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WordPress Weekly Round Up – 20/01/2013

The WordPress community has been busy this week releasing new plugins for our pleasure. Here are some of my favorites that WordPress Internet Marketers may find useful.

Mobile Map Widget – the widgegt adds a mobile optimised static Google Map image with a c olored pin on your destination. You can get directions as well as the map with the route of your choice.

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Perfect Audience Retargeting – this is a free plugin but it is used with the Perfect Audience service. The plugin allows you to create Facebook and retargeting campaigns quickly and easily.

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Min and Max Purchase for Woo Commerce – another woo commerce plugin this one allows you to set up minimum and maximumpurchase rules. If customers don’t comply with these rules they can’t purchase the product. There are also separate plugins just for minimum purchases and just for maximum purchases.

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To Do List Member – I like this plugin for membership sites where you may give each member/user tasks to do. They can check off the tasks as they proceed. I think this would be a great addition to membership based sites based on learning where members get homework πŸ™‚

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All In One Social Life – if you want to show your web visitors your social media reach then the social life plugin is one such plugin that allows you to display your Facebook, twitter, google, linked in and stumble upon reach on your site

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Domain Rail WordPress Plugin – This plugin is a premium plugin. It uses the Expired Domain software that allows your website visitors to find domain names from a large database. You earn commissions from being an affiliate with either Go Daddy and/or Namecheap on the sale of domain names.

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WP Security Plus – this is a new premium plugin which is said to protect against brute force attacks, checks basic wp functions, locks down ht access and wp-config files and various other things (some of which you probably have already done manually to your site anyway). At this stage, the plugins hasn’t been released very long and at the time writing there are no user reviews from people with expert WordPress knowledge. I’d like to see some reviews from real WP experts on this one before I tried it out.

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MemberPress – a new WordPress membership site plugin. It allows you to sell digital products securely from your website. There are many membership site plugins available (both free and premium) and you should check out all solutions before purchasing. The other caveat I would also add is that you should consider whether you should use a plugin or a membership script or service for your needs.

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Offline Pop Up Profits – Thisis a pop up plugin with a difference. It’s sorta cute πŸ™‚ It allows you to put quizzes and surveys in a pop up form. It’s useful for both online and offline sites and I could see it being a very helpful sales tool.

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Commerce Manager -This is a new set of plugins that contain a commerce plugin, an affiliate manager plugin and a membership plugin. At the time of writing, there aren’t many reviews on this. As always, when thinking membership sites and affiliate programs I would caution you to compare all products on the market and whether a wordpress plugin is the best solution for your needs.

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Where are the Themes?

Yes, I know there are no themes in this weeks round up πŸ™‚ Truth is – I haven’t seen a release of a theme this week that is a) different b) original and c) suitable for internet marketers. Hopefully, next week there will be some themes in the round up πŸ™‚

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yep Craig Woolven it’s in next weeks round up (it came out too late to be in this weeks). There’s also pdf courseware plugin that came out several months ago if you are interested in that stuff

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