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WordPress Weekly Round Up – 21 April 2013

A lot of plugins are released each week. It would be impossible for me to check them all out. What I do, is let you know about the ones that I’ve seen that would be useful to an internet marketer and that I like.

Why am I reminding you of this?

During the week I had an unhappy plugin developer contact me via google plus, twitter and email 🙂 He had a beef with me. I didn’t talk about his wizz bang plugin. First of all, I didn’t think his plugin was wizz bang – it’s actually yawnsville. Secondly, just because you created it, doesn’t mean I think that it is useful. At the end of the day, it’s the plugins that I like and think will be useful to visitors that make it here – no matter how much you hassle me doesn’t mean you’ll get an add. End of rant.

I’ve seen in a few forums lately people asking how to create a website and show information about movies. If that’s relevant to you then checking this plugin out may save you a lot of time.

What if it’s not movies you are interested in but books! Then the Totally Booked plugin allows you to add books to your site for sale.

Smart App Banners


If you want to promote a website app you have made for your blog (or perhaps another app) then this plugin allows you to  add a link to your app and the icon image as a banner ad on each page of your site.  Your visitors when viewing your site on their mobile will see your little app ad and hopefully click and download it straight to their mobile device.

Hint make sure your website is mobile friendly before running this plugin 🙂

Read It Later

read it later wordpress pluginSometimes your visitors might get half way through your article and want to read it later (maybe on the way to work on their Kindle). With this handy read later plugin your visitors can read your content later on the device of their choice.

WP Design Awards

Have you ever wanted to run a wordpress design contest on your site?

Well if you have then this plugin will allow you (and visitors) to upload designs and rate them.

design awards plugin

Although it is designed for sites, I can’t see any reason why you couldn’t use it for other graphical based contests – logos for example. There is also a premium version of this plugin

Sweepstakes App

This plugin uses the Wishpond app to run sweepstake giveways. You can run competitions and use social media like Facebook and twitter to spread the word about your giveaway.

sweepstakes plugin

There is a 14 day free trial.

Premium WordPress Themes

A nice looking theme created by Felix Andrian was released this week called WP Abra

wp abra theme

It would be suitable for consultants, offliners and professional based sites.

It is also responsive.

It also comes with some bonus graphics for creating business cards, letter head templates, presentation templates. Simple styles that are quite elegant. They may be useful if you are short on graphics for offline (generally I prefer to have these custom designed and printed).

The grey discoloration on the right hand side of the featured image in the screenshot is not a problem with the WP Abra theme.   That’s just me taking a screen grab while the slider was in animated slideshow mode 🙂

It has a widgetized footer as well as maps integration and the usual array of social media icons.

I like WP Abra because it has a clean interace with a number of options for people to use.    The theme is user friendly to use and consists of mainly a point and click options based interface.

Premium WordPress Plugins

With the recent media chit chat about WordPress brute force attacks it was to be expected that there would be products released this week addressing these issues. I am NOT going to review any of these.

Rank Tracker Plugin – This plugin tracks your rank for keywords people are using to find your site in yahoo, bing and google. It also tracks your alexa rank and your social signals. Of course, you can do this all manually for free or by using monthly services.

rank tracker wordpress plugin

I haven’t tested the plugin personally and at the time of writing there were very few meaningful reviews of it.

I already have a similar plugin so I won’t be buying this one (I’m trying to wean myself off plugins!)

If you have purchased the plugin I would love to hear about your experiences with it in the comments below.

At the time of writing, the plugin was at a discounted price.

It could be a very useful plugin to save you time with data analysis and tracking your performance of  your website.

By Leanne

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Lol it takes all types Sam 🙂 I’ve got your email btw – thanks! Will be looking at it this week once I get over this rotten cold 🙁

I can’t believe that you had a plugin developer do that!

I think that you’re giving a good service to readers (from what I’ve seen), why let someone tell you what to post?

I’m going to have a look at the ‘Sweepstakes app’ as it sounds like a cool plugin.

This is my first time to your site so I’m off to look at your other posts 🙂

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