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WordPress Weekly Round Up – 30 June 2013

Well it’s the end of the financial year in Australia! That means today is my last opportunity to buy WordPress plugins and themes this financial year! There’s a few things that could tempt me between now and midnight as well ….

Plugin developers and theme creators have been busy this week again. Sadly, the themes that I have looked at really don’t cause any tingle in my fingers 🙁 However, I am excited about the new release of Optimize Press 2.0 but that hasn’t launched yet….

Free WordPress Plugins

Contact us – Contact People is a nifty sort of contact form that produces a business card type overlay on a map. Great plugin for those doing offline work and ecommerce where you want to display members of team/employees profile.

contact us wordpress plugin

Contact Us Page – Contact People

WP Metrize Icons – While we are talking about prettiness and WordPress – I think you’ll love the Metrize Icons. These are free little icon graphics that you can quickly add to the content of your articles. No more searching around for cute little icons …

metrize icons wordpress plugin

WP Metrize Icons

Reveal Discount Code – I predict that internet marketers will love this little plugin. Similar to a like gate on Facebook you can add areas to your website that need to be clicked to “reveal” the promo code or discount that you are offering

Facebook Like or Lock – On the subject of Facebook fan gates there’s a new plugin where you can make your user “like” your content in order to reveal the content

WP Ultimate Recipe – There are a few recipe plugins in the repository already ,but this one really caught my eye. I like the way it has been laid out so that you add “ingredients” for instance and a cute little list is generated for you. Nice interface and display and just looking at it makes me wish I had a cupckae recipe blog!


Tile Slider Builder – If you are starting to get bored with your single image sliders then you’ll love mixing it up a bit with the tile slider

tile slider wordpress plugin

FB News Ticker – bring in some news from Facebook into your blog

FP News Ticker

WP Client Lite – If you are a freelancer or provide offlien services then this plugin may help you manage your clients

Premium WordPress Plugins

Affiliate Assassin – this plugin claims to help you promote affiliate offers. There are a number of videos demonstrating the concept.   Basically it works like this; find an article on a topic related to your niche and add that url to your Affiliate Assassin dashboard, then take the url of your affiliate website and add that to the dashboard.

The plugin then posts the useful link in Facebook groups, twitter etc which redirects to the affiliate link. The theory is if you posted thea ffiliate link in most groups it would just get removed. This is a way of providing useful information and still getting paid for it.

There are three licenses for it – single, multi and developer. The plugin is currently on special.

Note: There are a lot of videos on the sales page to watch. I hate watching videos so I may be wrong about how this little plugin works

Snap Mobile – plugin to create drag and drop mobile sites on your WordPress installation. It is on discount at the moment.

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