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7 Impressive Page Flip Plugins For WordPress

Have you ever wanted to give your blog the look and feel of  flipping through a magazine?

Well  you can, just by using a Page Flip plugin.

There are some amazing flip-page plug-ins that replicate the same effect we enjoy when flipping photo albums and magazines from one page to another. This interactive flash effect is perfect for websites with a lot of  pictures or websites with image galleries. Instead of showcasing all your images and links on a bland page, make them more animated and interactive with flip-page effects.

And, offliners you can  use this effect to create page flip brochures for your clients (that they’ll love!)

Normally, it would take knowledge in Flash and Javascript to successfully recreate the flip-page effect, but with these (mostly) free Page Flip WordPress plugins, all you have to do is install and activate.

The problem is there’s so many to choose from!

You might just want to have a little curl on the top of your web page to imitate that curled up magazine feel or you might want to have the whole experience of flipping through the web pages.    Whatever you want there’s probably a plugin to suit.

Let’s have a quick look at seven Page Flip Plugins that you can choose from to create your magazine effect on your blog.

A Page Flip Book


There are two versions of the Page Flip Book plugin available: Lite, which is free, and Plus, which costs 14.90 €. The Page Flip book plugin turns your image gallery into an online photo-album, complete with the flip-page effect. It does not turn your entire website into a flash page; instead, it generates a widget where your images are showcased.

Page Flip Free WordPress Plugin

WordPress Flash Page Flip


The WordPress Flash Page Flip plugin  turns your image gallery into a full-screen dynamic gallery. With this plugin, you can publish page flips and photo galleries.  Click here to view the demo

jQuery Page Peel


This plug-in gives your entire website that page flip effect. The page effect can be found at the topmost-right corner of the webpage. Unlike other plug-ins, this one uses jQuery and not Flash.

FlippingBook Wordpress Gallery Plugin


What makes this plugin interesting is, each time you turn the page, you can hear a page flip sound effect, making the flipping-through experience more realistic. You can turn the sound effects off if that’s too realistic for you. You can also opt to view the photo-album gallery in full-screen mode.

Page Peel


The page peel effect is pretty common among websites where offers are being given away, but you can use this awesome effect for any purpose. This plugin adds the classic page peel effect to your blog. The peel is located at the top right corner of the page.

DynamicWP Image Flipper


Based on jQuery, the DynamicWP Image Flipper adds the flip-page effect to any image on your sidebar (yes, sidebar only). You can also use this plug in to showcase your images while readers are on another page, other than your image gallery.

You can view the demo here

Sexy Curls Plus


This is another take on Kember’s original Sexy Curls plugin that adds a flip-page effect on the top  left and right corners of any webpage. Instead of adding flip-pages on both top corners, Sexy Curls Plus adds a curl on the bottom-right corner of every page. Unlike other plugins though, the page does not automatically curl and move upwards when your mouse is on top of it; instead, you have to drag the entire flap to view the text hidden beneath.

Personally, I love the Page Flip Book.     This is a great plugin if you are doing a website for an artist, photographer or a business that wants to produce a brochure of their products and services.

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