Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 28 April 2013

What have the plugin and theme developers brought us this week?

It seems like plugin developers have been on a google plus bender! It also seems that the scare mongering continues with a lot of new WordPress “security” plugins/reports being generated for sale. Again, I am NOT going to review any of them.

Free WordPress plugins

Selective Loading Plugin – this nifty little plugin helps make your blog faster which is good news!

It appears from the installation instructions that the plugin creates a mu-plugin folder (must use plugins not multi user).

Another chat solution is available for WordPress users called Web Site Alive (sounds scary!)

Show your recent posts in a news ticker at the top or bottom of your site

just ticker wordpress plugin

In the screenshot above you can see the latest posts displayed ticker style on the footer of the theme.

If you change sites around for your clients or yourself then the site address migrator can save you a little bit of time

Google Plus Bender

As I said in the introduction it seems like the plugin developers have gone on a G+ bender this week.   Here’s a few G+ offerings that have been created for the WordPress community this week.

A lot of people hang out on Google Plus nowadays. If you have built up a large community there then you might want to import those comments to your blog

or alternatively


Pingdom Real User Monitoring

Find out what your visitors are up to on your site with real user monitoring via your Pingdom account (it’s free)

Sticky Notification Bar

Having a notification bar that scrolls with the user is often useful if you want your visitors to have quick access to information like your navigation menu, share buttons etc

Info Pop Up (my fave plugin this week)
info popup plugin

If you want to add a little tooltip to your content then the info pop up plugin will do just the trick

Premium WordPress Plugins

Evanto Affiliate Helper plugin – allows you to embed a shortcode for one of the products in the Evanto store. If you are an affiliate then you can earn a commission on each sale

evanto affiliate plugin

Check out the Evanto Affiliate Helper plugin

Taqyeem WordPress Review Plugin


There are a ton of review plugins and themes already on the market. What I like about this one is that the styling is very customizable and it also supports google rich snippets.

review plugin

1 Minute ListBuilder

If you don’t have a pop up plugin to get subscribers this may be something worth checking out. Once you get past the hypey sales copy you will see that the plugin allows you to have an optin box together with a second message on rotation.

wordpress pop up plugin

At the time of writing the plugin is on sale.

I hope you found some of the plugins useful in this weeks round up.

There are no WordPress themes to review this week 🙁

Sadly, the themes that I’ve seen this week have limited functionality or just suffer from “sameness” – meaning that there are already plenty of the same themes in the WordPress wild.  When I find a great theme I’ll post it here for you 🙂

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