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WordPress As An Arcade Games Site

I’ve always wanted to build a games site with WordPress and I’ve got loads of ways that I can do it and even have a few reports stashed on my hard drive half done but….. they all require a bit of that stuff that I don’t like to do too much of …..yes WORK!

But I’ve found an easier way to build an arcade games site with WordPress.   A new arcade games plugin has been released that makes it a cinch to build a site and start your own online games site.

To prove how easy it is here are the steps that you need to go through to build your own onlines games site with WordPress

Install WP on your own domain
Choose a pretty theme
Install Arcade Games WordPress Plugin
Sign up with Mochiads .   After you sign up you will be taken to a “welcome” page to add your domain etc.  Be sure and scroll to the bottom to get your Publisher Id that you will need for Arcade Games/Settings in your WordPress dashboard
Configure Plugin

Or just watch the vid that demonstrates it.   By the way, I made my games site in less than 10 minutes including recording the video below.   I had never used the plugin, read the instructions or any thing so if I can do it – so can YOU!

Finally, make sure you do your usual seo, theme customization and the like and of course reward yourself for your hard work by  playing WordPress games on your very own site 🙂

Oops almost forgot to mention…. it’s not all fun and games Mochiads has an affiliate program as well for you to earn some moolah 🙂

Now back to fun and games … I mean work 🙂


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