Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 25 August 2013

As usual it is a WordPress plugin feast this week with lots of developers geeking out over WordPress. I’ve sorted through the latest plugins to hit the repository and grabbed a selection of the most useful ones for WordPress internet marketer users.

Here goes ..

Free WordPress Plugins

Jameel’s Dev Tools – if you develop websites for clients then this handy plugin could save you a lot of time when you are transitioning the site to the client’s server. If you are doing the hosting yourself then you won’t need it 🙂

Jameel's Dev Tools

Iconic Navigation – ever admired those sites with cute little icons in the navigation bar? Of course you can easily do this if you are code savvy but for those that like to save hair pulling and learning code this is a little time saver.

icon navigation plugin

Iconic Navigation

WP Projects Portfolio – still on that offline theme have a projects page for your clients where they can add their own testimonials as well

project portfolio and testimonial plugin

WP Projects Portfolio with Client Testimonials

Daskal – most people are aware how popular tutorial sites are. You can create your own tutorials using this little plugin – super easy


CPD Journals – I have to do continuous professional development every year for my job so I found this plugin interesting. Rather than the scraps of paper and receipts I keep you can keep a journal of your CPD activities. This plugin is for use with a multisite installation and for the situation where you have a number of members being supervised for instance. Saying that, I think you could turn this into something useful for a membership site where members had to do “homework”

cpd wordpress journal


SEO Search Terms – something for the SEO enthusiasts

SEO SearchTerms Admin

Auphonic Importer – Auphonic is one of those companies I love! If you haven’t heard of them before you can check them out here:

I love them because you can upload your audio and they will analyze it and do whatever it takes to make it sound good. And they do this for free!

Now you can easily import those podcasts for example that you have created straight to WordPress with this handy auphonic import to WordPress plugin

Auphonic Importer

Infusionsoft for Developers – as a lot of internet marketers using WordPress also use Infusionsoft I’ve added this one for you

Infusionsoft WordPress Developers Plugin

DevSup – If you want to host videos in the back end of your WordPress dashboard for clients then this is a handy free plugin. At the moment, there is no support for hosting your own videos but apparently this will be coming soon.

videos in wordpress dashboard plugin

Simple Documentation – another plugin super useful for offliners! This one allows you to provide documentation in the dashboard for WordPress users.


Simple Documentation

Book Review – if you like reading books and sharing them with your readers then you’ll enjoy how you can format and rate the book using this plugin

book review wordpress plugin

Book Review

Update Shaming – if you need to clear the blog cobwebs but don’t know where to start

Update Shaming

Marketing Optimizer – go conversion testing mad with this plugin

Marketing Optimizer

Product Launch Countdown Widget

Product Launch Countdown Widget

Funniest Plugin Award

This week the funniest plugin goes to the Kittens for Comments developers!

kittens for comments plugin

Kittens for Comments

Premium WordPress Plugins

Sonic Impact – pop up madness

read more here:

or watch the video

WordPoster – bulk post your articles to WordPress

Read more here

Video Silo Plugin – the team at Theme Zoom have released their video silo plugin
you can read more here:

view the video

Just a reminder that Evanto are having a birthday sale. You can get about $500 worth of “stuff” for $20 until the 3rd September 2013

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