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WordPress Weekly Round Up – 12 May 2013

There’s some great new plugins in the WordPress repository this week for internet marketers. However, internet marketer developer types have been a bit slow this week at enticing us with premium plugins. There’s not a lot to talk about on the premium side of things so let’s get it over and done with quick smart 🙂

Let’s look at the premium plugins first.

Premium Plugins

Magic Sales Page – It seems that sales pages are all the rage lately in plugin and theme world. Here’s yet another plugin that will help you customize your sales pages quickly and easily. It has all the usual sales page stuff that you would expect including button graphics, list styles and the ability to color pick the elements to suit your theme.

magic-pages-plugin I am an Optimize Press fan as most of you already know.

I haven’t bought this plugin because Optimize Press fulfills all my needs for sales pages, squeeze pages and quickly creating members area pages.

If you just need a sales page plugin and nothing else on the backend like Optimize Press gives you (or many other themes and plugins) then this could be useful for you and your wallet.

The plugin developer is Frank Haywood who is well known for creating WordPress premium plugins for internet marketers.

More Information

At the time of writing the plugin is $10 on sale.    Expect the price to increase in the next few days.

List Eruption 2.0 – this is not a “new” plugin but a revised plugin that was released in 2011. Basically, the plugin creates a landing page (that is responsive).  Once the user optins they are taken to a customized download page with sharing ability to promote your landing page. There’s also a video demonstrating to the user how  to share your page.

List Eruption 2.0 plugin

What makes this plugin different from other optin based plugins is that visitors are rewarded for sharing. You can make up whatever  “reward” you want including little badges, reports and the like.

The plugin also integrates with Go To Webinar to build out registration pages for example.  When combined with the sharing and rewards system this may increase your attendees at your webinars.

As you would expect the plugin also collects stats so you can monitor  activity and improve your marketing.
More Infomation

Free WordPress Plugins

CM Download Manager – if you have ever wanted your webiste visitors/members to have the ability to upload and manage downloads on your site then this plugin is for you. In addition to managing the downloads each download comes with a support forum for the download. Nifty.

I could see this being very helpful in help desk situations, members sites and where you offer coaching that is based on members doing homework or completing activities.

CM Download Manager
by CreativeMindsSolutions

Product Page | Video | Demo | User Guide | AddOns | Additional CM Plugins

Enables you to upload, manage, track and support documents or files in a directory listing structure for others to use and comment.

The CM Downloads Manager is a file sharing plugin for WordPress that enables you to specify which users are allowed to upload, manage, track and support documents, media files and much more. The WordPress file management plugin organizes content in a directory listing structure that others can use and comment upon.

Each file uploaded with this file management plugin creates a unique landing page with a file preview, support forums and more.

The WordPress downloads manager plugin creates an index page which organizes downloads by categories. This index page can direct the user directly to all the download files.

The premium version of this multi file package enables users to secure files individually or in groups with password protection, or by restricting specific users.

The download manager plugin also has preview options for different file formats and for previewing music files before downloading.

With this downloads manager packages plugin, you can create a file sharing directory where users can upload and manage files, downloads, apps, add-ons, packages, plugins, and archives.

This WordPress file management plugin also easily integrates with various other plugins, such as payment platforms and Q&A forums.

Add-Ons & Extensions


  • Plugin Directory – Creates a plugin directory that is similar to any other WordPress Plugins Directory.
  • Download Counter – Counts the number of downloads for each download.
  • Support forum – Supports your users by letting them vote and answer existing topics that relate to each download.
  • Customer Support – Support for retail customer’s questions.
  • File Manager – Manages files in a directory structure.
  • MP3 and Music file directory – Manages music downloads and allow users to listen to audio files before downloading.
  • Videos file directory – Manages video downloads and allow users to preview before downloading.
  • Users Groups Permission – Manage user groups permission to access downloads.
  • Charge for Downloads / Uploads – Charge users for uploading / downloading.

Basic Features

  • Includes a download counter.
  • Includes voting for each download.
  • Includes download categories.
  • Administrators can manage downloads.
  • Built-in support forum for each download.
  • Template can be customized in several ways.
  • Image preview for each download.
  • Filter downloads with an internal search engine.
  • Administrators can define the types of file extensions supported.
  • User can track his or her downloads from their user profile.
  • User can receive email notifications on newly submitted support questions.

Pro Version Features

Pro Version Detailed Feature List

  • Multiple-File Upload- Ability to upload multiple files to download page. Each file can have his own title. The files can be zipped automatic or downloaded separately.
  • MicroPayment – Grant or Charge virtual currency based on use-case.
  • NEW: User Groups Permissions- Set access control based on users groups. Admin can define global settings while user can define access settings per each download : View Image 1 View Image 2
  • Social Media Registration Integration- Integrates with Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. View Image One, View Image 2
  • Shortcodes/Widgets- Generates top level contributors list, recent updates, and in most cases, a download items list.
  • View Restriction- Defines according to each download whether or not it is open to non-logged in users. If only logged in users are allowed, administrators can also define whose user roles can view specific downloads. This can be set by Admin or you can give the user ability to custom define their view. View Image
  • Password Protection- Protects downloads with passwords. View Image, View demo
  • Upload Restrictions- Defines which user roles can create new downloads. View Image
  • URL / Shortcode- Allows the inclusion of an external URL or a Shortcode in download page instead of uploading a file. This is useful for integration with other plugins for support with checkout shopping carts and for selling downloads. View Example of EDD integration , View Example of User Selection, View Demo
  • Related Downloads- Show Related downloads on the Download page. View Image, View Demo
  • Downloads Page Tabs- Shows more tabs for detailed download descriptions on the Download page, which the admin can control in the settings. View Demo
  • Search- Filters search results by date, download type and username. View Demo
  • Moderate User Comments- Administators can moderate user comments. View Image
  • Auto-Approve Comments and Answers from Users- Administrators can define a list of users who do not need any moderation. View Image
  • Multisite- Supports multisite.
  • Public User Profile- Automatically generates a public profile page that contains the number of downloads each user has posted with a link to his or her social media profile. View Image
  • Gravatar – Ability to show a Gravatar near the user name and in user profile. View Image
  • Order Comments – Shows comments on the Download page in either ascending or descending order. View Image from Settings
  • Localization Support – Frontend (user side) is localized/
  • View Count – Shows view count for each download and lets you control how the view count is tabulated (by view or by session) View Image from Settings, View Image from Downloads edit screen
  • Permalinks – Ability to change permalink from /cmdownloads to a user defined directory. View Image from Settings
  • Support Tab – Ability to remove support forum and also other tabs from the Download page. View Image from Settings
  • Slide Show – Ability to turn off the slide show. View Image from Settings
  • Disclaimer – Add an option to show a disclaimer for first time users. View Image from Settings, View Image from site
  • Gratitude Message – Does not include the CMinds Gratitude message in the footer.
  • External Viewer – Adds external links to Google Docs viewer for supported Google Docs document types. View Demo
  • MP3 Viewer – Adds an embedded mp3 player for listening to music files. [View Demo](https://plugins.cminds.com/cmdownloads/mp3-audio-example/]
  • Downloads Index Views – Option to toggle between a list view and a tiles view of your downloads. View Demo
  • Social Share – Includes a social share widget in the question page. View Demo- Widget on the right


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  • CM Super ToolTip Glossary – Easily creates a Glossary, Encyclopaedia or Dictionary of your website’s terms and shows them as a tooltip in posts and pages when hovering. With many more powerful features.
  • CM Download Manager – Allows users to upload, manage, track and support documents or files in a download directory listing database for others to contribute, use and comment upon.
  • CM Answers Plugin – A fully-featured WordPress Questions & Answers Plugin that allows you to build multiple discussion forum systems Just like StackOverflow, Yahoo Answers and Quora, Now with MicroPayment and Anonymous posting support!.
  • CM MicroPayments – Adds the in-site support for your own “virtual currency”. The purpose of this plugin is to allow in-site transactions without the necessity of processing the external payments each time (quicker & easier). Developers can use it as a platform to integrate with their own plugins.
  • CM Restrict Content – A full-featured, powerful membership solution and content restriction plugin for WordPress. Support access by role to content on your site.
  • CM OnBoarding – Superb Guidance tool which improves the online experience and
    the user satisfaction.
  • CM Booking Calendar – Customers can easily schedule appointments and pay for them directly through your website.


  • Current version: 2.6.4
  • Rating: 80(42 ratings)
  • Downloaded 108,429 times

Testimonial Slider – there are a lot of testimonial style plugins avaiable which mostly have the testimonial in a widget. This one puts your selected testimonials in a slider

Testimonial Slider
by DavidAnderson

Testimonial Slider shows the testimonials and feedbacks submitted by your Happy Customers in a clean, responsive and beautiful Slider format. The “Testimonials” are a Custom Post Type so it is very easy to add, modify and delete testimonials. You can enter the Customer’s Image/Avatar, Name, Company, Website in the Custom Fields for the Testimonial and the actual Testimonial text in the “Description”. It is as simple as that!

Important notice about this plugin’s maintainership and future

This plugin is (October 2018) under new maintainership. The previous maintainer (whom we sincerely thank for his work) was no longer working on it. Security issues had been discovered, and not fixed, and the wordpress.org repository had closed the plugin. We have taken over maintainership solely for the purposes of keeping the plugin alive (since we were using it on our own live sites) and secure. No future feature developments are planned, though, you are welcome to send in new code for us to evaluate for inclusion if you are interested yourself. As such, we do not particularly recommend using this plugin on new sites, as it has no planned future of new features, only of being kept alive. Accordingly, whilst users are of course welcome and encouraged to support eachother in the wordpress.org forums, we will be quite likely to pass over anything found there except significant bug reports.


  • 5 Stylish Skins
  • Create Unlimited Testimonials Slider Settings
  • Add List View of Slider Quickly
  • Add only specific “Testimonials” to Custom Slider
  • Show “Category” specific Testimonials
  • Show “Recent” testimonials auto fetched by the slider
  • Show the Testimonials List using Template tag or Shortcode
  • Shortcodes and Widgets available
  • Multiple Sliders, Multiple Settings and Multiple transition effects supported.

  • Language Files Available

    • Spanish
    • Dutch
    • French


Option 1 – Widget

  • Use Testimonial Slider – Simple Widget, Testimonial Category Widget or Testimonial Recent Slider Widget to insert the Slider in the Widgetized area of your WordPress theme

Option 2 – Manual Insertion of Shortcode

  • To insert the Testimonial Slider, paste the below shortcode in the content section of your WordPress post/page:


  • Category Shortcode

    [testimonialcategory catg_slug=”support”]

  • Recent Testimoniials in Slider


  • Testimonials List


Please refer the Testimonial Slider Documentation for more details. N.B. The linked site is maintained by a previous maintainer. We cannot guarantee it will remain operative into the future.


  • Current version: 1.3.0
  • Rating: 84(67 ratings)
  • Downloaded 146,318 times

Bands Directory – if you are in a band or you manage bands websites then the bands plugin will help you display the relevant information nicely

Section Page – If you have a lot of information in your blog posts sometimes it is useful to divide it up into sections. The section page plugin allows you to create sections within the post. This makes it easier on the eye and easy for visitors to navigate between sections

section page plugin

Section Page
by Loïc B. Florin

Section Page a simple plugin allowing you to insert dropdown sections in your wordpress pages and posts.


This plugin loads wordpress jQuery.


  • HTML tag for section title : Can be h1 h2 (by default) h3 h4 span strong em p
  • HTML classes for section : Additional html classes for each sections (optionnal)
  • HTML classes for section title : Addtional html classes for each sections title (optionnal)
  • HTML classes for section title wrapper : Addtional html classes for each sections title container (optionnal)
  • HTML classes for section content : Additional html classes for each sections content (optionnal)
  • Use a char before section title : Add or not html chars at the left of each sections title
  • Char when section is closed : Char when a section is closed (default : &#9658 )
  • Char when section is open : Char when a section is open (default : &#9660 )
  • Use animation : Smooth or instant dropdown
  • Custom Css : Customize the plugin here (optionnal)


The plugin add a “Add dropdown section” button to your tinymce editor.
Select your block of text and click the button to wrap the text into a section shortcode.

[section=Title of my section]
Your content

This will be automatically replaced by a dropdown section based on the plugin settings.


Use the Custom Css option with the custom classes options.
You can also modify your theme css file if you are using wordpress on your ftp.
Now when a section is open, it receive the css class owc-sp-active so you can use it for more customization.


  • Current version: 1.0.2
  • Rating: 100(5 ratings)
  • Downloaded 4,521 times

Lazy Pinner – puts your Pinterest pinning on autopilot

Lazy Pinner
by Lee Thompson and Nick Westerlund

This Plugin will automatically post to pinterest when you publish your post. Pinterst does not have an API so we have made this plugin to post to pinterest automatacially.


  • Current version: 2.3
  • Rating: 54(7 ratings)
  • Downloaded 3,031 times

Advertisement Management – the Ad King Pro is a free solution to manage ads on your site with detailed statistics.

Ad King Pro
by Ash Durham

Stay up-to-date with the latest by following @kingproplugins on Twitter, KingProPlugins on Facebook or King Pro Plugins on Google+

Ad King Pro allows you to easily manage and track, via Google Analytics, your on-site advertising. Upload your banner/flash banner/adsense code/text, add the link its to go to then
your ready to go. Set it to start and end at a certain time if needed. Ad King Pro can be placed into any page or post by using the shortcode. It can also be placed directly into
theme files if need be. Create types and assign multiple banners to randomly show one on every page refresh, define a category to display in
a specific spot, even define a particular ad to display. Want to show multiple on a single page, no problem, change the ‘render’ attribute to
the amount you are after. Want those to then rotate on the spot? Got you covered. Turn the ‘rotate’ attribute to ‘true’ and your ads will fade between each other.


  • Easily manage banners globally
  • Track impressions and clicks in your Google Analytics account
  • Supports images, flash, adsense, HTML iframe and text as an “advert”
  • Schedule start and end times
  • Shortcode available
  • Display options include single display, randomised display and rotate display


Thanks to the team at Web Hosting Hub for providing the two translations for this plugin:
– Spanish
– Serbian

If you have any suggestions or would like to see a feature in the plugin, please let me know in the support forum.

Any issues you are having, I’d also love to know, so again, please let me know using the support forum.

Check out the King Pro Plugins range

How To Use

Use Shortcodes

Shortcodes can be used in any page or post on your site. By default:
is defaulting to the advert type ‘Sidebar’ and randomly chosing from that. You can define your own advert type and display the adverts attached to that type by:
[adkingpro type=”your-advert-type-slug”]
Alternatively, you can display a single advert by entering its “Banner ID” which can be found in the table under the Adverts section:
[adkingpro banner=”{banner_id}”]
Have a select few adverts that you’d like to show? No problem, just specify the ids separated by commas:
[adkingpro banner=”{banner_id1}, {banner_id2}”]
Want to output a few adverts at once? Use the ‘render’ option in the shortcode:
[adkingpro banner=”{banner_id1}, {banner_id2}” render=’2′]
[adkingpro type=”your-advert-type-slug” render=’2′]
Only have a small space and what a few adverts to display? Turn on the auto rotating slideshow!:
[adkingpro type=”your-advert-type-slug” rotate=’true’]
There are also some settings you can play with to get it just right:
– Effect: “fade | slideLeft | none” Default – fade
– Pause Speed: “Time in ms” Default – 5000 (5s)
– Change Speed: “Time in ms” Default – 600 (0.6s)

Use one or all of these settings:
[adkingpro rotate=’true’ effect=”fade” speed=”5000″ changespeed=”600″]
To add this into a template, just use the “do_shortcode” function:
<?php if (function_exists(‘adkingpro_func’)) echo do_shortcode(“[adkingpro]”); ?>

Having Trouble? Get support either on the support forums here or at @kingproplugins on Twitter, KingProPlugins on Facebook or King Pro Plugins on Google+


  • Current version: 2.0.1
  • Rating: 56(19 ratings)
  • Downloaded 19,680 times

Pop Up Plugin – if you don’t’ already have a pop up plugin then you can use this free alternative to display popups and exit popups. You can include videos and images in the pop up and customize the colors to suit your theme

Amazon Elite Product Research Plugin – If you build Amazon affiliate sites then you know how important product research is.

You can put your product research on steroids (and without buying fancy software) with this little plugin. It allows you to search Amazon product and locate data like the sales rank and who sells the product. Really useful when creating “review” style affiliate sites.

amazon product research plugin

LOL –  Special Award this Week for Most Ridiculous Plugins 

without any comment from me ….

by Michael Atkins

Farticles makes your WordPress site fart when a page is scrolled.

Now with added backend and login farts


After installing, you will need to visit your general options page to set where you would like to fart.

  • Frontend Farts
  • Backend Farts
  • Login Farts

Use with care as websites playing any kind of audio without a warning or permission from the user are generally obnoxious and annoying.

This plugin uses the fartscroll.js script from the onion


  • Current version: 1.1.0
  • Rating: 96(5 ratings)
  • Downloaded 958 times


by Ozh & TheOnion

“You want fart noises as you scroll? We’ve got you covered.”

A WordPress implementation of TheOnion’s Fartscroll.js most elegant piece of software


  • Current version: 1.0
  • Rating: 100(5 ratings)
  • Downloaded 1,134 times

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