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WordPress Weekly Round Up – 23 June 2013

As I haven’t done a round up for two weeks this post is going to be kinda long 🙂

Free WordPress Plugins

Bulk Creator – quickly create posts and pages in bulk also allows for custom post types which separates it from existing plugins that also do mass creation.

Bulk Creator

Site Wide Messages For Multi User Sites – if you have a multi user site then you’ll love this plugin to make announcements across your network great for getting site wide messages out on multi site set ups

Read Aloud Audio Player – another cool audio player that reads your content to your visitors.

Google Typography – use Google fonts without having to rejig your theme

Google Typography

Local SEO – another plugin for those in the offline market either selling websites or seo services

WordPress Local SEO

Google App Engine – hook up with the big G

Google App Engine for WordPress

Primal for WP – a simple curation style plugin

Primal for WordPress

Ultimate Auction – run your own auctions on your blog

Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin

If you are in the offline market then you know that your clients just want leads. The WP Easy Leads plugin is a quick and free solution to get set up in the lead generation business.

While we are talking about leads the WordPress Leads plugin is a great little tool for those that like to analyse

WordPress Leads

Paupress CRM System for WP Users – nice, free solution for those looking for a CRM

I can see the Bistri Video Call button being particularly useful to internet marketers that offer coaching and educational services to the clients and customers. A video call has a more personal touch than a phone call.

quick-business-website-pluginThis is a great little plugin for those either with their own online business selling services or those working with offline clients. To be honest I would think that this should be a paid plugin with the amount of features that the Quick Business Website plugin has (see screenshot)

WM Child Post – ever wanted a post inside a post or a page or a widget …then what you were looking for is a child post

WP Child Post

Casengo FAQ Web Self Service Plugin – nifty little frequently asked questions and knowledge base plugin

FAQ & Knowledge Base Plugin

WP Models – what can I say?  If you have a site for models ..then this plugin could be useful adding important information like height, weight etc

Just Rate It – a simple rating plugin for WordPress users


Custom Business Locations – Another one for those offliners!    If you have a client that has a number of business locations for their brick and mortar store then this handy location plugin will help your customers

Custom Business Locations

WPS Coupon Management – Coupons are the craze lately!  See the screenshot to see a demo of the plugin.


Advertisement Sponsors –  Allow advertisers to sponsor an ad.  Very professional looking plugin.

RRD Advertisment Sponsers

Premium WordPress Plugins

Well my inbox virtually exploded in the last few weeks with the rush of affiliate marketers wanting to flog, I mean, inform me of the latest and greatest WordPress plugins available.  Two plugins in particular made me extremely grateful that I filter my email through 🙂    I might never have got any work done otherwise!

Squeeze Page Engine –  WordPress plugin that creates squeeze pages for all your sales pages and lead generation pages.   There are a ton of quality themes and plugins in the sales page niche for WordPress. I would recommend that you check out a lot of offerings before diving in if you don’t already have one.

There’s a cute little demonstration video to watch of the plugin where you can see some of the lovely graphics that the plugin comes with.

Read More 

At the time of writing, there are very few reviews of the Squeeze Page Engine.   I’ll be checking back later in the week to see what type of feedback from users this plugin is getting.

WordPress Super Cloaker –  have to say that this is one of the most expensive plugins I’ve mentioned on the round up.    The annual subscription is $297.00.   Currently there are some discounts available if you are quick.

The plugin has a number of functions including a link cloaker (doh!) link referrer and several ip functions that are pretty snazzy.

Read More  and check out the free demo version.

WordPress Themes

Cartsy – a new theme from Templatic for ecommerce stores.  I like the clean minimal look and hover effects that this theme has.


Read More

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