Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up – 25 February, 2013

There have  been a lot of  free WordPress plugins released this week in the repository.   I’ve picked out my faves that I think could internet marketers with their WordPress sites or for offline marketers using WordPress. Offline marketers in the real estate, car dealership and restaurant niche might find some useful plugins this week to use on client’s sites.

Free WordPress Plugins

Optimum Documents– If you have ever wanted to embed a document in your WordPress site you’ll love this plugin. It allows you to embed documents using either the Microsoft Office Apps Viewer or Google Document Viewer.

You can embed documents in the following formats:

docx, pptx and xlsx as well as.pdf

[ilink style=”download” url=””]Download[/ilink]

Avishi Floating Horizontal Navigation– This plugin allows you to decide what your primary navigation is (useful if you have a few menu navigation bar lines) and keeps the primary navigation at the top as the user scrolls the page. This makes it super easy for a visitor to click on one of your other menu items without having to scroll all the way up again.

[ilink style=”download” url=” “]Download[/ilink]
ImmobilCIO– is a plugin for real estate agents (or WordPress developers of real estate sites). It allows you to easily create custom post types ofr properties with some other features as well.

[ilink style=”download” url=””]Download[/ilink]
Interactive Posts– allows you to create basic quizzes, questions etc to encourage interaction with your webiste visitors

You can see it in action in the video below:

[ilink style=”download” url=””]Download[/ilink]

Timed Posts –  my fave plugin of the week! This plugin allows you to have various sections in your blog post that are released at different times to visitors.

Timed Posts WordPress Plugin from Pgogy on Vimeo.

[ilink style=”download” url=””]Download[/ilink]

BookMark Press – this is a ramped up plugin similar to the “press this” tool in WordPress which allows users to bookmark resources on the internet and create a searchable library of them.

[ilink style=”download” url=””]Download[/ilink]

Gif Press  allows you to make an animated .gif image using existing images in the WordPRess media library

[ilink style=”download” url=””]Download[/ilink]

Contact Form 7 Lead Tracking – a number of people use the contact form 7 (it is one of the most popular downloads). This plugin is an add on to the contact form 7 plugin that allows you to easily track who has completed your contact form. This is great for lead tracking when you do not have the budget for fancier solutions

[ilink style=”download” url=””]Download[/ilink]

CSV Sumotto makes it easy to turn your csv file into a table in WordPress

[ilink style=”download” url=””]Download[/ilink]

JellyBox – (cute name!) jellybox provides a simple to use shortcode that allows you to apply rotations and/or animations to text, images and boxes

[ilink style=”download” url=””]Download[/ilink]

A year ago today Plugin  – shows links to posts that were posted exactly one year ago as a widget in the sidebar. Posts are listed by popularity based on the number of comments.  Useful if you have an authority site or long standing blog.

[ilink style=”download” url=””]Download[/ilink]
JaJaDiTraining  another training style plugin making it easy to add training courses to your site. I would like to see a video on how the plugin is used as the screenshots and current information are a bit light on.

[ilink style=”download” url=””]Download[/ilink]

GSpeech allows your visitors to convert your text to speech. It uses Google to power the speech process

[ilink style=”download” url=” “]Download[/ilink]

Car Dealer if you have (or you have a client) with a car dealership then this plugin makes it easier to display their inventory.

[ilink style=”download” url=”  “]Download[/ilink]

Eewee Restauarant Menu makes it easy to create a stylish menu within WordPress

[ilink style=”download” url=””]Download[/ilink]

Document Feedback  if you often admire sites that post documentation and have a question at the bottom asking if  the advice was helpful then you’ll want this plugin. It posts the question and depending on your answer you’ll either be prompted to provide some feedback or not. It also has a useful summary of the feedback received so you can work on improving your documentation.


[ilink style=”download” url=””]Download[/ilink]

Premium Plugins

WP MLM  Interesting plugin for the MLM market (which is massive!).  It  turns your site into a forced matrix recruiting system MLM marketers.  It also integrates with BuddyPress to build a social network marketing recruiting platform and S2member and any other membership plugin to create premium member only pages. It is useful for training materials or if you want the whole system to be a paid service for people in your “downline”. There seems to be a lot of features that will be coming soon so if you are in the MLM space then it might be worth checking out.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More Info[/ilink]

QR Press Plugin

Allows you to create QR ccodes from within the WP dashboard which can also be tracked. You should note that there are many online QR code creators that can be used for free and some have tracking features as well.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More Info[/ilink]

WP Brander – This plugin came out a few months ago but I mised it. Because it is a nifty plugin I thought I would alert you to it now. WP Brander allows you to personalize blogs posts for people on your list eg Hi Leanne!, cusotmie landing pages for different souces and works in combination with freed plugins to allows you to create reports for affiliates that can be rebranded with thier information. Many people previously used a piece of software for this purpose (that has lousy support).

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More Info[/ilink]

WordPress Themes

Ideas Theme
available from Theme Forest the theme makes it easy to gather ideas from people. You could use it to get feeback on a product (like an informal forum), ask people to vote on an idea, or set up a question and answer type site.


[ilink style=”info” url=””]Demo[/ilink]

WordPress themes in the making …

2013 – with every new release of WordPress there is a new default theme. The default theme for WP 3.6 is curently underway and you can see a demo of it here

[box]This list is not ALL of the  free and premium plugins and themes released this week.  It is only a selection of my favorites that I think would be useful to internet marketers that use WordPress as their CMS[/box]

By Leanne

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