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WordPress Dynamic Sidebar Plugin

Have you ever wanted to be able to control the content that is displayed on each post of your site?     If  you were able to do this think of the possibilities.   You could have content in the sidebar that is optimized and relevant for that particular piece of content (not just site wide),  you could give certain parts of your site more SEO love by using your vertical real estate and ultimately you could provide visitors with a whole screen of relevant information.

No need to imagine the possibilities

You can easily create a WordPress dynamic sidebar for your site using the Content Aware Sidebars Plugin.     The plugin features  allow  you to:

Show sidebars with:

  • Specific singulars – e.g. specific posts or pages
  • Specific (custom) post types
  • Specific page templates
  • Singulars containing specific taxonomies or taxonomy terms
  • Singulars made by specific authors
  • Specific post type archives, author archives, taxonomy archives or taxonomy term archives
  • Search results, 404 page and front page
  • Any combination of the above
  • Merge sidebars

and much more!

The idea of this plugin is that it gives you full control over your whole site where the sidebars content is displayed.  You can choose which post/page/category/tag or page template your sidebar content is displayed on. You can also customize your sidebars for your home page, 404 error page and search results.  While other plugins allow some sidebar customization this plugin really takes it to a new level.

This is the sort of plugin that would be a great addition to any authority blog, directory or portal.



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