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WordPress Weekly Round Up – 12 May 2013

There’s some great new plugins in the WordPress repository this week for internet marketers. However, internet marketer developer types have been a bit slow this week at enticing us with premium plugins. There’s not a lot to talk about on the premium side of things so let’s get it over and done with quick smart 🙂

Let’s look at the premium plugins first.

Premium Plugins

Magic Sales Page – It seems that sales pages are all the rage lately in plugin and theme world. Here’s yet another plugin that will help you customize your sales pages quickly and easily. It has all the usual sales page stuff that you would expect including button graphics, list styles and the ability to color pick the elements to suit your theme.

magic-pages-plugin I am an Optimize Press fan as most of you already know.

I haven’t bought this plugin because Optimize Press fulfills all my needs for sales pages, squeeze pages and quickly creating members area pages.

If you just need a sales page plugin and nothing else on the backend like Optimize Press gives you (or many other themes and plugins) then this could be useful for you and your wallet.

The plugin developer is Frank Haywood who is well known for creating WordPress premium plugins for internet marketers.

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At the time of writing the plugin is $10 on sale.    Expect the price to increase in the next few days.

List Eruption 2.0 – this is not a “new” plugin but a revised plugin that was released in 2011. Basically, the plugin creates a landing page (that is responsive).  Once the user optins they are taken to a customized download page with sharing ability to promote your landing page. There’s also a video demonstrating to the user how  to share your page.

List Eruption 2.0 plugin

What makes this plugin different from other optin based plugins is that visitors are rewarded for sharing. You can make up whatever  “reward” you want including little badges, reports and the like.

The plugin also integrates with Go To Webinar to build out registration pages for example.  When combined with the sharing and rewards system this may increase your attendees at your webinars.

As you would expect the plugin also collects stats so you can monitor  activity and improve your marketing.
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Free WordPress Plugins

CM Download Manager – if you have ever wanted your webiste visitors/members to have the ability to upload and manage downloads on your site then this plugin is for you. In addition to managing the downloads each download comes with a support forum for the download. Nifty.

I could see this being very helpful in help desk situations, members sites and where you offer coaching that is based on members doing homework or completing activities.
Testimonial Slider – there are a lot of testimonial style plugins avaiable which mostly have the testimonial in a widget. This one puts your selected testimonials in a slider
Bands Directory – if you are in a band or you manage bands websites then the bands plugin will help you display the relevant information nicely
Section Page – If you have a lot of information in your blog posts sometimes it is useful to divide it up into sections. The section page plugin allows you to create sections within the post. This makes it easier on the eye and easy for visitors to navigate between sections

section page plugin

Lazy Pinner – puts your Pinterest pinning on autopilot

Advertisement Management – the Ad King Pro is a free solution to manage ads on your site with detailed statistics.

Pop Up Plugin – if you don’t’ already have a pop up plugin then you can use this free alternative to display popups and exit popups. You can include videos and images in the pop up and customize the colors to suit your theme

Amazon Elite Product Research Plugin – If you build Amazon affiliate sites then you know how important product research is.

You can put your product research on steroids (and without buying fancy software) with this little plugin. It allows you to search Amazon product and locate data like the sales rank and who sells the product. Really useful when creating “review” style affiliate sites.

amazon product research plugin
LOL –  Special Award this Week for Most Ridiculous Plugins 

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