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WordPress Weekly Round Up – 13 January 2013

In the WordPress World new themes and plugins are always being released every week. So we can all keep track of these new tools I’m adding a weekly round up of what’s new in theme and plugin world. I’m only concentrating on themes and plugins that are particularly suited for internet marketers and local business consultants in the line up.

Feel free to chime in and add any that I miss out in the comments section.

Premium Plugins

Social Curation Lockdown WordPress Plugin – curate discussions from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Google to curate contents for keywords and topics you want. Consists of Social Lockdown to use to make content go viral and generate social signals, the social curator is used to link to authority sites and gather social content.

Check it out here

Google Crystal Ball WordPress Plugin – This plugin is aimed at improving seo for your site by changing the way you do keyword research! Huh? According to the developer the serp results are being affected by Google intentionally favouring paid advertisings and pimped out Gplus listings in the search results. The plugin can help you find keywords that can have you sitting pretty in the organic results once again.

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Paper Template 2.0 – WordPress Sales Letter Plugin – automatically set up sales pages and optin forms from the back end of WordPress. What is amazing about this plugin (as well as the price) is that you don’t need to buy another theme, it works with any theme, and there are point and click pre made legal forms and pages, download pages, video replay pages, webinar, optin forms.  It also writes the pages for you – optin templates, sales letter template, bullet points – all these are template style and you modify them to suit you. All you need to do is customize the pre written templates to suit you, add the graphics  you may want to use and you are done.     The price makes this an absolute steal of  a deal but you need to watch the video to really appreciate it.  The developer is Robert Plank who has a number of WordPress plugins in the marketplace.

Check it out

WP Video Optin – This plugin with developers licence allows you to create custom landing pages with video backgrounds and integrated optin forms. It is said to work with any autoresponder service.

Find out more here

SilotBot WordPress Plugin – Allows you to easily build silo structures automatically on your site. The plugin concentrates on the importance of internal links in your websites. A silo links and organises relevant content on your site make it easier for visitors and search engines alike.

Check it out

Scheduled Sales Plugin – this plugin is an add on for the Woo Commerce plugin. Its function is to allow you to build urgency for a product and increase the pricing. As internet marketers know – scarcity sells! You can adjust the regular prices or sale price for specific dates/times based on quantity sold, increase or decrease pricing, adjust stock quantities and publish and unpublish product at scheduled dates and times. You can even do more complex things easily by adding countdown timers and setting up rules.

find out more about the Woo Commerce add on
Click Missile Plugin  – this works on making sure your existing Adsense niche sites are optimized on mobile phones for ads. If your ads aren’t displaying on mobile phones then you wont be making money from mobile surfers.   This is suited for people with adsense sites wanting to capture the mobile surfers.

check it out here 

Site to App plugin – Turn your wordpress site into an app. This product allows users that are browsing your site to download an “app” of your site onto their phone/ipad or ipod. The site is then displayed within the IOS webkit. You can add in messages – like “get a free drink” etc or add in touch to call. I know a lot of people are super “hot” for apps at the moment.   Before you rush in on this, you really need to think how super useful that app is going to be. Seriously, do most people need/want an app of Joes’ Plumbing services on their phone? Our mobile devices are fighting for app real estate at the moment against apps that are truly useful like online banking etc.

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Free Plugins

Kanagawa SMS Alerts –  this is a simple solution to send text messages to your WordPress subscribers. I haven’t tried this plugin myself but I certainly would make sure that your subscribers knew that you were going to SMS them. That beeping noise in the middle of the night might get tiring real quick!

Download the free plugin here

Fikra Ticker – display newsfeeds as a ticker across your blog.  There are many plugins that do this (both free and paid) as well as services.    Check your hard drive before downloading as you may already have one or two of them!

Download the free news ticker plugin

WP Ads within Contents – this plugin certainly doesn’t have the snappiest name but it is useful. Allows you to show ads within a post before and after the content or use a shortcode to display the ad wherever you like.

Download Ads Within Contents

Media Library Assistant – this plugin adds some extra geatures to the media library include gallery shortcodes, assigning metadata, enchanced search box, categorizing types of media and taxonomie support.

Download the Media Library Organizer

Advanced Blog Metrics – This is an interesting plugin that measures the number of posts, average per day, number of words etc so you can easily see which posts bring you in the most comments (or which authors or post size). This sort of information can help you plan the length of posts to write, who the author should be and the time of day to post to get more interaction on your site.

Download Advanced Blog Metrics plugin

Pinterest Tab – allows you to showcase your boards and pins on Pinterest. You can also use the plugin on your Facebook page and mobile site.

Download Pinterest tab WordPress plugin

Hot Spots – draws a heat map of the mouse clicks on a webpage. You can then analyse this data to improve the usability of your site for visiors.

Download Hotspots heat map plugin

Simple Post Ratings – easy way to add ratings to your blog posts. It contains a number of options that are easy to configure.

Download Post Ratings Plugin

WP Social SEO Booster adds microdata to your site to improve search engine visibility. there are many premium plugins but this one is totally free and is said to support all microdata supported by Google

Download WordPress Social SEO Booster

Fancy Widget Popup – allows you to add a widget to a sidebar. A popup in the widget will display when the user reaches the foooter of the page. This could be used to entice the visitor to further pages in your blog or promote an offer, request a comment, phone call etc.

Download Pop up Widget

Premium Themes

Offline Lead Magnet WordPress theme (+ 19 logos) –  this is yet another lead generation theme. It has an easy to use interface, sliders, featured article, custom widgets, responsive and  built in contact form.

Get the theme while on sale here

WP Biz Theme – Another local biz theme!  Similar features as previous themes but has some slicker graphics on it, imo). Nice sliders, mobile responsive and 7 color schemes. Personally I’m not impressed with the color schemes but maybe that’s just me 🙂

Buy WP Biz Theme

Petit WordPress Theme – nice theme from the gang at WP Zoom. Very slick. Particularly suitable for restaurants, cafes and recipe sites due to the layout style. It is, of course, responsive 🙂

Buy Petit WordPress Theme

Appply – Woo Themes – this is a new theme by the team at Woo. It has support for an ecommerce store, sliders and the usual style. I have to say that I agree with a lot of the commenters on this theme – it’s nothing new and not innovative. Sorry, I feel like it should be called “yawning”.  Don’t get me wrong I love Woo Themes but I would like to see a return of the exciting themes that they used to do rather than the ones lately that have been much of a muchness.

View Appply here

Worth a mention …

Not a plugin or theme but certainly worth a mention is CMS2CMS an online service to migrate platforms to WordPress.

The service can migrate pages, posts, categories, tags, comments, content images, users and internal links. It currently supports Joomla, Joomla K2 and Drupal migrations to WordPress. In the future support for Typo3, Zoops and Expression Engine will be added.

In order to migrate the data you need to havee a connection bridge and install the connection bridge script via ftp on your source and target CMS websites.

You should be aware that your url structure may change during the import and you may need to redirect those old urls using a plugin when you migrate to WordPress – but it will be worth it!

It is currently in beta and worth a look if you are doing a migration.   Practice on a test site first though!



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