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WordPress Weekly Round Up – 26 May 2013

Well I’m glad that WordPress developers don’t feel as seedy as I do today! While I’ve been lolling on my couch they have been busy coming up with great new plugins to help internet marketers.

Here are some of this weeks favorites:

Free WordPress Plugins

Article Forge – If you struggle to write articles then article forge may be useful. It organises your documents into a hierarchy for easy reading. Features include a summary of hte article and table of contents. This would be a useful plugin for people writing techie or scientific articles.

Article Forge
by Anthony Wells

The Article Forge WordPress plugin aims to provide a capable facility to aid in the writing, publishing, and maintenance of hierarchical documents for the web. In particular are stories, articles, technical documents and periodicals that have titled sections.

Documents are organized such that the head consists of a title and summary (ie. abstract) describing the whole. Beneath this head are the various sections comprising the document with each section consisting of a heading and content. The entire document does not need to be assembled before publishing; sections can be published independently of each other.

Many useful features abound through out the editing interface. The main article edit screen provides a sortable ordered list of the sections with short-cuts to the section and a link to add new sections. Further, each document has display options that allow the author to customize the look and feel of the published article. These include:

  • Display the Table of Contents on each page
  • Display the Summary on each page
  • Display the entire document on one page

CSS class tags are exposed for each div in the HTML content providing an easy means for users to specify their own style. In fact, users are encouraged to make their own copy of the css, js, and HTML under the content directory. An option is provided under the Settings page to specify the content directory from which files are served. All .css and .js files under the corresponding directories are automatically included in frontend Article Forge related pages.

The Article Forge plugin is unique in that the concepts of template and content are separated. Content is injected into the template instead of separate template files being required for each of the different post types, easing the burden on website maintainers. (See the Installation section for details.)

General commentary, upcoming features, and other WordPress related thought can be found at http://www.bytewisemcu.org/article/article-forge/.


  • Current version: 1.1.4
  • Rating: 100(2 ratings)
  • Downloaded 3,193 times

Launch Control – is great for those working on a website that still want to generate interest in the site before it goes live. You can put your website in maintenace mode when you are working on it and before it goes live you can display a launch page allowing people to sign up with you.

Drag & Drop Page Layout Builder – this is a plugin that I would love to spend a little time playing with. You can create your own page layout or even theme using the plugin without any coding knowledge.

Easy Landing Pages – this is a stylish plugin and it is difficult to believe that it is free (I’ve paid a lot for similar products in the past).
Create stylish landing pages, coming soon and sales pages with just one little plugin

easy landing page plugin



Photo Protect – protect your images from copying. This is particularly useful for ecommerce sites, designer and membership sites where you want to protect your assets.

Photo Protect
by Visual Watermark

Photo Protect adds an invisible layer over your post images to protect them from copying.
Visitors trying to save an image will get a blank image instead of your photo.

Here is why you should download it:

  • Protects your images. 9 out of 10 visitors won’t be able to download and copy your images.
  • Works in every modern browser. No plugins required!
  • Has no dependencies. Correctly works with every framework your theme may have jQuery, MooTools, ExtJS, GWT, etc.
  • Supports responsive themes. Applies protection in a way both theme and protection layer continue to function properly. Even if your visitor resizes her browser.
  • Works on smartphones.


  • Current version: 1.1
  • Rating: 46(6 ratings)
  • Downloaded 7,139 times

StudyPress – if you want to create learning tools using slides on your WordPress site then this is a nifty little plugin

by Mohammed Tadlaoui, Salim Mohamed Saidi, Meryem Bendella, Bensmaine yasser, Bouacha oussama

StudyPress is an elearning authoring tool. With this plugin you can easily create multimedia learning content and publish it as slides in your wordpress pages and posts. It can manage courses, lessons and quizzes.

With the help of StudyPress you can easily turns your WordPress into a powerfull learning management system.

For more details please visit our web site : study-press.com

– Create an unlimited number of courses, lessons and quizzes
– Buddypress integration
– Share lesson, quiz and quiz result on social networks (facebook, linkedin, twitter and buddypress)
– Drag and drop functions that makes easy the creation of lessons and quizzes
– Quickly add wordpress media to lessons
– Visualize lessons and quizzes in a professional player
– Visualize lessons and answer quizzes in a full screen mode
– Integration of glossaries and tags for lessons and quizzes
– Multi teachers support by integrating wordpress author user role
– Teachers rights management
– Timed quizzes
– 2 types of quiz (multiple choice and Unique choice)
– Automatic correction of quizzes
– Automatic quiz reporting for teachers
– Students can rate lessons and quizzes
– Support of multi criteria ratings
– English and French support
– A contextual help for teachers


  • Current version: 1.1.2
  • Rating: 76(15 ratings)
  • Downloaded 16,071 times

Personally, I just prefer using slideshare myself and embedding it on the site.

Contest Hopper – this little plugin helps you create contests on your site. I would have liked to see some screenshots of the plugin in action and perhaps a demo site. Hopefully they are coming soon.

My Book Table – helps you to create effective book pages? Although I’m feeling a little seedy today I think the developers could have put a little more information into what this plugin does.

MyBookTable Bookstore by Author Media
by Author Media

Forget everything you think you know about selling your book online. We’re changing it. You won’t need SSL certificates, shopping carts, or piles of books in your basement. All you’ll need is a WordPress website. Oh, and a book.

MyBookTable allows you to have your own bookstore that links to online bookstores where visitors can buy the book.

You can find a live demo of MyBookTable in action here.


Easy to Use

With a simple interface, help text and tutorial videos, MyBookTable is designed with the novice user in mind. In version 2.0 we made MyBookTable even easier to use with usability improvements throughout the plugin.

Drag and Drop Control

Easily control which books appear at the top of your book table page with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Make Your Individual Book Pages Look Amazing

MyBookTable allows you to easily make great-looking book pages. Whether you want a list of books or a individual book page, MyBookTable gives you maximum control with minimum hassle.

Kindle Instant Preview (New in 3.0)

MyBookTable 3 will now officially come with Kindle Instant Preview. Readers can read the first few pages of your Kindle book without ever having to leave your book page or download a PDF.

Social Media Integration

MyBookTable makes it easy for visitors to like and share your books on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It also works with plugins like ShareThis.

Beautiful Buy Buttons

MyBookTable comes with Buy Buttons for the following stores:

  • Alibris
  • Amazon
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Apple iBooks Button
  • Audible
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Barnes & Noble Nook
  • Book Depository Button
  • BookBaby
  • Books-A-Million
  • Christian Book Distributor (CBD)
  • CreateSpace
  • GoodReads
  • Gumroad
  • Indiebound
  • Kobo
  • Lifeway
  • Mardel
  • Powell’s
  • Scribd
  • Smashwords
  • Sony Reader

Universal Buy Button

Create a button that points to any site on the web. You have full control over both the text and the link.

International Mode (New in 3.0)

MyBookTable is partnering with Geniuslink to add link localization to MyBookTable. This means readers in England will automatically be sent to Amazon.co.uk and Canadian readers can click the same button to go to Amazon.ca.

Audiobook Mode (New in 3.0)

MyBookTable will come with an audio player so readers can sample your audiobook right on the book page. We are also adding fields for Narrator and Audiobook Price.

Book Import/Export (New in 3.0)

This user-requested feature will be a huge time saver for authors with multiple websites. With MyBookTable 2.0 you can export your books from one website and import them into another.

Enhanced Children’s Book Support (New in 3.0)

Not every author writes children’s books. But those that do want an Illustrator Field so they can give credit to the illustrator of their books. Users will be able to click on an illustrator’s name to see all the books by that illustrator.

Star Rating Support (New in 3.0)

It turns out that not everyone who uses MyBookTable is an author. Readers use MyBookTable to post reviews of books they’ve read. Now MyBookTable has a Star Rating feature so that those book reviewers can rate the books they are reviewing.

Endorsements Section (New in 3.0)

MyBookTable 3 has a special section for you to show off endorsements, blurbs, and accolades. Book blurbs can now look better than ever before.

Buy Button Style Packs

Customize your store by showing some of the buy buttons as a bulleted list. Also, choose from multiple buy button color schemes.

Buy Button Shadow Box

Have a a lot of buy buttons cluttering up your book pages? No worries. MyBookTable 2.0 allows you to show a single “buy now” button that opens a shadow box with all your buy buttons.

Featured Book Widget

Feature a book on your sidebar with just a few clicks. You can even add multiple books by adding multiple widgets.

Mobile Responsive

If your WordPress theme is mobile responsive, MyBookTable will react similarly, delivering maximum compatibility for visitors on phones and tablets.

Recommend Books

Do you want to sell books by other authors? MyBookTable now has a “Recommended Books” tag out of the box so you can sell not only your books but other authors’ books as well.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

  • A Search-Optimized Page for Each Book
    Having a search-optimized book page may seem small, but this option makes a huge difference in how many people find your book. Most authors cram all their books onto one page. With so many titles per page, no one book can rank or get coveted Google juice. MyBookTable allows you to create a page for each book, as well as a page with all books listed, so you get the best of both worlds. Edit one and it updates the other. This gives you a much better chance of ranking higher when someone searches for one of your titles.

  • Native SEO Controls
    If you don’t currently use an SEO plugin, MyBookTable provides meta titles and descriptions as if you did, complete with optimized defaults in case you don’t want to bother optimizing it yourself.

  • Advanced SEO Integration
    MyBookTable integrates with popular SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast and Scribe SEO. If you use one of these plugins, you get full access to their power.

  • Semantic Markup and OpenGraph
    MyBookTable has built-in semantic markup, giving you the edge on search engines like Google and social networks like Facebook. We do all the heavy lifting for you, so your pages are naturally searchable. This should improve Search Engine Optimization and social optimization.

GoodReads Integration & Book Reviews

MyBookTable has deep integration with the world’s most popular social network for readers. MBT shows your GoodReads reviews, and it provides a button that allows users to add your book to their GoodReads BookShelf.

Built-In Tutorial Videos

MyBookTable has built-in tutorial videos showing you how to use the plugin for maximum effect.

Compatibility Mode

With thousands of WordPress themes in existence, we can’t guarantee that MBT will work with every theme. So we have created a compatibility mode that allows for maximum compatibility with your theme. MyBookTable integrates with all the major theme frameworks, including Genesis, Woo Canvas, most Elegant Themes, and many Theme Forest Themes. Thesis is the only framework known not to work.

Easy Shortcode Interface

MBT adds an icon to the WordPress WYSIWYG Editor that allows you to add MyBookTable shortcodes to your site with just a couple of clicks.

Built-in Breadcrumbs

We have added breadcrumbs, which will not only make your book pages easier to use for your visitors, but will also improve search engine optimization. These breadcrumbs are fully compatible with the Genesis or Woo Canvas breadcrumb systems.

GetNoticed! Theme Integration

MyBookTable can import books from Michael Hyatt’s GetNoticed! theme. MyBookTable and GetNoticed! now work together seamlessly.

Book Widgets

MyBookTable gives you several cool book widgets. Including a featured book widget, genre widget, series widget, and more!

Premium Features (Available with Paid Upgrade)

Affiliate Integration (Professional Upgrade Required)

Amazon, BN.com, and CBD.com all offer affiliate programs that help you supplement your income as an author. You won’t have to sell your book out of your garage to make more money. It also integrates seamlessly with leading SEO Plugins like Yoast and Scribe.

Affiliate platforms supported:
* Amazon (Amazon, Kindle)
* Commission Junction (Audible)
* Linkshare (Barnes & Noble, Kobo)

Landing Page Mode (Pro Upgrade Required)

MyBookTable 3 can now create landing pages for your books. Landing Page Mode is a total redesign of how a book page looks. It must be seen to be believed. This landing page can be used to power a whole website for your book title or just to make your book pages look better.

= Reading Group Resources Section Pro Upgrade Required)=
MyBookTable Pro now comes with a brand new section where you can add resources for reading clubs and book groups. The more resources you provide book clubs, the more they will want to read your book.

Suggested materials include:
* A PDF Download of Discussion Questions
* Bulk Ordering Link
* Powerpoint Companion
* Chapter Excerpts PDF
* Discussion Video

Grid View (Pro Upgrade Required)

Show your books in a responsive grid view. This is a great option for sites with a lot of books to show.

Notify Me Button (Pro Upgrade Required)

Allow visitors to sign up for book updates by subscribing to your MailChimp list. This button can act as a Pre-Pre-Order button for books that are still a work in process.

Show Amazon Reviews (Pro Upgrade Required)

Show off your Amazon reviews right there on your book pages.

Amazon Bulk Book Importer (Pro Upgrade Required)

Want to add 100 books? No problem. Just paste the ISBN numbers into MyBookTable and let the plugin create the book pages for you. This is a huge timesaver.

UIEE Book Importer (Pro Upgrade Required)

MyBookTable can also import books from a Universal Information Exchange Environment (UIEE) file.


  • Current version: 3.2.3
  • Rating: 80(34 ratings)
  • Downloaded 89,508 times

Premium WordPress Plugins

ZonDealNotify – is another “Amazon” plugin. THe plugin display a pop up of the Amazon Goldbox Deal of the day on your site.

amazon deal notifier plugin



read more here

EZReview Box – this plugin helps you create layouts for custom reviews.
In addition to creating beautiful layouts, it also creates widget reviews and has rich snippets intergration.

certainly worth a look at it here

create reviews for products

WordPress Themes

There have been a few themes released this week for specific niche industries.  I don’t propose to review them here because a) when people buy the same themes for a niche you end up in a flooded niche and b) niche specific themes while they make life easier to create sites usually it is short lived.    The reason it is short lived is that clients often want customizations that cannot be easily incorporated into the layout of a niche specific theme.   The theme may have earned you a sale …but customizing it to meet clients standards usually ends up with hair pulling.   Rather than buying a lot of niche specific themes I think it’s far easier to work with one framework and custom create skins to individually suit clients.

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