Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 1 September 2013

It’s a short round up this week because I need to get to a tv. Yes, I’m addicted ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s the Masterchef final tonight and I’m dying to see who is the winner. I love cooking shows and Masterchef is one of my faves. So many personalities, so many types of food! I’m a pretty good cook myself but there’s no way that I could cook under pressure the way they do. I would still be thinking about a recipe by the time plating up came around!

WordPress plugin developers have been cooking up a great variety of code this week for WordPress internet marketers to use.

Here’s my favorite selection of the free plugins from the repository.

Free WordPress Plugins

Social Deals Engine – does what it says on the tin! Turns your WordPress site into a daily deals site. If you were going to go with this route I’d also suggest that you add in some content as well including FAQS and more information to help your user.

social deals plugin

Social Deals Engine

My Effecto – want to know what people right think of your content? Rather than wait for a text reply you can use the cute emoticons based on the site. You will need to sign up with to use the emoticons and to make use of the analytics.

MyEffecto-Instant Emotion Reaction

Artists Painting Using Pretty Photo – if you run an art gallery site then you may want to add in more details about a painting including the medium used. This plugin makes adding in those details super easy

artists wordpress plugin

WP Reading List – yet another reading list plugin! These plugins are helpful though if you do reviews of books or just like to keep your readers up to speed with what you are currently reading.

WP Reading List

WP Rapid Quiz – quizzes area a great way to build engagement with your audience but they are also helpful when selling products and services. Adding a short quiz that is designed to assist the visitor find the appropriate product/service for their needs could increase your sales.

wordpress quiz plugin

As Heard On – are you a gad about and a mover and shaker? If you are and have been interviewed by peeps on their podcasts you might want to spread the word on your own blog. You can do this by adding this plugin that is designed to showcase other podcasts where you have been interviewed

As Heard On

My Kindle Books – allows you to show your readers what you are reading on Kindle and insert your affiliate link as well.

kindle reading list plugin

My Kindle Books

Agreement – allows you to add a pop up agreement to your blog. Useful for terms of service, over 18 statements and the like. Of course, you need to supply the text of the agreement herself


Funniest Plugin of the Week Award

Strain To Try – displays a random medical marijuana strain to try in the footer

Premium WordPress Plugins

There have been quite a few premium plugins released this week. However, I am not recommending any to you. The ones that I checked out can be found for free in the WordPress repository and/or there are premium plugins that do the same thing, have been tried and tested and have great customer support. Just like anything, always do your research before pulling out the credit card on the latest must have plugin ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next week ..

By Leanne

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