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Increasing Your Subscribers With WordPress

Everyone knows that I am not a big email marketer.    As I’ve said before I’d rather be part of the solution than the problem with my WordPress products.


With my niche sites I am going to build an email list for them and do a relaxed version of email marketing.  After all, the money is in the list as many internet marketers will tell you.    I was fortunate enough to hear James Jones speak about list building in Vegas a few months ago.    James has over 100,000 people on his list so I’m guessing he knows a bit more about list building than me 🙂

All you really need to build your list is something that makes it worth while for someone to trade their email address for your offer.    This could be a free report, sneak peek at videos, a white paper, a plugin … you name it as long as it is of interest and value to the prospective subscriber.

Once you have your valuable item then you just need to add in the opt in code from your autoresponder company to your website to enable people to sign up.

And there’s the problem for me ….

Until recently, out of all the plugins that I’ve seen for WordPress (and bought) there wasn’t any that I particularly liked.    The thing that I really disliked about most of them was that while they were functional, they usually did not allow enough customisation to deliver your message and have that pop up tie in with the “look” of your blog.

I don’t want to have a pop up that says “Get your free ebook here”  because it’s not giving the visitor a reason why they should trade an email address for the ebook.    Ideally, I’d like a mini sales letter with a few good bullet points to outline the benefits.

Then I found the solution

There’s a great new plugin out that allows easy customisation and control over your  light boxes.  You can see how easy it is to customize on the screenshot below.    The other thing that is also great is that you have a number of options to choose for the look of your lightbox (and new templates are being added as well).     Of course, it also works with all the major autoresponder companies.

I like it because of the design and the customisation features but the developer likes it I’m sure because of the huge increase in subscribers that using the plugin brought him.    Either way, it’s a good plugin and I recommend you take a peek at it here.

If you purchase this product through my affiliate link then I will get paid an affiliate commission which I can squander on chocolate and coffee.

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