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WordPress Weekly Round Up – 11 August 2013

First of all big apologies! If you were waiting for last weeks Weekly Round Up it was cancelled. In fact, I had to cancel the whole week 🙁 I spent the week in bed nursing the flu and watching a lot of videos of Numbers and Supernatural between naps. The good news is that my math/s has improved but I’m now scared of things that go bump in the night 🙂

Free WordPress Plugins

Genesis 2.0 HTML5 – Genesis 2.0 was released this week which brought with it integration in the platform for HTML5 and Schema support. If you use Genesis out of the box upgrading is a breeze. However, if you use one of the many child themes you will find that most are in progress of being updated but only one, at the time of writing, has been updated. That’s where this little plugin can come in handy – giving you the features of Genesis 2.0 without the wait

Croice – want to have your own radio or webinar channel and make it easy for visitors to share your content? Then check out this cute little plugin new to the repository

Jabze Chat – This plugin really could be quite useful to internet marketers. Say you have a membership site with registered users and you want your users to engage with each other as well as you. This simple chat button will allow registered users to chat with each other on every page of the WordPress site. Think of it like a skype group specific to a page

DataListIt – I must have over the years put a ton of time and energy into creating excel spreadsheets for use on a website and then had to convert the information to a table becuase it wouldn’t display. Well now I’m just busting to find some sort of excel table I would like to incorporate on a blog post just so I can use this new plugin

Datalist it
by datalistit

This plugin creates a table out of data contained in a cvs file. The table can then be displayed on a website or in a blog.
You need absolutely no technical knowledge. The plugin will convert the cvs file into a database enabling you to decide how the data will be displayed online.
You can define:

  • orderby – sort the data the way you wish to present it,
  • columns – decide which columns will be displayed online,
  • norows – define how many rows will be displayed on each “page” of the table. The viewer will be able to switch between pages using “Previous” and “Next”.
  • ID – name the table

Styling (css) can be defined in the Dashboard->Datalist it->Advanced.

HTML version of the full table is also available.

Example of database table shortcode:

   columns='month, stabilisers' id='table1' ]

Example of html table shortcode:

[datalistit table='Sales_results_sample_file' ]

Anybody with “Edit post” capability can insert the short code onto a WP site or blog, thus creating a table. No user data is held on the server – any uploaded data is deleted automatically when the server sends the HTML file to the user.

In order to create a table, the user uploads a csv file using the plugin interface. The data is sent to the datalistit.com server where the files are processed. Datalistit.com is a service and the plugin is required to access this service. Having processed the data, the server returns a table and short code is created. The user can display the table on their WP site or blog by copying and pasting the short code that is returned by the server.

Arbitrary section


  • Current version: 0.0.3
  • Downloaded 1,203 times

The https://datalistit.com/ service is free and it also has a nifty online excel file merge and filtering service.

Gweb Pro Store Locator – If you are in the offline arena and manage brick and mortar stores that have multiple locations then this is a useful plugin to add to your arsenal

Gwebpro Store Locator
by G web pro

The Gwebpro WordPress store locator Plugin is a unique location address finder and directory system that helps you find and manage multiple physical locations within and via an integrated WordPress platform. A simplified yet advanced location system irrespective of the number store or product locations you want to add or list, the Gwebpro Store Locator Plugin manages to ease out the procedure by a simple operating process directly accessible from the Admin panel. Designed for every kind of user, it is extremely easy to integrate this Plugin into your website, make it functional and establish your physical presence on Google Maps.

All you need to do, is just put [GwebproStoreLocator] to your page in order to integrate this plugin and your store locator integration complete.

The New Paid versions of Gwebpro Store Locators have been released with more advanced features. Responsive versions across all platforms that are supported on all devices are also available. Please check out the features here.

Learn more about Gwebpro Store Locator at G web Pro,More screen shots,Technical documentation.

You also can download it from G Web Pro site.


Lending immense flexibility to business owners, the Gwebpro WordPress store locator Plugin allows them to add a single or multiple locations of physical existence through a simple WordPress admin panel interface without any special programming or setup. After downloading the WordPress Plugin, the short code that appears needs to be put in the page of your website where you wish the store locator to appear. And you are done with setting up an interactive Google Map for your clients, helping them locate you in an instant! In addition to store locations, you can also add related points of interest for your clients through the store locator wordpress Plugin since it allows management of multiple locations. You can differentiate one location from the other by entering separate descriptions and mapping tools.

What’s different?

  1. Gwebpro store locator is extremely flexible and doesn’t require any special program or extra steps to follow.
  2. Automatically find your current location and find nearest stores.
  3. Change your current location easily by typing in the city name or zip or street name in the enter location field. Users also receive a list of suggestions that populates automatically.
  4. Additionally, drag the pin to change your current location.
  5. Visitors can easily search locations by keyword.
  6. Inserting the short code [GwebproStoreLocator] lets you create an interactive search form and Google map.
  7. Navigate to Settings under Admin Panel for advanced customization. You can add little useful details like store description, store picture, website and contact info with phone number and email address. Also, a visitor can change map types (terrain, satellite, standard views).

Key features

  1. You can use it to add both stores as well as store categories.
  2. Flexibility to add your store address and store location in the map, at the time of adding a store.
  3. It auto populates a list of suggestions when adding your city, state, country.
  4. Set map height, width and no of stores to be displayed on one page. Specify or limit the radius for search from visitor’s current location.
  5. Display your store in the front end by adding [GwebproStoreLocator] short code.
  6. Displays nearest stores automatically against visitor’s current location (within a specified radius) from the admin.
  7. Visitors can change their location by entering city, place or zip in the Change location field. Users receive a list of suggestions that populates automatically.
  8. Displays the current position of the user and store locations with different coloured pins to easily understand store locations.
  9. Flexibility to drag and change visitor’s current location by dragging and dropping visitor’s current location pin. Users can easily change their location and search stores accordingly.
  10. Clicking the store pins shows the store address followed by the direction and distance to navigate easily.
  11. Visitors can search a store from the lists of stores by inserting any related keyword.

Versions: Standard, Pro, Business & Ultimate

Available in four different versions to cater to varied requirements of diverse clients, you can choose any of the Plugin packages that best suits your needs. All you need to do, is just put [GwebproStoreLocator] for the free version, [GwebproStoreLocatorPro] for Pro version, [GwebproStoreLocatorBiz] for Business version and [GwebproStoreLocatorUltimate] for Ultimate version to your page in order to integrate this store locator WordPress Plugin. Every version has add-ons with top grade features aimed for better performance. Every version is responsive and is supported on all devices across various platforms.

The basic version of the Gwebpro WordPress store locator Plugin is FREE and has all the features needed to create a comprehensive store locator interface on your website. In this standard version you can adjust the map size, change map types (map, terrain and satellite views), default zoom level and display radius as per your requirement and also alter the number of stores you wish to make known to your clients. You can add every detail of your business including descriptions, detailed addresses, an Email address, etc. Advanced customizations to boost your business presence are available in the Pro, Business and Ultimate versions of the wordpress location finder. For any other modification needed in the CSV format, you can reach us through [email protected]

Why Gwebpro WordPress Store Locator Plugin?

  1. You can use the Plugin to add both stores as well as store categories.
  2. It gives you the flexibility to add your store address and store location in the map, at the time of adding a store.
  3. Allows management of several locations and helps clients trace your business. Users can look up your store also by searching the store category that you can preset.
  4. Gwebpro WordPress store locator Plugin is extremely flexible and doesn’t require any special program or complex extra steps to follow.
  5. It automatically finds your current location and nearest stores. The plugin offers instant help when the user starts typing the address in the address box.
  6. Displays your store or stores in the front end by adding [Gwebpro StoreLocator] short code.
  7. Changes your current location with ease by typing in the city name or zip or street name in the enter location field. Users also receive a list of suggestions when adding your city, state, country that populates automatically.
  8. Additionally, you can also drag the pin to change your current location.
  9. Add keywords to yield accurate results for searches by clients. Visitors to the site can look for a store from the lists of stores by inserting any related keyword.
  10. Inserting the short code [Gwebpro Store Locator] lets you create an interactive search form and sets your business up on Google Maps.
  11. Navigate to Settings under Admin Panel for advanced customization. You can add useful details like store description, store picture, website and contact information with phone numbers and email address. You can also add more categories for your store for better search results.
  12. Store details can appear in a separate for ease of use if you desire so.
  13. Also, a visitor can change map types (terrain, satellite, standard views) and default zoom level to suit his requirement. Lets visitors set map height, width and number of stores to be displayed on a single page during searches. Opting for the paid versions of the Plugin lets user’s select add-on features to plump up your store locator.
  14. As a user, you can have the option of showing or hiding the map, depending on your preferences.
  15. Allows you to preset, specify or limit the display radius as per your choice and choose between miles or kilometres for precise distances.
  16. Displays nearest stores automatically against visitor’s current location (within a specified radius) from the admin.
  17. You can opt to auto-locate the place of the user or choose a fixed location and accordingly set up your locations.
  18. Along with store or business locators, you can also add related points of probable interest for your clients by setting unique thumbnails or different colored pins that helps them distinguish from your stores and easily locate them.
  19. You can help visitors to your website by exhibiting directions to your store.
  20. Clicking the store pins shows the store address followed by the direction and distance for ease of navigation.
  21. The paid versions of the Gwebpro wordpress store locator Plugin allow bulk import of multiple stores information, thereby minimizing manual effort in adding individual store details. You can download sample CSV to get an idea about the format and mandatory fields that need to be filled to use this feature. For modifications in the format and mandatory fields, you can drop in a mail to our Support team at [email protected]


You can get all the about the perfect Gwebpro WordPress store locator Plugin information at http://www.gwebpro.com/gwebpro-store-locator/ which is packed with notes, screenshots and tutorials replete with all the technical knowhow to help you go about installing the Plugin. Our Support page provides answers to all the technical hitches faced by users. For any kind of additional support or information, please drop us a mail at [email protected]

Learn more about our unique store locator plugin at GWebPro.com. You can also download the basic WordPress store locator Plugin version from our website GWebPro.com absolutely FREE.


  • Current version: 1.0.4
  • Rating: 78(21 ratings)
  • Downloaded 13,003 times

Want your slider images to pop a bit more? Then WP Roundabout is a plugin that will bring oomph to those images



Edu Hack – If you want to deliver courses in modules or a course grid style then this little plugin allows you to create unlimited courses and display them nicely

by Arthur Araújo

Hacking your education! Plugin for create courses and grids.

Some features

  • Create unlimited courses
  • Level administration
  • Can create relationship in modules
  • Course grid
  • Comments system
  • And more to come…

    Visit: http://araujo.cc

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” — Da Vinci


  • Current version: 1.1
  • Rating: 100(2 ratings)
  • Downloaded 2,978 times


Before & After Plugin – interesting little plugin that requires a visitor to complete an action before viewing the content. Useful for sites that requires terms to be agreed to before adult only content (for example) is displayed

Before And After: Lead Capture Plugin For WordPress
by Gold Plugins

Before & After is a lead capture plugin for WordPress. It allows a webmaster to require visitors to complete a goal, such as filling out a contact form, before viewing the contents of a page or downloading a file.

The plugin automatically tracks which visitors have completed your goals, and shows the appropriate content to each visitor. For example, it can show a form to visitors until they have completed the form, at which point they will be given a link to download a special file or whitepaper.

Before & After can be used with any plugin that uses shortcodes, but works especially well with Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms.

Protect Pages with Goals

With Before & After, you can require your visitors to complete one of your Goals before viewing a given page. This functionality is especially useful when you want to ensure visitors read a Terms Of Service, Copyright Notice, or other important message before viewing a given page or bit of content.

Once you’ve installed Before & After, simply edit the Page or Post in WordPress, and then use the Before & After meta box to configure Page Protection.

More Information on Page Protection

Create Lead Capture Forms with Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, or Your Favorite Forms Plugin!

Before & After Pro integrates directly with Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7. Any forms you create in Contact Form 7 (CF7) or Gravity Forms will be available in Before & After, to create lead capture forms!

Not using Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms? That’s OK – Before & After can create Lead Capture forms with any forms plugin.

Check out our documentation instructions for more information.

One Plugin, Tons of Uses

Using this simple plugin, any number of scenarios are possible:

  • Lead Capture Forms: Ask a visitor to signup for your newsletter in return for a free download, special report, or whitepaper.

  • Protected Downloads: Ask visitors to complete a form or other Goal before downloading your file. If they share the link, the recipient will have to complete the form as well.

  • Protected Content: Use Before & After to hide content from users until they have completed your form, or another goal. Hidden content will only be visible to those who have already completed your Goal.

  • Terms Of Service Pages: Make sure a visitor reads the terms of service first. Once they have read the TOS once, they may view any other page.

  • Age Gates: Make the visitor confirm their age before browsing a given page.

  • Copyright Notices: Inform visitors of the copyright of a particular piece of content before allowing them to view it.

  • Instructions In Series: Make sure that a visitor reads a series of instructions in sequence. If they land on a later page, ask them to start over.

  • Guided Product Tours: Show your users the screens of your product in a sequenced progression.

  • HubSpot Tracking: Capture lead data and send it to HubSpot (requires Pro).

There are many other possibilities. By offering WordPress webmasters a simple way to gate content we hope to provide a useful tool for many scenarios.

Upgrade to Pro for For Advanced Features and Support

The GoldPlugins team does not provide direct support for the Before & After plugin on the WordPress.org forums. One on one email support is available to people who have purchased Before & After Pro only. Before & After Pro also includes conversion tracking, email notifications, submitting data to HubSpot, and other advanced features. You should upgrade today!

Upgrade To Before & After Pro


  • Current version: 3.5.3
  • Rating: 58(14 ratings)
  • Downloaded 35,763 times

PromoCode plus – Don’t be frightened away by the multiple colors and fonts on the offer page for this plugin! This little plugin is useful to set up affiliate pages, special offers and promotions.

read more here


OpenIcons / Pixabay


Award for funniest plugin has to go to the “D” plugin

Runner Up Prize to Buzzword Generator

Premium WordPress Plugins

Cart Delight – this WordPress plugin is aimed at service providers. If you sell for example SEO then you can use the cart button to process the order, accept multiple payments (including recurring) and track the order.

What I do like about is the fact that there is a customer panel so customers can see their order and account. Cuts down on customer service and mistakes.

check it out here

Cons – there is a demo site that you can access to use the plugin. However, I would have preferred a video was made available outlining its features.

Licensing – currently the plugin is on special. You can buy a licence for a single site, up to 5 domains or a developer licence.

Prosociate Amazon Store Builder – this new plugin makes it easy for you to build an Amazon store out in conjunction with the Woo Commerce theme. One of the features is that visitors add things to their “cart” on an affiliate site but then checkout through Amazon. Theoretically this means that your visitors aren’t clicking your affiliate link and then leaving to shop at Amazon but loading up their cart at your store.   Consequently, it feels more like an “in store” experience and theoretically visitors would browse and shop more at your store.

Read more here:

There are a number of videos to watch to see how the plugin works.

Elite QR Code Generator – this is a plugin that you upload to your site to allow visitors to create QR codes.


So you look like you are supplying free tools to visitors and became an authority in this area.

Read more here

Apex SEO – This plugin is marketed to those that are scaredy cat that the Google keyword tool that we’ve all grown to know and love is being replaced with Keyword Planner. To do your keyword research in future you will need an Adwords account – not a big deal unless you use an alternative tool.

Apex SEO lets you do your keyword research in the WordPress dashboard and not only retrieves your seed keyword but also related keywords (broad and exact match) and analyses the data collected for competitors.

What I do particularly like about is that it shows regional interest and trends in the one handy dandy screen.

If you are in the offline arena you can upload your logo and generate a report to give to clients as well.

You can also add your keywords and set it to research while you toddle off and have a coffee

Cons: what I don’t like is that offer is not forum style. That means there are no user reviews and I really like seeing how people interact with new plugins.

What I don’t understand after skimming the sales page is the licensing. You can purchase a single licence (for use on 3 of your domains) unlimited (for use on all your domains). What I don’t “get” is why I would need more than one licence? Can the tool only collect kewywords for that particular website? If you know the answer I’d appreciate it if you let me know in the comments below


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