Content Managed Direct to Your Blog?

I recently found in the WordPress Repository the Zerys Writer Marketplace plugin.   My first reaction was why?    There didn’t seem to be a lot of point to the plugin.

The plugin connects the WordPress user to the Zerys Marketplace which offers:

  • a project management system for your content
  • a marketplace of pre-screened US writers to write your content; and
  • once approved it can be exported or downloaded to your blog


You can download the plugin direct from the WordPress repository and upload it or just do a search from your WordPress Dashboard/Plugins menu and install it.

Once installed, you need to sign up for an account.     You can sign  up for the account within the dashboard area.    This simple step did not work with me however so I headed over to the Zerys site and signed up there.       It then became obvious that the company is using two sign up forms that are not identical.   The one in the WordPress dashboard does not show Company Name and Phone Number as required fields whereas the one on the site does – that’s why I couldn’t sign up!

That task out of the way (which other than the above glitch was painless) it was time to investigate what the plugin does and why on earth it might be useful.

Tutorial Videos

There are tutorial videos on how to use the plugin but frankly I prefer my push a button and see what happens approach to watching video any day of the week 🙂

Creating a Project

Now that you have installed the plugin you will have a new menu in your WordPress dashboard for the Zerys plugin.    Clicking on that will take you direct to the Zerys site interface from your dashboard where you will create a project.

Go to  My Projects menu and create a new Project.

You can see how the system works in this quick (less than 4 minutes) video below:

Who is this plugin useful for?

  • Anyone who outsources their content and needs a dashboard to manage their writers/instructions/projects
  • Internet Marketers that outsource content from a number of sources and for different blogs will love the central project management system
  • People interested in saving time uploading content to blogs

Download Zerys WordPress Plugin from the WP Repository



By Leanne

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2 replies on “Content Managed Direct to Your Blog?”

No problems Steve – simply a matter of you adding a “*” to show the required fields. I’d love to be able to use this plugin a) with writers not in your marketplace and b) with one installation of the plugin but auto publishing to multiple blogs. Maybe these features are already built in? (I do admit to not watching the tutorial videos) but if not I’d love to see you add them.

Hi Leanne. Sorry you had trouble signing up for a new Zerys account from within the WordPress App. We’re in the process of a major update for the App that will fix this and a few other issues.

Also, with the keyword/topc research tool, we have plans to offer the option to use either Google’s keyword data or WordTracker data soon, so hopefully that will improve your experience with that feature too.

– thanks again for your review! Steve

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