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Highlighter WordPress Plugin – Copy & Share Easily

I’ve got to say that I love pretty things and when I seen the highlighter plugin I was immediately taken by the cute icons.     The purpose of the highlighter plugin is to allow visitors to highlight some of your article and post it to the social media sites.    Once it has been highlighted with the plugin it will generate a short url back to your post on your site.     It’s a great way of  getting snippets of your content shared on the internet with a link back to the source.

You can use the highlighter just as a browser extension when you are surfing the internet but if you want visitors to start highlighting and sharing your posts then you need to install the Highlighter WordPress plugin.

You can see from the video how the highlighter works to share snippets.    When it is installed on a WordPress blog you have a selection of  icons that you can choose from to allow people to start highlighting and sharing your content.     The icons are pretty customizable and there’s a pretty good range so that there should be something that suits all blogs.



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