Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 18 August 2013

Well thankfully I’m over the worse of the flu but it does appear to be hanging on a little more than I like. As I was feeling a lot better this week it did give me an opportunity to check out more plugins for you!

Free WordPress Plugins

User Tracker WordPress Plugin

The user tracker plugin has quite a few little features and is a worthwhile plugin to test on your blog. It does, however, have the potential to annoy your visitors …hence testing is required.

user tracker wordpress plugin

Pix Gridder

If you are not using a framework or theme that has column and row shortcodes in built then the Pix Gridder plugin can give you those features without changing themes

pix gridder wordpress plugin



This is a great little plugin for offliners or digital marketers. Easily display your specials that you run on your website in an attractive way.

specials wordpress plugin


Simple Magazine

It’s a pity that the developer hasn’t found time to add more information to the repository on this plugin. However, if you follow the github link you will find more information. You can install the plugin on your site, quickly add articles and display all your magazines nicely.

simple magazine wordpress plugin

Simple Magazine

Free Live Support

Want live support on your WordPress blog wihtout paying monthly fees? Well Livesupporti is the latest offering this service. You do need to have an account with them to use this plugin

Free Live Chat Support

live chat wordpress plugin

Memphis Documents Library

This plugin has me scratching my head! So simple yet why on earth haven’t we seen more plugins with this idea? (yes, I know there are plugins like it but…) Memphis has a beautiful interface, easy tracking of downloads and the ability to easily replace versions of files is a god send to product creators and others that often update materials on their site.


Memphis Documents Library

Silo Plugin

The folks at ThemeZoom have released a free WordPress silo plugin.

You can read more about it here and watch the demo vids as well.

In order to download the plugin you do need to opt in. The opt in will be pre-filled with your Facebook information (if you are on Facebook) or you can use your regular email. ThemeZoom are using Aweber and it seem to take a few hours between confirming the subscription and notification.    Don’t panic.  It may take a few hours to hit your inbox.

One thing that I do like is that the guys at ThemeZoom are keeping track of theme conflicts. If you are worried that this plugin might conflict with your current WordPress tehme then check out the google doc spreadsheet and see if it is compatibile with the Silo Builder plugin

You can see the google doc here 

They have submitted the plugin to the WordPress repository so by the time of publishing of this post you may find it there.

Naturally, the guys are giving this away for a reason. The reason being that shortly they will have a Video WordPress Silo Architecture plugin on the market ($27). Giving away this plugin will help them gain more interest in their new release in the future. Kudos to them.

 Paid WordPress Plugins

As you know I only like to post things that I think will be useful to WordPress users that are internet marketers. Nothing this week in the premium market has taken my fancy as being useful to you in the long term. Hopefully, next week there will be new toys to play with 🙂

By Leanne

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