Inbound Writer WordPress SEO Plugin Review

Inboundwriter is a free seo style plugin from the wordpress repository  They also have a premium version available as well.

What does inbound writer plugin do?

When you write a post it researches the content for you by going out into the internet, using real time seo intelligence, to find out what people are talking about on blogs and social media relating to your topic. It then gathers the popular terms for you to incorporate into your content.  This means that you can then use that data to  create content that has mass appeal.  If it has mass appeal then the logic is that your content will be widely shared and found on the net.

inbound-writer-wordpressThe inboundwriter plugin also assists you write your content by allowing you to set up a Document Strategy. There are three document strategies that you can select: target your content for search and social media, target it for adsense or target it for reader level (all education, high school, grade school etc).

Having a document strategy is something that can be extremely helpful when creating content and something, to be honest, I hadn’t given much thought to previously.

Inboundwriter plugin – Getting Started

In order to get started with your inboundwriter plugin you need to install it from the WordPress dashboard and activate the plugin.

You will then need to register at the inboundwriter site which you can do directly from the WordPress dashboard.

You might want to sign up at the same time for the inbound now newsletter which offers further tips and tricks to maximise the usage of the plugin.

Once you have done that it’s time to get going on your content ….

In order to see the inbound writer score that the plugin generates for you using real-time seo intelligence you need to type in at least 200 words inboundwriter. Once you have done that your inbound writer tallies will be created by the inboundwriter web tool.

This short video gives you a walk through using the plugin to create this post.


If you really want to improve your search engine reach, you can create similar posts on your site and use multi-blog publishing software to create more relevant content. This  is what the inboundwriter team suggest.


One thing that I did not like about the plugin is that in order to use all the terms that they suggest you either have to write a thesis or basically keyword stuff your post.  As the plugin generates  a lot of terms making a series of posts may be a better option (or longer posts)

The Document Score function can be a bit janky.   It only seems to play nicely on my few tests when you actually type the content in rather than paste it in.

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