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We’ve talked about pricing table plugins before but sometimes you might want to insert a table just of financial data for instance in your blog.      Now, of course you can do that with WordPress either by using the html editor or using a text editor plugin that has tables.      But the options are a bit limited if you are trying to make the table as visually appealing as possible.      Installing a WordPress Table Plugin makes it quick and easy to create your tables and style them for maximum impact.     Now like all things there are many plugins available (both free and paid) that do this.    Personally, I use a paid plugin because it has extra features.      However, for the 30 day plugin challenge I wanted to make sure that you had a free plugin you could use to create tables.

The  WordPress Table Plugin allows you to quickly and easily design tables in the WordPress dashboard.     You don’t need to know any fancy coding in order to make your tables attractive either.   Once you have created the table you can add it to your post or page jut by using the simple shortcode.

Who is this plugin for?

Anyone that needs to organize information into a logical table quickly and easily


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Not that I know of but maybe a clever programmer would have a suggestion. You could however, use the category rss plugin or just your normal rss feed (depending on how you set this up) to link to your autoresponder account.

Can you somehow add a function to such a table that if let’s say I enter a new row with certain data this row is prepared as a feed to RSS which I have connected to my Aweber account and when I post this new row all my members are sent an email containing this row? I want this because I’m starting a business of giving forex trading signals to my clients. What do you think?

That looks interesting! I am a non-table-enthusiast of longstanding, just like any CSS person. So I like things that help dealing with those silly things.

That looks promising! WP Table Reloaded is a killer plugin, one of my faves, so he has tough competition. I like Simon’s color selector, that’s different from Tobias’ plugin. The PHP scripting sounds good, too, and having skins. Tobias offers CSV import, merging of cells, searching, sorting, all kinds of stuff.

Thanks for the heads up!

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