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WordPress Weekly Round Up – 19 May 2013

Free WordPress Plugins

As always the WordPress community has had their thinking caps on this week to create WordPress plugins that are not only useful but also free.

As usual with the round up, I’m only highlighting plugins that would be particularly useful to internet marketers using WordPress as their CMS.

If you are not a code king/queen you may appreciate the ease that you can add a scroll to the top action on your site. Just use the aptly named Scroll to Top plugin

RRF Scroll to top
by Rasel Ahmed

This plugin will automaticaly add a scroll to top on bottom right.


  • Current version: 1.1
  • Rating: 96(34 ratings)
  • Downloaded 6,538 times


Hide My Site -lets face it sometimes we just want to hide our site until it is fit for the public.

Hide My Site
by Justin Saad

Choose a single password to protect your entire wordpress site. Only visitors who know the password will be able to access your wordpress site. This is a great tool for someone setting up a development version of a wordpress site or anyone else looking to hide their site from the public, search engines, etc…Set your site-wide password by going to Settings > Hide My Site > Set Your Password. If you want to disable password protection uncheck the box at Settings > Hide My Site > Enable Password Protection.


You can choose how many days you want the user to stay logged in by going to Settings > Hide My Site > Duration.

New in Version 1.6

  • You can choose to automatically grant access to specific ip addresses

New in Version 1.5

  • You can set and customize the title tag for the login page
  • You can choose to discourage search engines from indexing your login page via Settings > Reading > Search Engine Visibility

New in Version 1.4

For Everyone

  • Brute force protection Blocks access to users after repeated failed login attempts. This protects you from hackers trying to guess your password using “Brute Force” methods. Protection can be toggled via Settings > Hide My Site > Brute Force Protection
  • You can choose to automatically grant access to admin users
  • Preview login page option – See your login page as a logged-out visitor would see it. Helpful if you want to see what your login page looks like even if you are already logged in

Version 1.3

For Everyone

  • ‘Password request for every page’ bug fixed.This will resolve the issue for the vast majority of the subset of users who were experiencing the bug that site visitors were receiving password requests on every page. Also, users can now log in from any page – you no longer have to log in from specifically the homepage in order to stay logged in.
  • Conflict with polylang plugin fixed
  • Password characters now hidden when entered on front end
  • Select a notification message to appear at the top of your login page

For Premium Users

  • Set background image size, position, repeat, and color via plugin settings page
  • Customize notification message text which appears at the top of your login page

Older Versions

  • See Changelog

Note, this plugin does not currently work with WP Engine hosting because they automatically cache your pages for you. If you use WP Engine or another host that auto-caches, try contacting them directly and ask them if they can deactivate the auto page caching on your site. If you are using a caching plugin and you notice that it conflicts with Hide My Site, try deactivating the plugin and see if that resolves it. Note that deactivating a caching plugin does not always purge the cache. Before you deactivate the caching plugin, first go to the plugin admin page and turn off caching from there.


  • Current version: 2.0.5
  • Rating: 84(47 ratings)
  • Downloaded 236,033 times

Click 4 Time Calendar – makes appointment bookings easy. The free version is only suitable for 20 bookings per month.

Click4Time Calendar
by Click4Time Software Inc.

Click4Time is an award winning booking solution that’s feature rich and easy to use for both you and your clients.

Click4Time is ideal for any business that books time, including massage therapists, acupuncturists, counsellors, salons, fitness trainers, spas, home services, financial planners, personal and business coaches, to name just a few. Our fees are:

  • Free for a single Service Provider for up to 10 bookings / month
  • $19.95 – Single Service Provider or Resource with 11 – unlimited bookings / month
  • $39.95 – Multiple Service Providers or Resources (2-20) with unlimited bookings / month.

Here are just a few reasons to use Click4Time:

  • Grow your business through our built-in online marketing.
  • Clients can book and manage their appointments 24/7.
  • Reduce no shows with email or text message appointment notifications.
  • Service Providers can remotely manage their appointment and schedules.
  • Service Providers can sync their appointments with their Google, iCal, iPhone and Android calendars.
  • Smartphone, tablet and desktop compatible.
  • Built-in business referral system to reward those who help promote your business.
  • Financial and statistical reporting.
  • Client management tools.
  • Fast and Secure.

Give your clients the benefit of booking and managing their appointments online, anytime, anywhere.

Our 30 Day Free Trial is more than enough time to prove the benefits of our online booking system. Go to https://book.click4time.com/signup?ref=PIN151 to signup now.


  1. Deactivate the plugin on the plugins page of your blog dashboard
  2. Delete the uploaded files for the plugin
  3. Remove the text [CLICK4TIME_CAL] from the page you were using to show calendar, or delete that page


“My clients and I love the system, I have already recommended it to colleagues.”
– Sony Baron, Clinical Counsellor

“Our Clinic has been using another online scheduling service for 7 years. Click4Time made the transition quick and painless. The difference is night and day! Full featured, yet simple to use, I am ecstatic to share the quality and reliability of Click4Time’s service to all of our clients! Their feedback has been fantastic! I highly recommend Click4Time to other Clinic owners.”
– S. Strangman, Clinic owner


  • Current version: 2.0.1
  • Rating: 96(6 ratings)
  • Downloaded 2,511 times

Menu Swapper – allows you to get more control over the navigational menus that you create

Menu Swapper
by Chris Mavricos, SevenSpark

The Menu Swapper provides two utilities:

  1. A settings page that allows you to register unlimited menu theme locations

  2. A meta box that will appear on Pages and Posts, which will allow you to replace existing menu theme locations with your new theme locations for those individual Posts/Pages.

Video demo


  • Current version:
  • Rating: 94(41 ratings)
  • Downloaded 35,667 times

WP Real Estate – there are a lot of real estate plugins and themes but the more the merrier for this market!

WP Real Estate
by 99robots

Full usage video tutorial How to Setup a Real Estate Website with WordPress

Great options to list properties on your WordPress site.

Specially for real estate agents and people who are looking to list their property listings.

If you are looking to build a site where you can list property for sale or rent, this is the plugin you need.


  • Add Property
  • Add multiple property photos
  • Advanced property search
  • jQuery photo slider in property detailed view
  • all property options so you can add any type of property listing
  • Google Maps
  • Property search widget – can be added in sidebar
  • Advanced search widget and custom page also available
  • Custom property listing page
  • Custom manage-able property types
  • Manage the number of property listing per page

Newly added in WP Real Estate 4.0

  • Translation Ready
  • I am still looking for help with translation of the text. If you can help, please drop an email to [email protected] Thanks
  • Responsive layout for property listing and property view pages

NOTE: Existing users who are upgrading to this new version will need to go in settings page and update the property listing page first. And also have to update the property types in order to have the existing property listings work smooth.

If facing 404 not found errors

  • If you do all the settings correctly and still see 404 page not found errors, please go to your wp-admin > settings > permalinks and simply press the save button. It will reset your permalinks and make the plugins links active. Pressing the save button does not need to change the actual permalinks configuration.

How to increase the number of photos limit from 10

  • Go to WPRealEstate > Settings
  • Change the value of Max Property Photos
  • You will be allowed for the same number of photos on add and edit property screens

Create Property Listing page

  • Create a normal page in your wordpress website
  • Then go to WPRealEstate in admin > settings and select that page for property listing

Create an advanced property search page

  • Create a normal page in your wordpress website
  • In the body editor of the page, add this short code [WPRE_SEARCH]

For support and feedback, please click here.


  • Current version: 5.5
  • Rating: 80(14 ratings)
  • Downloaded 26,390 times

Although there are already a number of events style plugin in the repository and paid versions the Events Handler plugin is also worth a mention because of the multi day events and the inbuilt support of major languages

Events Handler – The Events Plugin
by wp-chd-developer

The plugin features a straight forward user interface in the WordPress dashboard to add/edit and delete events and set some options.
Events allows you to list Events on a seperate page or in the sidebar, or both. Here you can list Old (archived) events future events and if you want, events happening today.
When you create or edit an event you can set it to be archived. So that it remains listed. Optionally non-archived events are automatically deleted one day (24 hours) after they expire. Many more options are available and Events is completely customizable to your theme in an easy and flexible manner.


  • Widget for themes that support it
  • Separate page for events
  • Completely customizable layout
  • Multi language
  • Link events to pages/posts
  • Set a start and end time (duration) for events
  • Set locations for events
  • Show events in your sidebar
  • Archive events
  • Edit existing events
  • Auto remove old, non-archived events
  • Unlimited dateformats to show events dates
  • Options page
  • Set a date and time to the minute
  • Set a message to show before and another one to show after the event occurs
  • User level restriction
  • Management page
  • Set amount of events to show in the sidebar
  • Un-install option to remove the database table
  • And more, see for yourself…


  • Current version: 1.5
  • Rating: 58(7 ratings)
  • Downloaded 4,372 times

Add a bit of fun and user engagement to your site with the Fvote Plugin

by wp-plugin-dev.com

Ever needed a voting plugin which acts like a question matrix?
Here is your solution. You don’t need any options in the backend and you can include this in any post or page.

It is based on shortcodes:
[fVote question=”Do you like?” subject=”rats,cats,squirrels” remarks=”much,little,not” button=”vote for your pet!” thanks=”Thank you”]

and to see the results as percent.
[fVote_results question=”Do you like?” total_votes=”total votes”]

Hopefully somebody needs that for something.


  • Current version: 0.51
  • Rating: 20(1 ratings)
  • Downloaded 1,243 times

Premium WordPress Plugins

Since I started using unroll.me I miss all the excitement about big releases in the IM community. The reason that I started using unroll.me is to save time and avoid the BSO syndrome! That doesn’t mean that I’m out of the loop though ….I’m a member of enough forums and groups that I know when something has been released WordPress wise 🙂

This week there was a big push to sell a plugin. In fact, a quick glance of my email subscription summary on unroll.me told me just how keen people were to promote it.

Viber Spy – the plugin tracks what people do on your websites using eye tracking heat maps. You can watch live and see what visitors do on your website (or on your client’s site).

This concept is NOT NEW. If you are using Crazy Egg you already are familiar with this concept.

The concept of using a WordPress plugin is also NOT NEW. There have been plugins in the past that do this as well. The problem with them was that they didn’t work too good 🙂

Why you might need it

  • If you sell products or services (including promoting as an affiliate) collecting data on how people engage with your site can help you increase your conversions. Knowing that people don’t interact with your sidebar for example means that it is pointless to put your prime product in that position. Knowledge is power 🙂
  • It’s cheaper than other solutions and a one off fee. Instead of paying $99 per month with Crazy Egg for instance you could use the plugin for a fraction of the price.

Why you might not need it

  • You might not do affiliate marketing or sell products or services including offline services to clients
  • it’s cheaper than other solutions and a one off fee. Contradictory I know 🙂 I’ve often found that a lot of plugins that don’t have an annual fee to cover support and upgrades of features end up as cyber dust on my computer.

If you are keen on reading more then you’ll need to get in quick. THe usual scarcity tactic of a limited launch sale is in play.

Read the reviews of  Viber Spy 

I haven’t used the plugin (or purchased it). I probably will though…I mean after all it IS a plugin and I am addicted 🙂

If I buy it I’m pretty sure that it is not going to work 100% and be a totally accurate tool.  Quite frankly technology is not at that level yet. If I buy it, I’ll be buying it as a useful tool that will give me some indications of user engagement (and a lot more than what I’ve got now).

WordPress Themes

Sadly the WordPress themes that I’ve seen this week are all yawnsville and replicate themes that have been presented in the past (over and over). If anyone has seen something different, unique and truly exciting then let me know in the comments below.

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