Millions of Images For Your Blog

Finding images for  your blog is often a trial!   There are a ton of  image sites though where you can use images with the creative commons license (always check you are able to use it for your purposes).

I’ve written many times before about plugins that integrate with image sites to find the best images for your blog and automatically insert them.       I heard about a new plugin in a forum the other day and just had to try it out.     Whenever I say that I feel like the guy from the show “American Pickers” when he says “he had to have it!”

Here’s a quick video review of the photodropper plugin.   It’s a free download from the WordPress repository and has a fantastic search engine.      According to the Photodropper website  there are over 62 million images to search (don’t worry it’s quick and easy).  Obviously on the video when I say 21 million images its my bad math/s and lack of coffee kicking in 🙂



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