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WordPress Weekly Round Up – 7 July 2013

I often wonder if WordPress plugin developers will decide to take a week off work and have an on mass holiday. It doesn’t appear that that is going to happen this week, but  there’s not quite so many pickings this week probably due to the 4th July celebrations.

There are still quite a few plugins though to round up so it doesn’t appear all the coders were on a break watching fireworks!

There are already a few guest posters in the repository that allow users to submit a guest post. Here’s another one to add to the collection:

Free WordPress Plugins

Best Guest Blog Poster

The beauty of guest posts is that you can leverage the traffic from the blog you posting on and direct some of that traffic over to your site.

My Reviews

This looks like an interesting plugin to create a review archive on your blog. I would have liked to see some screenshots and a bit more information on how it works in the repository to tempt me to install it and play.

Invoice King Pro

Allows you to set up your invoices quickly and easily in WordPress

invoice wordpress plugin

Useful for freelancers and offliners looking for a quick, semi automated free system for sending out invoices to clients

Invoice King Pro


This produces a shortcode to translate text into braille (I am so going to play with this one!)


Premium WordPress Plugins

QR Code Plugin – this plugin is currently free. You can use it to creat QR codes quickly and easily. Useful for ecommerce store owners and offliners.

Download it here

SMS Point System Plugin – this plugin allows you to send an sms message to contacts which enrols them in an incentive based reward system. Customers earn “points” for transactions. The plugin uses Twilio for the SMS. What I do like about the plugin is if you are an offliner, you client s can use this system and you can resell the service to them. Management is all taken care of via an admin panel and you collect the monthly fee.


Read more here

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