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two factor authentication for wordpress

10 Dual Factor Authentication Plugins for WordPress Users

With the recent publicity on brute force attacks aimed at WordPress blogs beefing up security should be on your mind! There are plenty of things that you can do to ensure you tighten up your blog including an extra layer of security. An additional layer can be added by using two factor authentication on your […]

7 Plugins to Print This Post

Often I’ll go to a site and start reading a blog post and know that I really, really want a copy of that post. I want to be able to print it out. I want to be able to highlight important parts. I want to add it to a swipe file of information I collect […]

comment luv link cleaner plugin

Comment Luv Link Cleaner Plugin Giveway

The creator of Comment Luv is  currently giving away a free plugin to clean the broken links quickly that you might have in your comments area. Checking my site recently with the broken link checker plugin I was surprised to find a number of “broken links” in the comments section. Most of the comments containing […]

kindred posts wordpress plugin

Kindred Posts Plugin Review

The Kindred Posts Plugin is similar to a related posts plugin except it suggests posts based on your visitor’s past browsing history on your site. The plugin uses artificial intelligence to suggest specific posts to your visitors. Because the plugin makes recommendations based on what your visitors are doing it can take a little while […]

wordpress weekly round up

Inbound Writer WordPress SEO Plugin Review

Inboundwriter is a free seo style plugin from the wordpress repository  They also have a premium version available as well. What does inbound writer plugin do? When you write a post it researches the content for you by going out into the internet, using real time seo intelligence, to find out what people are talking […]

6 plugins to help prevent adsense click fraud

Creating adsense based sites is an easy way to get started making money on the internet (and getting money from Google is always attractive ) 🙂 Most internet marketers have a few adsense sites kicking about somewhere in their virtual real estate. Some may have a few sites to test a niche out,and some people […]