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WordPress Weekly Round Up – 17 March 2013

This week WordPress plugin developers have been busy creating a range of  WordPress plugins that are both free and paid to help internet marketers.   Often with plugins you will find that there are a lot of plugins that have already been created that “do the job”.   Over time, new plugin developers come in and add new features to those plugin ideas and generate a new market for their plugin.     This week there are a couple of  plugins that are in the list that are not a completely “new” idea but an “improved” plugin.     If you have been around WordPress for a while it’s quite possible that you already have a plugin that “does the job”.    Check your hard drive and weigh up whether you need another plugin that does the same job but with improved features.

Premium WordPress plugins

WP Squeeze Bar – is a plugin that is said to increase your site conversions by allowing you to insert an ad in a squeeze bar form.   There have been a number of plugins created like this before so check your hard drive to see what you already have!    This plugin, however, does have some additional features that you may not find in other plugins that you already own or are free in the repository.

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Bonus Press developed by Mark Thompson allows customers to see an offer and register for a bonus. Great product for affiliate marketers which includes a nifty countodwn timer to add a bit of scarcity to the mix. One of the other features of this plugin is that you can export the email list.     If you are an affiliate marketer you probably already know that a worthwhile incentive to get people to buy through your link is to offer a bonus that is useful to the main product.     Adding some semi automation to the mix in the form of a plugin makes it easier for you to offer bonuses and send them out quickly.

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Replikator Pro  is unique in that it is a site replicator that replicates ALL your site files…not just the database. It saves the database, themes and theme settings, site settings, plugins and plugin settings. It also saves widgets and widget settings which not all cloner style plugins do. There have been many replicator plugins and services over the years for WordPress. Before you rush out and buy make sure that you check that you don’t already have something similar gather cyber dust on your ‘puter. If you don’t have anything then this could be a great tool to add to your collection. People that build a lot of sites like affiliate marketers, offliners and site flippers will be able to put this this time saving tool to great use.

You can see the plugin in action in this video

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WP Stealth Note has a  selling point  that it makes your visitors like you more, gets you more Google traffic and boosts your profits. Basically it is a message box that allows you to cocmmunicate with your site visitors. Unlike other message boxes, you can include a picture of yourself, optin form, link to a page or a You Tube video. While there are similar plugins out there, none to my knowledge, contains all these features.

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Free Plugins

Have to say that there are some truly amazing free plugins this week for wordpress users.

If you build sites for clients offline,  especially in the medical industry, tattoos etc or where a before and after piccy could be a powerful persuasive image then you’ll love this plugin!

Ensuring a website has content that is useful to all visitors is easy when you install the text to speech plugin.   This plugin is great to offer your visitors the choice of listening to your post rather than reading and is particularly useful for the busy blogger that has vision impaired visitors.

TTS Engine Post to Speech
by TTSEngine.com

Add free, high quality text to speech functionality to your WordPress posts – 52 languages supported.


  • Speech genereated for free using the TTSEngine.com API service.
  • Reliable and high quality text to speech functionality.
  • 52 languages supported – Simply select the language of your posts from the settings menu.
  • Post title and content read to the user with the click of a button in the post.
  • Non-intrusive functionality. No redirections to other web pages.
  • Playback can be stopped at any time by the user.
  • Compatible across all popular browsers (I.E, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari) and mobile devices (Android, iOS).
  • Option to display a link to TTSEngine.com in your post (disabled by default).
  • Settings menu allows users to configure where they want the button/link located.


Please enable this option if you are using the plugin and are happy with the free service!
The link (if enabled) can also be placed at the beginning or end of each post in a non-intrusive manner.
These options can be set in the plugin settings page.


  • Current version: 2.0
  • Rating: 94(3 ratings)
  • Downloaded 4,493 times

The Woo Commerce add ons just get better and better.      The latest addition to the repository is a pay to upload plugin.   This would be useful for sites selling products on commission for others.   But, you could use your imagination and do some lateral thinking and use this plugin outside the ecommerce space.  I’m thinking it could have uses for directory sites, membership sites and jobs boards to name a few.

WooCommerce Pay to Upload
by Ashok G

Hello Friends,
This is a wordpress woocommerce support plugin which will enable the customers to upload files after purchase.


Admin can centrally control the number of uploads per product.
Admin can control the the number of uploads per product on a particular product.
Admin can enable / disable the file upload for a particular product.
Admin can set the respective file types to be uploaded.
This plugin would be in continuous revision and support.


  • Current version: 2.1.3
  • Rating: 92(5 ratings)
  • Downloaded 7,007 times

There are a lot more plugins coming into the repository that are industry specific.    This new plugin for artists is particularly useful for owner artist developers and internet marketers selling website services to this niche.


This is my plugin pick of the week.    A great tool for setting assignments and checking homework.   Although the plugin was designed to cater for the education niche I think that this would be extremely useful for internet marketers offering courses and coaching courses to their students.

Namaste! LMS
by Kiboko Labs

PRO Modules | Premium Theme

Namaste! LMS is a learning management system for WordPress. Supports unlimited number of courses, lessons, assignments, students etc. You can create various rules for course and lesson access and completeness based on assignment completion, test results, or manual admin approval.

Namaste! LMS lets you assign different user roles to work with the LMS and other roles who will manage it.

Students can earn certificates upon completing courses.

Grade and Point systems let you mark the students performance.

For quick tour and more detailed help go to namaste-lms.org.

Full documentation and demo is available on demo.namaste-lms.org.

Community Translations

Thanks to @Peter Baumgartner we have a German translation available here

Thanks to Kaliningrad State Technical University for providing a Russian translation.


The plugin is integrated with:

Watu / WatuPRO for handling quizzes, tests and exams.

MoolaMojo for transferring points from the points system as virtual credits and selling courses for virtual credits.

WooCommerce for selling access for paid courses via this bridge

myCRED for transferring points and badges via this bridge

WP Experience API to send Tin Can statements to an LRS

BuddyPress Integration

The plugin has basic BuddyPress integration:

  • When user enrolls or get approved to enroll a course they can automatically become a member of a BP group and/or be removed from a BP group.
  • When student completes a course they can automatically become a member of a selected BP group and/or be removed from a BP group.

This way you can easily move members within groups as they start and complete courses.

If you have the Namaste! Connect module you can also tie the activity in Namaste! LMS into the associated enroll group activity in BuddyPress.


  • Current version: 2.3.6
  • Rating: 92(60 ratings)
  • Downloaded 118,275 times

Another plugin to check out in the repository for you.     Whilst there are many similar plugins most of them are paid …

WPSupervisor Client
by Profit Marketer

WPSupervisor allows users to manage unlimited number of WordPress sites from their account.

Main features:

  • One-click updates for WordPress, plugins and themes across all your sites
  • Instant backup and restore your entire site or just the database
  • One-click access to all WP admin panels
  • Bulk Manage plugins & themes: Activate & Deactive multiple plugins & themes on multiple sites simultaneously
  • Bulk Install plugins & themes in multiple sites at once
  • and more..

Visit us at WPSupervisor.

Check out the WPSupervisor Overview Video.

Credits: InfiniteWP for InfiniteWP Client and Vladimir Prelovac for his worker plugin on which the client plugin is being developed.


  • Current version: 1.1.10
  • Downloaded 1,678 times

WordPress Themes

Themes4 All are giving away a free wordpress theme called “the Boat”.   You do need to optin and register to get the theme.

Get our theme for FREE

Other stuff worth a mention …

Not a plugin,  but a management tool to manage your wordpress sites …..and not a new release but an updated release. XMarkPro helps you manage both your domains and your websites. You can update plugins and themes, schedule posting and clone settings. Users of Manage WP also receive a discount. Xmark Pro also is integrated with the Best Spinner amd Article Builder for those wanting to manage multiple sites with spun content. It also come with Piwik analytics, security features and a project management system. There is a free version that you can test out to see if you like it.    I haven’t tried the software so I would be interested in hearing from anyone that has taken it through the paces.

On that note,  in the interest of full disclosure 🙂  – I use Manage WP to manage a number of my sites for myself and clients.

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