify and remove the offending content.

I have a number of auto blogging plugins that I play with to generate the automated content for me.    One of my long term old faves is WP Robot.      What I like about WP Robot is that it retrieves good quality content and has excellent support.      So many plugins sound so good, then once you buy the support goes and you are left emailing a cyberspace void.    WP Robot has been out for years now and the developer shows no signs of going anywhere.  In fact, the product is being constantly improved and shows no signs of slowing down.

WP Robot has the option of buying additional modules (20!) to incorporate different things and money making streams in your blog. You have a choice of buying the entire package of 20 modules plus bonuses or you can pick and choose which modules you want to use. The different modules include Clickbank, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo Answers, YouTube videos, Commission Junction products, Shopzilla comparisons, articles and lots more.

One of the modules is a translator which is a great way of  getting extra visitors and SEO value by translating your blog into another language.    Have a look at your site statistics one day in cpanel you may be surprised at the countries where your visitors are coming from and their native language.

The ability to add  articles and rss feeds mixed in with other content automatically is great to keep your blog fresh and give the search engines a reason to visit.   A good blog post that is interesting to a reader usually has some text content, an image and a video.   WP Robot makes it super simple to integrate all those things effortlessly.  Although, initially it’s expensive to buy if you use it over a number of blogs you will quickly see that it’s a cheap way to get fresh content to your blog.

Finally, a handy feature that WP Robot has for over achievers with multiple blogs is the Control Centre.    Basically you can log in to the Centre and administer all your blogs from the one dashboard.      This makes it easy to add new features or remove them from multiple websites quickly.

One caveat that I should mention is that you absolutely MUST have some unique content on your site that your visitors actually are interested in and want to read.  Otherwise you really are just polluting the web with more rubbish that one day will be slapped in these post Panda days.        There’s a right way and a wrong way to autoblog.   Use caution, add content naturally, mix it up and always think about what your visitor, those real people out there, actually want to know and read about.

You can try a demo version of  WP Robot here



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Leanne –

Hi there – I sent you a thank you e-mail earlier this week and came back today to buy the WP Quick Cash guide/product but it took me to a mostly blank e-junkie page that said “this product combination does not exist.”

Not sure if you’re no longer offering the WP Quick Cash product or if there is a problem with link/system, but I am still interested in purchasing it if you’re still offering it.

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San DIego, CA USA

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