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WordPress Weekly Round Up – 5 May 2013

What a pain this week has been!

toothAs some of you know I had emergency root canal surgery last week. Turns out my nasty habit of clenching my teeth cracked a tooth in a few places. The root canal was no big deal – I have no fears of the dentist.

The dentist told me all would be good by that night and I would be back to normal the next day. He then set off for two weeks holiday…….

What followed for me was 10 days of agony!

Far from being back to normal, I gradually became worse and, of course, being sick on a public holiday in Australia (Anzac day) is just no fun!

Well, the long and short of it ,is that I managed to catch an infection and after 10 days of painkillers and antibiotics I’m almost back to normal! Now,  I’ve managed to catch a cold!  Things tend to happen this way …

I have come out from my prescription med haze every now and again to check out what the real and virtual world is up to though. I can’t say that I’ve been very good at checking my emails though …so If you have emailed me and I haven’t replied you might want to try again, as it may be lost in the inbox overload.

When coming out of my haze I’ve also noticed that this week has been a good week for free and paid WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketers (but themes are again on the slow side).

Without further ado, let’s round them up …

Google Adwords Remarketing – If you use Google adwords you probably are also using the remarketing feature. Remarketing allows you to continually show your ads to people who have visited your site before.

If you have ever clicked through on an ad …and then everywhere you go on the web you feel you are being followed <del>stalked</del> by that advertiser then you’ve experienced remarketing!

The plugin makes it easy for you to copy and paste in your adwords code. Of course, you don’t need a plugin for this, but some people aren’t comfortable with code related stuff so it’s useful to them.

google adwords remarketing plugin

Google AdWords Remarketing
by Audrius Dobilinskas

Adding Google AdWords Remarketing code to your website has never been easier. Simply copy and paste your AdWords Remarketing code and that’s it.

Why use Google AdWords Remarketing?

  • Target visitors who visited your website before;
  • Create customized messages for specific visitors;
  • …and more.

For more information visit: Google AdWords or OnlineAds.lt.


  • Current version: 1.0
  • Rating: 90(4 ratings)
  • Downloaded 35,590 times

GoToWebinar – WP Personal – a lot of businesses and marketers are using webinars to educate their prospects and customers and provide valuable information. You can use this plugin to get users to sign up for registration for your webinar on your WordPress blog (without taking visitors to the usual Go To Webinar sign up page). Think about adding some pre – webinar homework or an offer on your page to test conversions.

by GoToWP.com



  • Privately brand your GoToWebinar registration forms
  • Show an upcoming list of all your scheduled webinars
  • Connect to MailChimp or Constant Contact to import webinar registrants to your lists
  • Collect payments for webinars with PayPal, Authorize.net
  • mobile friendly
  • cache API requests for super fast performance
  • intuitive and super easy to use
  • Mail Chimp integration
  • Constant Contact integration
  • amazing customer support with Feature Request submission and tracking
  • detailed Release Notes and extensive Documentation
  • trusted by thousands of Citrix customers since 2012
  • non-intrusive and seamlessly integrates with your current theme


  • Integrated with Woo Commerce so you can sell webinars as Woo Commerce Products
  • Sell Access to Recordings
  • Customizes the customer’s My Account so they see “Join Now” and “Watch Recording” buttons on their purchased webinars
  • GoToTraining Integration


  • Current version: 5.1.1
  • Rating: 86(10 ratings)
  • Downloaded 16,628 times

WP- App Studio Plugin – when I first discovered this plugin I mistakenly thought that it generated a mobile “app” shortcode, a bit like a desktop shortcode to a website. In fact, I think I misled myself with the name 🙂

plugin creator plugin

Diving into this plugin, I discover that what it really does is help non developers/coders create a WordPress plugin.

You install the plugin, and then use the interface to design a custom plugin for use on your WordPress blog or sale in the Marketplace.

The plugin is very well documented and there is paid support available should you run into difficulties.

Opportunites abound with uses for this plugin.

If you want to get some ideas of what other users are creating then visit the WPAS Marketplace.

Professional WordPress Plugin Development – WP App Studio
by eMarket Design LLC

WP App Studio helps you to easily build your own custom simple or commercial grade WordPress plugin. Use HTML, JavaScript and PHP code to enhance and extend the features included. The generated plugins are stand-alone. You don’t need to install any framework or plugin with it.

Create your own WordPress plugin with advanced custom content types

  • Create powerful custom post types with custom commenting system
  • Create tabs and/or accordion metaboxes to better organize your custom post type fields
  • Access to more than 40 types of custom fields with more than 100 variations
  • Create simple or complex calculations using 270+ MS Excel functions for your custom calculated fields
  • Create conditional fields with different criteria to display or hide custom fields, custom taxonomies and relationships
  • Create single and multiple value custom taxonomies
  • Create and display one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships with custom fields
  • Create hierarchical relationships such as employee and manager
  • Display your custom content type with single,archive and list views
  • Create auto-complete views for your custom content type
  • Create beautiful charts (column, bar, line, area, pie and organization charts) for your custom content types
  • Create fully configurable advanced submit and search forms for your custom content types
  • Create advanced front-end and dashboard widgets for your custom post types and content types
  • Create fully customizable notifications that are sent when custom post types, custom fields, taxonomies, relationships and/or custom comment type records are added, deleted, or simply updated.
  • Create custom roles and capabilities or extend built-in WordPress user role capabilities
  • Create custom settings options for your plugins
  • Extend your custom content type with Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce, Active Directory/LDAP, MailChimp, YouTube, Advanced Rating, Advanced Calendar and Incoming Email connections

Author’s Words on the current version

With Wp App Studio 5.3 version, we are moving more and more towards to our goal of creating a fully featured integrated development environment (IDE) for WordPress. We think the addition of a PHP field in app settings and ability to write PHP code in view layouts will help us achieve this goal. If you need to write PHP code in view layouts, just use [PHP]Code here[/PHP] format. Thanks to the CodeMirror integration, you also have an excellent code editor supporting PHP, JavaScript and HTML.

Another major improvement is the introduction of EMD templating system which, we believe, will fix the issues related to the themes with unorthodox markup. If you use EMD templating system, you need to wrap your attributes, taxonomies and relationships in “emd_is_item_visible() function in a PHP code snippet. If WPAS detects this function’s usage, it auto creates customization tab in the settings. The new templating system allows users to enable, disable, or hide(from frontend only) attributes, taxonomies or relationships without modifying user’s theme template files and comes with EMD Widget area which can be used to display widgets in the generated plugin’s pages. WPAS ProDev owners can enable or disable this feature and switch back to theme based templating system.

WPAS 5.3 also auto creates some tools for administrators to improve plugin performance and provides a CSS area (Tools tab of the generated plugin’s settings) where you can write plugin specific code.The CSS code written in this area must be only applicable to and works in plugin pages. Check out eMarket Design YouTube channel for videos and more.

Ability to export and import entity configurations is another step forward to improve reusability of plugin data model. You can use this feature, if an entity is used in multiple apps. Instead recreating the same entity configuration and attributes, export entity metadata and import it to the new app, saving yourself some more time on development.

We also did some improvements in page load times by displaying app tags in view layouts on demand, included code to improve menu structure in the admin area and more. We hope that this change will help developers get better results in lower end computers or hosting environments. There are other additions, improvements and fixes as well. Please refer to the What’s new tab under Getting Started page for the complete list.

The next WPAS version will continue improving WP App Studio plugin, the platform generated code and integrating technologies which can help us make WordPress the preferred application development platform.

Happy Coding ?

The Plugins created using the WPAS 5.3


Sell your WP App Studio WordPress plugin designs in SellDev Marketplace.

How to become a SellDev author

What separates WP App Studio from others

  • Creates production ready, commercial grade WordPress plugins
  • WPAS creates custom plugins that do not have any dependencies to any other plugins, frameworks, can work stand-alone or extend each other
  • WPAS allows custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript code in the plugin development
  • WPAS only loads the required libraries for a particular page. There is no mass linking. Every app view can be customized and optimized for performance.
  • WPAS supports both HTML elements and advanced components from well-known open source libraries and frameworks (jQuery UI, Bootstrap etc.)
  • There is a complete separation of PHP code and its design which makes WPAS plugins code agnostic
  • You can purchase plugin designs and create something new or modify them to make your own
  • All WPAS plugins are upgradable like any other WordPress plugin from Plugins page
  • WPAS is very cost-effective. Compare it to custom site or plugin development in terms of resources used and time to market
  • WPAS generated code is compliant with WordPress coding standards, well tested by thousands of users, and continuously improved

Starter Workshops

WPAS Terms

WP App Studio uses following terminology to describe design concepts:

Entity = Custom Post Type
Attribute = Custom Field
Taxonomy = Custom Taxonomy
App = Plugin
App Signature = Design of your plugin exported to a flat file having .wpas extension
ProDev = Commercial tier for plugin development with full functionality.
FreeDev = Free tier for plugin development with limited functionality.

WP App Studio Knowledge Center
WP App Studio Knowledge Center powered by Knowledge Center Enterprise Plugin
WP App Studio designed and developed Premium plugins
WP App Studio Based Premium WordPress Plugin Store
WP App Studio designed and developed Free plugins
WP App Studio Based Free WordPress Plugins
WP App Studio Plugin Designs
WPAS Designs
Use WP App Studio plugin designs as a template
*To customize the functionality of their corresponding plugins
*To create your own plugin


  • Current version: 5.3.8
  • Rating: 72(25 ratings)
  • Downloaded 34,837 times

Exit Page – One More Pageview by Keepify this simple little plugin allows you to add an offer to a page when your visitors are leaving your site. Use it to promote an offer, ask them to subscribe to your list or just rediret to another page on your site.

Rather than being an exit pop up it works by generating an overlay over your site.

I would have liked to have seen a demo or at least some screenshots in the repository for this plugin

One More Pageview by Keepify
by Keepify.com & Nick Young

Convert abandoning visitors with targeted offers before they leave. Customize your offers for each page and track conversion. Our plugin allows you to put one final offer or pageview in front of most visitors before they bounce. Our email signup rates went up 50% on one site!

One More Pageview aims to display your custom HTML in an overlay when users are in the process of leaving
the site. It will secure you one last chance to convert visitors with a direct pitch.


  • Current version: 0.1
  • Rating: 100(1 ratings)
  • Downloaded 615 times

Print Press – There are a number of WordPress plugins that allow you to print pages/posts of your site or convert them to pdf. This little plugin  allows you to filter a number of elements so you generate a nice, neat version of the content.

Paid WordPress Plugins

There are only a few plugins worth mentioning this week.

WP Truly Free SEO Pix is yet another pretty picture plugin. This plugin not only searches for free images but also allows you to optimize the image for the search engines. You can insert the images direct into your blog or download for use on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr etc

You can also create memes with the images direct from your WordPress dashboard

memes plugin

Are we tired of pictures of kittys yet on the internet?    No 🙂

This plugin is developed by a well known developer of  Internet Marketing style WordPress plugins.    Reviews from users have been all positive and the developer has been using feedback to make improvements to the plugin.

Some concern has been raised about image attribution and the ability to check the licensing terms of an image before posting.    It appears that the developer is taking this feedback on board and is set to release an updated version of the plugin.

Some of the features to be added in a future release appear to be option to preview the licensing source (so you can check that it is okay to post with/without attribution) and the ability to add a watermark.

Adding a watermark is particularly useful if you use the plugin to create memes for Facebook and Pinterest.  No doubt, you’ll want to have a watermark of your site’s url on it to pick up some traffic.

At the time of  writing the plugin is on launch discount.

read more
WP Solo Tracker – allows you to track and monitor all your solo ads in one place.

read more

This product is due for release on 14 May 2013 and has an “early bird” sign up. Will be interesting to see the reviews once it is in the wild.

I’m not a fan of WordPress plugins for doing random tracking. I prefer to have things in one place, preferably browser based and not WP. Each to their own 🙂

Manage WP is having a sale this week where you can get 30% off their service (lifetime discount!). The offer only applies to new users 🙁 I’ve been a Manage WP user for a long time now and love it. Although there are a lot of other services that are cheaper  than Manage WP or one time payments  the knowledge that Manage WP is a stable, reliable company means that I’m with them for the long haul.

check out the Manage WP Special Offer

tooth icon courtesy of  Pixabay

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