Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up – 7 April 2013

Apologies for last week because there was no weekly round up. Not only did the Easter Bunny come and waylay me with chocolate treats but the server migration took a bit longer than expected. This week WP Queen is on a new upgraded server so hopefully it will be a better experience for all visiting.

Premium WordPress Themes

Some new themes this week were released for WordPress users that you might find a use for.

The first one is a WordPress Support Ticket (help desk) style theme. The theme allows you to submit a ticket and search a knowledgebase for answers. Style wise it has a clean, crisp layout however it only has limited color options. Possibly, if you know a little about css you could customise this to suit you.


[ilink style=”info” url=””]More info[/ilink]

Another thing to think about is whether you need a WordPress Help Desk theme at all.  You might find that a simple script, a service or a  help desk plugin might be more useful to your site set up. There are many help desk plugins available (both free and premium) and they should integrate with most popular themes.

WP Marketeer

This theme allows you to create an event style website quickly and easily. The little twist on this is that it is already pre-loaded with “events” which are affiliate products which have a $100-$1000 commission payout. The theme auto updates and also auto promotes to social networks. It does not make coffee 🙂 Whilst that sounds good you need to remember that everyone purchasing is getting the same deal. Your marketing will need to be different and you will need to add your own unique content in order to make money off what is essentially a pre- made autoblog.

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WordPress Premium Plugins

One plugin that I did like that I seen today is a new twist on the classic optin plugin. Qoptin stands for “question optin”. Basically, this optin plugin asks your visitor a question and you can supply a number of answers (options). By conducting this micro survey of your visitors you are then able to direct them to the best offer to assist them (and increase your conversions).

question optin wordpress plugin

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WP Tumblr Importer Plugin

Well unless you’ve been living under a rock you will realise that Tumlbr has gone from a little known social site to the next best thing to Pinterest 🙂 Naturally, some people may be so taken with this free platform that they wish to move to their WordPress site across to it and make hay in Tumblrville while the sun shines. To do this you will need to be able to export your WordPress blog to Tumblr.

The WP Tumblr Importer Plugin solves that problem for you

[ilink style=”info” url=”″]More info[/ilink]

One click and you have gone from WP devotee to Tumblr trust. Note that this is not a WordPress social poster plugin but an actual exporter plugin ie the idea is that you wave goodbye to WordPress and move to Tumblr. This might be useful for those that have highly imaged sites that are costing a fortune but not making much money (you can use Tumblr’s server capacity rather than yours and make the most of their traffic)
WP Survey Funnel

There are already survey style WordPress plugins and of course, Survey Monkey that you can use for surveys. This one has a few little features like full reporting, allows you to segment your list, allows you to use cpa offers and video in your survey – nifty 🙂 Like the question plugin reviewed above, the responses that your visitors give can help you guide them to different areas of your site or different sales funnels or lists. This is not a “new” plugin per se (so check yoru hard drive before buying) but a new version of a plugin that was released a while back.


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InfoBar Plugin – when I first read about this plugin, I yawned. Yet another, notification bar plugin that displays across the top of a website. To be honest I wasn’t even going to bother to look at the thing because quite frankly ….I’m sick of notification bar plugins!

However, I did go and look, because my job is to round up the plugins and have a look at them 🙂

I’m glad that I did.

Info bar is a more slicker well thought out notification bar than other more recent offerings. The developer has really thought about the things that matter to internet marketers – split testing, tracking and conversions. These are all incorporated in the plugin together with some other features like different color schemes (great for split testing) and scheduling of notifications.

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WP Central Hub

There have been a lot of plugins, scripts and services created to manage your WordPress sites. WP Central Hub is similar. It allows you to manage your sites from one WordPress site where you install the plugin. Unlike services this is a one off fee. However, unlike some services like Manage WP for instance the range of functions it has is limited. WP Central Hub allows you to create posts/pages, update plugins and themes, edit users and settings from the Hub, but it doesn’t offer the same functionality as other similar plugins/scripts/services.

If you are looking for a one off fee management plugin then this plugin is certainly worth looking at. The developer is well known in the WordPress world for his plugins and support.

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Easy S3 Downloads Plugin

This little plugin is designed ot protect your Amazon S3 account from bandwidth theft. The problem is most people host their videos on AS3 and allow their videos to be “readable” by all. This means that anyone can find and download your video – which ultimately costs you money. The developer of this plugin claims that he can protect you from this cost by using expiring downloads and authenticated urls each time your video is downloaded.

[ilink style=”info” url=”″]More info[/ilink]

Free WordPress Plugins

There are a few nifty free offerings this week for WordPress users that could improve your site or even your life 🙂

Stick It Plugin makes it easy to stick your top navigation menu to the top of your theme. No coding or fiddling required.


You can download the stick it plugin here:

Easy Watermark is a great little plugin for those worried about protecting their copyright on graphics. People who upload original artwork, photograpy, ecommerce images and designs might love to be able to automatically add a watermark to each image

BucketList WordPress Plugin

I often think that WordPress developers have created a plugin for everything that you can think of…. and then comes bucket list. I have to say,  now that I’ve seen it, I’m wondering why it wasn’t created earlier 🙂
It seems everyday people are all creating a bucket list. What better way to let your visitors really get to know you then showing them your bucket list?

Custom Right Click Menu – another plugin that makes me wonder why it wasn’t created earlier ….

When you don’t want people to copy images or content from your site you usually stop the right click. Instead, this plugin allows the right click to provide a custom content menu instead. You could set it up to go direct to your order form, faq page or through part of your sales funnel.

LiveHelp Now Help Desk Plugin – This is a great little free plugin. I suggest that you nip over and have a look at the animated screenshots of the plugin so you can appreciate the features of the callback, live chat and search options that it has by default. Helping yourvisitors with problems that they may have while on your site should increase your business and conversions. This sort of plugin is always great for service based and ecommerce websites to engage and help the visitor while they are on your site.

On a sad note last week Mark Ghosh from WebLog Tools Collection (one of my fave WP resources) announced that he was transferring the blog to new hands so it could be archived for a later time. I think that basically translates to “I might be back later” 🙂  A big shout out to Mark to thank him for creating Weblog Tools and I for one, sincerely hope we will see more of Mark in the future.

You can read more about Mark’s decision here.

There may be more spelling mistakes than usual in this weeks round up, it was prepared while I was under the influence of a shocking migraine and and meds 🙂

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