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The other day I bought yet another WordPress book (I have a few!). I was really looking forward to the release of this one though because I had met one of the co-authors previously.

He had whetted my appetite for all things WordPress when he gave me a quick run down of what I could expect in the book when it was released.

Of course, once it was released I immediately purchased and devoured the book in one sitting (same thing I do with chocolate!). I just knew once I had read the book that I had to share the gist of it with you as well.

The WordPress Anthology is not a “how to” WordPress book per se but focuses more on the how and why.     The book was created to give a University course, if you like, on the basics of  WordPress, more intermediate topics and then advanced topics for those of us who yearn to develop WordPress plugins in the future.

What I really liked about the book was that it takes you through a journey of  understanding the basics of  WordPress to setting the stage where you can learn to develop your own plugins (and what essential things you need to consider if you are doing that).

One of the strengths of the book is the  examples that are interspersed throughout the book.   You aren’t left scratching your head and trying to figure out the geek speak as it is all set out for you.    For example, one of the chapters delves into the ins and outs of a plugin.   You can see a real live plugin (that you can download from the repository) and dissect it to replicate the results yourself.

Another example I really liked was the section on localizing files.   Localizing simply means converting a plugin or theme to another language.    This allows you to increase your user base to other countries.   Without localizing files you really are losing a lot of the global market that you could otherwise market to.   I thought that this process might be a bit tricky.   After all, if it was easy  why aren’t plugin developers and theme developers doing it all the time?   Turns out it is actually easy.  I’d even go so far to say it’s super easy.    If you follow the steps in the book localizing files should be a breeze.   Of course, you will still need to get members of the WordPress community to do some translating for you 🙂

The WordPress Anthology is divided into 14 easy to read chapters (with useful notes and pointers along the way) which cover:

  • the basics of WordPress – getting started with WordPress, installing and understanding the interface
  • getting geeky – custom post types, the loop, file structuring
  • the fun stuff  where design and functionality meets – plugins, themes and APIs!
  • expanding with multisite (WordPress networking)
  • wake up call – remembering what is important,  SEO, conversions and action

One of the authors of the book is Mick Olinik who is not only a super nice guy but also a WordPress developer.    Mick is blessed with the unusual ability to be talented with both design and code (an unusual combination in my experience).  This gives the book a lot more depth than a typical techie book and Mick really  makes you think about Design and Functionality in the book.      One of  the best parts of the book is that it is full of live examples so you can follow along at your own pace while terminology is dissected.

Earlier in the week  I caught up with Mick on Skype to discuss the new book and geek out in general over WordPress.

You can listen to the chat here:


You will get the inside scoop on:

  • the common mistake new developers make
  • the essential practices that developers need to do
  • the most exciting WordPress opportunity right now

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