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Pinterest Plugins for WordPress

Pinterest is one of the most popular social photo sites at the moment. It  allows users to create image galleries where they “pin” media that interest them across the web. Of course, sharing media is nothing new.   Pinterest is different because of the way the “pin” function allows you to grab media across the web, organize it and create boards on Pinterest that can be followed and shared.

You can have a number of boards with different topics on them in your Pinterest account.  It’s a great way to organize things that interest you in your life  on each board. You  might want to start a board of  your favorite chocolates (hint), ideas for your wedding or favorite books that you have read.    As you find media to add to each board you just pin it on.    People can then comment on your pins, repin them and share them.

The other thing to do on Pinterest is check out what your neighbours are doing!   You can literally spend hours browsing Pinterest like a virtual shopping mall checking out things that make people laugh, great recipes or  clothing styles.  One of the reasons that I resisted pinning on Pinterest was that I knew that this was a site that you could pin something to at 9.00 a.m. and re-emerge 6  hours later with your head spinning.

If you are an internet marketer or a business you will love the power of  Pinterest.     Users tend to spend hours on the site and are very engaged with the content.   What that means for you is that if you pin media that people like they will follow you, re-pin you and if you are linking back to your site or affiliate offer you will be able to siphon free traffic.

Intellectual Property

Before you madly start pinning media that you have “discovered” on the internet you should ensure that you are permitted to pin :).  The terms of service of Pinterest make  the pinning of media the sole responsibility of the user (including the payment of legal fees for the pinner/the pinned and Pinterest). Without getting into a big discussion of copyright law  you can read  the issues here  and here which at the time of  writing have not been resolved.

If you are going to start pinning be careful of what you pin 🙂

Affiliate Links

The second issue is that Pinterest may change affiliate links on your pins to their own.    They had done some testing on this previously in order to monetize the site but at the time of writing are no longer modifying links.     According to their help page they will consider monetization methods in the future so it may be something that you want to keep your eye on.

Moving on …

As long you have the rights to use the images and you are cool with any monetization methods that Pinterest impliments in the future you’ll find that Pinterest could be not only a cool site to hang out at, but also a great site to use for traffic to one of your other sites.

Getting Started

In order to get a Pinterest account you need to be invited from one of the cool kids in town 🙂 or  simply request an invitation from Pinterest.

Beware though, it is addictive

Now to make Pinterest even cooler add it with WordPress 🙂   That way people on your blog can pin your posts to their boards, you can have your Pinterest feed on your blog and you can really engage with your visitors on a different level.

Sharing Plugins

There are a lot of plugins that add a Pinterest share/follow button to your WordPress site either as a stand alone plugin or integrated with other social media sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In.

Really Simple Facebook, Twitter Share buttons if you don’t already have “share” buttons on your site a plugin like this could come in handy.     You can add all the major social sites as well Pinterest and choose whether to display your share buttons above or below the post.






Sharing is caring this plugin allows you to add a “pin it” button as well as other social buttons to your site.    Unlike the previous plugin it also incorporates some meta tags for open graph and which is recommended by Facebook and Google according to the plugin developer.









Facebook, Google Plus One Social Share  Widget  You can add all your social sharing buttons using this plugin in a widget in your sidebar or any other widgetized area of your theme.    There are a lot of options with this plugin to customize the look and feel of the buttons including a nifty animated style which is best viewed on the demo site for the plugin.








Slick Social Share Buttons again all your favorites in the one plugin.   There are some nice options with this plugin to choose whether your buttons should “float” or “slide”, where you wish the buttons to appear on your theme and some customizations that you can make to the look and behaviour of the buttons.











Social Media Tabs – if you are running out of virtual real estate on your blog and want to neatly combine your social sharing buttons into a widget then this plugin has to be my pick.    The widget allows you to have feeds from all the popular social sites displayed elegantly in a tabbed widget on your sidebar where visitors can slide through each tab to view the content from your other sites.      The only problem I have with this plugin is at the time of writing a few users were experiencing problems.  Hopefully the developer will have any glitches fixed soon.








Subscribe/Connect/Follow Widget this plugin supports up to 30  sites including Pinterest.    The display function of the buttons however only shows 5 social sites at a time (although this can be extended) in any widgetized area of your theme.      You can choose the button size that is displayed and whether they are displayed horizontally or vertically.




Share & Follow this plugin has so many options it should really be a premium plugin in my opinion.   You can add all your favorite share buttons vertically below your post, in a widget, horizontally or even in a sidebar tab (as shown in the screenshot below)    One of the features that I really like is being able to add the buttons at the top of the site.    Along with that the developers have really thought of everything.      The first thing you will notice when you visit the  page in the repository that they actually have tutorial videos there!   Wow!   Not only that, the plugin is well documented and the support site even has information on using the plugin with your favorite themes!   Wow!   I haven’t seen that level of  detail with paid plugins let alone free ones.          The list of features for this plugin is like a shopping list for a family of  10 in brief it includes:

  • social share buttons
  • bookmarking plugins
  • print/email buttons
  • follow tabs
  • options to display as icon/icon and text/text
  • twitter options galore
  • ability to use shortcodes
  • able to make coffee (well … maybe not in this version but surely it is coming!)

Standalone Pin It Plugins

Pinterest Pin It Button Plugin allows you to add a pin it button to your posts, pages, home page (all customizable) and a “follow” button as well.    You can also choose to hide the button on selected posts/pages/categories and you can pretty it up for your theme by adding your own custom css styling.



Pinterest Pin It Button this plugin just adds a “Pin it” button every post and you can also use shortcodes.    At the time of writing, it’s a very simple plugin without the features of the plugin shown above.

Pinterest  Image Pin this plugin adds an image “pin” to each image on your site allowing your visitors to re-pin it easily.   There are 3 styles of “pins” that you can choose from and an optional follow button you can use.    Probably a plugin best suited to blogs that rely heavily on images where the owner is happy for the images to be re-pinned by users.

Pin it on Pinterest adds a field at the end of each post allowing you to upload an image and add a description to the image.    The “pin it” button is then displayed which links to that particular image allowing you to control what gets “pinned”.

Pinterest Galleries

You can also add a “pin it” button under every image in your image gallery when you use the pinterest for galleries plugin.   However, the  major drawback with this plugin is that it does not work with the very popular Next Gen Gallery plugin which a lot of image galleries would have been created with.

Making Your Own Pinboard 

If you don’t want to join the Pinterest party you can make your own pinboards on your blog using WordPress plugins (or why not do both?)

Show Space  Product widgets plugin allows you to easily add products or any thing else you fancy in widget form at the end of a post.    Like Pinterest you can grab products from over the web and display them in your blog in an easy to consume layout.

Ultimate Photo Widget – this nifty little plugin lets you gather your images from Flickr, Tumblr or Pinterest and add them to your blog either displayed vertically, horizontally or as a  slideshow.

GT Pinboard this is my pick of the bunch.   This plugin uses custom post types to display images in a similar “Pinterest” style.    You can see it in action on their demo site.  I really like the way that the images are displayed using this plugin and the little message that is displayed while the images are loading up “loading more pins” – very cute 🙂





Pinterest to WordPress

Of course, you can also show your Pinterest pins on your WordPress blog using one of the great plugins available for free to the WordPress community.

Pinboard Widget this adds a widget to your blog that is similar to Pinterest using your Pinterest thumbnails.     The plugin developers have thought about the effect on site performance and cache the pins every 15 minutes.










Pretty Pinterest Pins   this is truly a pretty plugin 🙂   It allows you to display latest pins from either your account or another users in your sidebar in an elegant way.


























Easy Pinterest another plugin to display your activity in a great way. The plugin adds a widget to your sidebar for your Pinterest feed. You can choose to display your account or another users as well as optionally blocking Pinterest from indexing your site. Currently the plugin fetches one feed a day so if you are a prolific pinner this might not suit you.

Pinterest RSS Widget is my pick of the bunch. Like the other plugins it adds a widget to your sidebar to fetch your latest pins but it also allows you to choose which board is shown rather than all your activity. For me, that makes it a better choice as my WordPress visitors may not be that interested in my passion for Betty Boop 🙂

No Pinning

If you don’t want your media pinned by others on Pinterest then you can easily add a WordPress plugin to your site to block people from pinning your media.

Block Pinterest is a simple plugin that adds a meta tag to your site to disallow content or images being pinned.

No Pin another plugin that blocks people from pinning  your pages on Pinterest.

Enough reading, time to start pinning 🙂

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I think the plugin developer has got fed up going to the repository leads to a 404. Common problem with free plugins and demanding 🙂 users. One of the reasons, as I’ve said in the past I’m happy to pay for a premium plugin IF I get support coz it’s so annoying when you get attached to a freebie but it gets abandoned due to lack of donations and resources.

The link was for the ‘Share and Follow’ plugin, I’ll check that one out, thanks. I am giving Digg Digg a trial, I like that it does the floating widget and the after/before content bookmarks all in one.

Hi Justin 🙂 The plugin is floating social from WPMU (paid). However there are free ones but they didn’t play nice with my other plugins. Which download link isn’t working for you for the pinterest plugins? If you are interested in Pinterest you might also want to check out a new one – PinterMark (paid) adds a watermark to your images and hover so when shared your branding is as well etc.

Awesome Info Leanne! just what I was looking for, I am keen to check out share and follow, but it seems their download link is not working anymore.
Also, what is the floating widget you are currently using?


Very timely post. I just joined Pinterest last week and I am still playing around with it as a way to get traffic to my niche sites, this helps.

I particularly like your Pinterest RSS Widget idea as I have a board for each of my niches.

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