Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 28 July 2013

A selection of the latest premium plugins available for internet marketers this week.

Double your profits WordPress Plugin – Jimmy Mancini is tempting us with a plugin that is said to double or even triple your profits. The premise for the plugin is based on a system called ART. This stands for attract and retain technology.

The plugin supposes that a visitor comes to your site clicks a link or banner to an external offer and remains on the third party site. His plugin basically returns the visitor back to you.

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Review Site Builder – a wordpress plugin that creates product review video websites The plugin allows you to quickly put together an amazon review site in an attractive layout. However, I would highly recommend that you add your own voice and unique content to what the plugin displays rather than risk the wrath of Gogole’s animals.

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WP Banner plugin – a copywriter is seriously needed for this sales page …. What I believe that the seller has for sale is a plugin where you can sell different banner sizes to those that wish to advertise on your site. The plugin is less than $3 at the moment

Skype Tracker – allows you to form skype groups and invite people either via skype or from your blog. Has the potential to annoy a lot of people but also can be useful when used by responsible grown ups.

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EZ Branding Generator – if you are an offline web design consultant you’ll like this plugin. You can cusotmize the login screen to suit your client by adding their logo or even a full background, add a custom dashboard (including videos, advertisements, images…almost anything) and you can also add a custom footer.   This is a great way to have your company branding and information in front of your client at all times (while restricting what they can play with on the site)


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Just a reminder that Studio Press is having a huge sale where you can get their entire package of themes (and those they make in the futuer) for less than $350 (saving over $850). It ends soon …no false scarcity here

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