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Automatically Add Images To Posts

I went on a blog inspection today.   That just means I visited one of my sites that I don’t often frequent.   I don’t visit often for the simple reason that is that it is a multi author site ie other authors other than me provide the content to it every day.    I just sit back and approve comments every now and again and visit sometimes 🙂

When I visited today one thing really stood out.   Authors are not making use of the function to add an image to their posts.  So there are thousands of articles all sitting in text heaven with not a pretty picture in sight.     Boring to look at.

I was wondering what I could do to improve the blog landscape and make WP prettier without making the authors do any actual work.

Then it came to me.

I could either edit the theme templates to include a random image with each post within the loop or no doubt some bright spark has invented a plugin to automatically include an image with a post.

A quick google and yes someone has created a plugin that does what I want it to do.   It’s called Post Thumbnails and well worth checking out if you have a multi author blog or even a semi auto blog.  

That plugin is no longer in the WordPress repository @ 2013 I recommend Multiple Thumbnails plugin.

All the best

Leanne 🙂

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