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WordPress Weekly Round Up – 23 June 2013

As I haven’t done a round up for two weeks this post is going to be kinda long 🙂

Free WordPress Plugins

Bulk Creator – quickly create posts and pages in bulk also allows for custom post types which separates it from existing plugins that also do mass creation.

Bulk Creator
by Jeremy Wilson

Bulk Creator is a plugin designed to quickly create a mass amount of posts, pages, or custom post types. You can apply default content, hierarchy and taxonomies to the posts you create.

The plugin will automatically detect all custom post types and taxonomies, and no setup is required!


  • Current version: 1.0.1
  • Rating: 90(11 ratings)
  • Downloaded 8,935 times

Site Wide Messages For Multi User Sites – if you have a multi user site then you’ll love this plugin to make announcements across your network

http://wordpress.org/plugins/multisite-dashboard-broadcast/ great for getting site wide messages out on multi site set ups

Read Aloud Audio Player – another cool audio player that reads your content to your visitors.

Google Typography – use Google fonts without having to rejig your theme

Google Typography
by Eric Alli

The Google Typography plugins allows you to use any Google Font for any text on your existing website without writing a single line of code. In the Appearance > Typography settings page, simply add and customize as many fonts as you’d like, then apply it to any existing HTML tag or CSS selector.


  • Current version: 1.1.2
  • Rating: 88(14 ratings)
  • Downloaded 137,981 times

Local SEO – another plugin for those in the offline market either selling websites or seo services

WordPress Local SEO
by digitaleheimat GmbH


  • Branding with title & logo
  • Address & contact information with dynamic fields
  • Opening hours
  • Google Maps display
  • Schema.org valid Rich Text Snippets
  • GEO sitemap with all locations
  • Infinite locations as custom post type, linkable to any other content
  • Extensive layout options and custom template support

Two configuration modes

Standard configuration:

  • provides an easy to use interface adding the location information directly into any post

Advanced features:

  • Creates locations as instances (custom post type) and lets you just add them to any post (multiple locations per post are possible)
  • Enables categories for locations
  • Enables Google Map with all locations via shortcode or function call

Custom post type settings

“Location” as post type
The plugin comes with a built in post type that only shows the location information.
Useful, if you have a list of locations with now further information necessary.

Enable locations for each avaiable post type
You can enable the location information individually for each post type you have installed in your WordPress site.
Useful, if you want to add location information to existing post types (ie. a contact page, blog posts about locations or events)

Enable additional fields

The plugin supports, next to the default address fields, additional SEO relevant fields. All these fields can be activated via the settings

  • Type of location (Schema.org)
  • Phone (multiple)
  • Fax (multiple)
  • Email address (multiple)
  • Website (multiple)
  • Description
  • Opening hours (a dynamic fieldset to enter various opening hours)

Layout & Template settings

  • custom sizes for maps and logos
  • custom css styles for advanced layouting

Additionally, the plugin comes with default templates for the location information and it offers the possibility to override the template in your theme folder.

You can append locations to your theme:

  • automatically via WordPress filter
  • manually via a function call
  • directly into post content via shortcode

Multilingual support

The plugin is fully translatable and comes with following default languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Send us your translation into another language to make it avaiable for others

WordPress Local Seo is developed by digitaleheimat GmbH


  • Current version: 2.3
  • Rating: 94(3 ratings)
  • Downloaded 6,962 times

Google App Engine – hook up with the big G

Google App Engine for WordPress
by Google

Google App Engine for WordPress enables seamless operation of your
WordPress-powered site on the App Engine PHP runtime.

This plugin adds overrides to core functionality in WordPress to use App Engine
infrastructure, such as the Mail functionality, and uploading media to Google
Cloud Storage

Note: This plugin is designed to be used with Google App Engine only and will not work with any other hosting.


We recommend using the Batcache and Memcache drop-ins to cache your
WordPress site. Batcache integrates with Memcache to cache your site on the App
Engine memcache server and will ensure that CloudSQL is used as little as
possible, reducing your costs.

If you host a rarely updated site, we suggest adding the following configuration
to your wp-config.php:

$batcache = [
    'seconds' => 0,
    'max_age' => 60 * 30,  // 30 minutes.

This will cache pages on your site for a year and ensure that they do not expire
in memcache. With this setup and a fully primed cache, all anonymous users will
be served via Memcache with no hits to CloudSQL.

Note that using WordPress’ built-in comments will enable commenters to bypass
the cache, so if you want to use comments on a fully-cached site, we recommend
Intense Debate or Disqus (with the synchronization disabled).


  • Current version: 1.6
  • Rating: 82(8 ratings)
  • Downloaded 21,902 times

Primal for WP – a simple curation style plugin

Primal for WordPress
by Primal

Want to engage your readership on a whole new level? Provide highly relevant news, videos and information from across the web, tailored specifically to your individual interests.

Primal for WordPress uses a patented artificial intelligence to deliver highly relevant and up-to-date information to your readers, tailored to each page you create.

Working directly with Primal’s APIs, the plugin automatically builds rich interest graphs around your pages, filtering news and information from across the web. Contextual links to matching related content are displayed to your visitors, embedded alongside your posts and pages.

Features and Differences

Primal for WordPress delivers news and information from across the web, tailored to each individual page on your site. Primal increases user engagement with real-time, contextually relevant recommendations.

  • Content your readers care about: Primal matches its content recommendations to the specific subject matter of each individual WordPress page or post.
  • Ease of use: Primal is an intelligent assistant. It automatically learns your interests from the subject matter of the pages you create.
  • Real-time content delivery: Primal’s recommendations are fresh and current. They’re generated in real-time using frequently updated content sources.
  • Learning: Primal learns the interests of your audience based on their clicks, becoming evermore relevant and engaging over time.

Check out a working version of the plugin installed on our very own Primal blog and see how we’re increasing the value of our content.

If you’re interested in learning more, we have a new feature in the works, where Primal will promote the content from your website or blog. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more.


We value your suggestions. Please send feedback to [email protected] so that we can continue to develop this plugin and improve your WordPress experience!


  • Current version: 2.0.5
  • Rating: 100(2 ratings)
  • Downloaded 2,308 times

Ultimate Auction – run your own auctions on your blog

Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin
by Nitesh Singh

Main Site | PRO Features | Docs

Ultimate WordPress Auction plugin allows easy and quick way to setup auctions on your site.
Simple and flexible, Lots of features, very configurable. Easy to setup. Great support.

PRO Features

1. Users can add auctions
2. Works with popular WC based Vendor plugins
3. Automatic Time Extension to AVOID SNIPPING
4. Enable Proxy Bidding for users
5. Add Silent auctions
6. Schedule auctions for future date
7. Relist expired auctions
8. Live Bidding update
9. Manage Auction - End and Relist
10. Support Virtual Products
11. Delete User Bids
12. Widgets - Expired, Future etc.
13. Custom Emails
14. Many Shortcodes & Filters 

Free Plugin (Core) Features

1. Registered User can place bids 
2. Ajax Admin panel for better management.
3. Add standard auctions for bidding
4. Buy Now option with paypal
5. Upload multiple product images
6. Show auctions in your timezone        
7. Paypal ready payment settings
8. Set Reserve price for your product
9. Set Bid incremental value for auctions
10. Ability to edit, delete & end live auctions
11. Re-activate Expired auctions
12. Email notifications to bidders for placing bids
13. Email notification to Admin for all activity
14. Email Sent for Payment Alerts
15. Outbid Email sent to all bidders who has been outbid.
16. Count Down Timer for auctions.
17. Lightbox feature to display auction images
18. Ability to Cancel last bid 
and Much more...

Free Plugin Display Features

1. Auction feed Page which shows excertps of live auctions
2. Pagination feature for feed page
3. Auction Detail page via wordpress custom post
4. Comments section for each auction page
5. Send Private Message section for each auction page
6. Tested with multiple WordPress theme


  • Current version: 4.0.5
  • Rating: 88(120 ratings)
  • Downloaded 104,818 times

If you are in the offline market then you know that your clients just want leads. The WP Easy Leads plugin is a quick and free solution to get set up in the lead generation business.

While we are talking about leads the WordPress Leads plugin is a great little tool for those that like to analyse

WordPress Leads
by Inbound Now

WordPress Leads works as a standalone plugin or hand in hand with WordPress Landing Pages & WordPress Calls to Action to create a powerful & free lead generation system for your business.

WordPress Leads assists with capturing and segmenting user activity into lead profiles. Leads plugin ships with it’s own form collection tool but can be extended to use Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, or Contact Form 7. This plugin connects directly with the Landing Pages and Calls to Action plugin provided by Inbound Now.

Gather Valuable Intelligence on your Leads:

  • View the page view funnel leading up to a submission
  • See past comments they have made on your blog
  • Know what they have searched for on your site
  • Learn where referral traffic is coming from
  • See social media profiles and sites they own (Provided by Full Contact)
  • Gather demographic data
  • Learn their topical interests

This powerful lead data can help you sell smarter and more efficiently.

WordPress Leads was originally built as an add-on for WordPress Landing Pages but quickly grew into its own stand alone plugin to capture lead information on any page of your site.

Manage your leads directly from the admin interface, or send the lead data into a third party CRM of your choosing.

This plugin is built to be fully extendable by providing custom action and filter hooks, allowing for an almost endless number of powerful CRM application addons.

WordPress Leads is WordPress’s first fully extendable CRM plugin.


  • Built in visual form builder that is dead simple to use.
  • Automatically detect and collect visitor data from any submitted form.
  • Track and see what pages your leads visited before converting on your site to gain valuable lead intelligence
  • Integrates seamlessly with WordPress Landing Pages and WordPress Calls to Action Plugins
  • Easily search, view, and modify lead (contact) information with bulk lead management tool
  • Uses geolocation services to detect additional information on first time conversion.
  • Sync your leads with a third party CRM like salesforce.com, Zoho or sugarCRM.
  • Connect with Zapier to send leads to over 300+ different CRM and Email marketing tools
  • Developers: Extend Leads with custom functionality via built in api
  • Integrate with 39+ Email service providers for Email Autoresponder Campaigns
  • Integrate with 36+ CRM providers for easy lead management

About the Plugin

This is a free plugin that was built to help people collect, store, and manage lead/contact information to better understand each lead that comes into their site. It’s built with inbound marketing best practices in mind and integrates seamlessly with the free WordPress Landing Pages plugin.

Developers & Designers

We built Lead Management as a framework! You can use our extendable framework to bring custom solutions to your application.

Contribute to Code
Follow on Twitter


  • Current version: 3.2.9
  • Rating: 74(41 ratings)
  • Downloaded 384,415 times

Paupress CRM System for WP Users – nice, free solution for those looking for a CRM

I can see the Bistri Video Call button being particularly useful to internet marketers that offer coaching and educational services to the clients and customers. A video call has a more personal touch than a phone call.

quick-business-website-pluginThis is a great little plugin for those either with their own online business selling services or those working with offline clients. To be honest I would think that this should be a paid plugin with the amount of features that the Quick Business Website plugin has (see screenshot)

WM Child Post – ever wanted a post inside a post or a page or a widget …then what you were looking for is a child post

WP Child Post
by Repon Hossain

WM Child Post wordpress plugins use for showing child post inside Post, Page or Widget area. If you want to active FAQ feature please check FAQ checkbox.

  • Show Child Post inside Page or Post page.
  • Display Posts or FAQ inside the widget area from specific group.
  • FAQ feature enable with “Slide Down” animation.
  • Fully Featured image supported

You can use shortcode using wm-shortcode option without typing.

WM Shortcode: [wmpost title=”Child Post Title” groups=”html,lorem” excerpt=true showposts=10 faq=true]

Use WM Shortcode option:

  • Fill “Post Title” box for title or leave it blanks if you don’t want to show child post title.

  • Select group from “Post Groups” Select options and click “Add” button from right. Leave it for showing posts from all groups. Click on the group name button for removing selected group.

  • Default: Content. If you want to show excerpt, Please enable “Show Excerpt” checkbox.

  • Input number value in the “Show Posts” text box if you want to show some posts without all.

  • Check “FAQ” checkbox for activate FAQ feature.


  • Current version: 1.01
  • Rating: 70(2 ratings)
  • Downloaded 1,907 times

Casengo FAQ Web Self Service Plugin – nifty little frequently asked questions and knowledge base plugin

FAQ & Knowledge Base Plugin
by Thijs van der Veen

Add a powerful FAQ & Knowledge Base on your WordPress Blog or Website. Powered by Casengo.

To configure the FAQ plugin you must have a Casengo account. Have an account already? Great! If not, sign up here.

Casengo is a new social customer support tool, free to trial for 30 days; thereafter, the first agent is always free!

It is Easy! Get started in 2 minutes, no training needed!

Step 1. Create a free Casengo account at get.casengo.com/signup
Step 2. log into your WordPress Admin Site, search for plugin ‘casengo FAQ’ and install it.
Step 3. Go to the Casengo config section in WordPress and set your unique Casengo subdomain, and activate the page. The page will now be live and is accessible via the menu.
Step 4. Log into the Casengo admin siteto start adding categories and FAQ articles

…et voila, the content will appear directly on your website!

Casengo’s Cloud-based, affordable social customer support software brings the human touch back into customer service. Regardless of channel type, it simplifies real-time conversation by presenting a unique Hybrid Messaging Timeline. Whether a company consists of just one person or a large team, it’s always time to Casengo.

More information on product features and pricing can be found at casengo.com.

Readme Generator

This Readme file was generated using wp-readme, which generates readme files for WordPress Plugins.


  • Current version: 1.2.3
  • Rating: 86(3 ratings)
  • Downloaded 7,318 times

WP Models – what can I say?  If you have a site for models ..then this plugin could be useful adding important information like height, weight etc

Just Rate It – a simple rating plugin for WordPress users

by Sebastian Österberg

A nice and simple way of adding ratings in your posts and pages. Simply add [justrateit-button id=”some-unique-id”] some were in your post and five “*” and a counter will appear instead.

Arbitrary section 1


  • Current version: 1.0
  • Downloaded 492 times

Custom Business Locations – Another one for those offliners!    If you have a client that has a number of business locations for their brick and mortar store then this handy location plugin will help your customers

Custom Business Locations
by Anchor Studios

This is a nice way to add your business locations to your WordPress site. You have options to add your locations’ contact information and display special messages (like holiday hours), as well as automatically put your locations on a Google Map.

  • Displays location contact info.
  • Displays location hours of operation.
  • Displays a Google Map with locations.
  • Provides a button to Google Maps that users can then get directions to your business.
  • Add your locations with a simple shortcode [cbl-map].
  • A Google API key is REQUIRED before a custom map can be displayed. https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/tutorial#api_key

Support will be at the [GitHub repo] (https://github.com/anchorstudios/custom-business-locations/issues). [Documentation] (https://github.com/anchorstudios/custom-business-locations/wiki) as well.


  • Current version: 1.1.2
  • Rating: 96(4 ratings)
  • Downloaded 2,965 times

WPS Coupon Management – Coupons are the craze lately!  See the screenshot to see a demo of the plugin.


Advertisement Sponsors –  Allow advertisers to sponsor an ad.  Very professional looking plugin.

RRD Advertisment Sponsers
by Rahul Dhamecha

It will help the business to add their item for advertisement and provide some section on item for advertisement.
The Business iteams will be listed on front side of site and user can reserve the iteam part for advertisement.

This is user friendly plugin so it is easily managed. The main authority is of admin so admin can do any updates.

A few notes about the sections above:

  • “Iteam” is a section to add advertisement iteam.

    • add iteam title description and Upload iteam image and define the portion for advertisment.
  • “Advertisement” is a section which will will be shown to user.

    • Define height width of iteam and the partition you want to make for advertisement.
    • It will show the image and it’s partition on front side so you can easily come to know available and reserve advertisement section
  • “Sponser” is a section which show the sponsers who want to show their advertisement on item.

  • French language is supported for this plugin

Arbitrary section

This plugin is mainly managed by admin so all authority for any updattion is depends on the admin. i am working on it to make it more usable.

A brief Markdown Example

Ordered list:

  1. add your Item
  2. add Advertisement portion for you iteam and publish it to user who are interested for advertisement.
  3. Define your advertisement portion for finding the interested user for advertisement.
  4. Register user can also add or view their advertisement and sponsers from backend

Documentation and other brief details is available on rockeyboy


  • Current version: 1.0
  • Rating: 100(1 ratings)
  • Downloaded 3,101 times

Premium WordPress Plugins

Well my inbox virtually exploded in the last few weeks with the rush of affiliate marketers wanting to flog, I mean, inform me of the latest and greatest WordPress plugins available.  Two plugins in particular made me extremely grateful that I filter my email through unroll.me 🙂    I might never have got any work done otherwise!

Squeeze Page Engine –  WordPress plugin that creates squeeze pages for all your sales pages and lead generation pages.   There are a ton of quality themes and plugins in the sales page niche for WordPress. I would recommend that you check out a lot of offerings before diving in if you don’t already have one.

There’s a cute little demonstration video to watch of the plugin where you can see some of the lovely graphics that the plugin comes with.

Read More 

At the time of writing, there are very few reviews of the Squeeze Page Engine.   I’ll be checking back later in the week to see what type of feedback from users this plugin is getting.

WordPress Super Cloaker –  have to say that this is one of the most expensive plugins I’ve mentioned on the round up.    The annual subscription is $297.00.   Currently there are some discounts available if you are quick.

The plugin has a number of functions including a link cloaker (doh!) link referrer and several ip functions that are pretty snazzy.

Read More  and check out the free demo version.

WordPress Themes

Cartsy – a new theme from Templatic for ecommerce stores.  I like the clean minimal look and hover effects that this theme has.


Read More

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