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There are a lot of coupon plugins that you can get for your site.    If we have time in this 30 day plugin challenge we might look at a few more as well.    A cute coupon plugin that I came across the other day is Coupon Grab WordPress plugin.

This cute  little WordPress coupon plugin runs out into cyberspace and finds coupons that can be be printed  to display  on your site.  You can see that the display is really quite neat.

Coupons can be added at different periods; hourly, daily, weekly monthly – you name it.

You can choose different categories to snaffle the coupons from as well.

In addition there are two other  handy little features.   First of all you can make your own tags on how the products should display and finally you can choose whether to publish the coupon immediately or save it as a draft so you can dive in and do some editing.

Now this type of plugin is probably not suitable for affiliate marketers :)   What it would be good for is  directory sites/portals or sites where you want to add a bit of “stickiness” for visitors.


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