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My Fave Way to Install WordPress

I’m often asked what I use to install WordPress. 

The answer is pretty simple – it depends on the purpose. I try everything I can get my little hands on for some purposes.  

The reason that I try everything is that I test a lot of plugins and themes (mainly my own products but for others as well).    Different plugins and themes can often react differently depending on the WordPress install.    So, if I’m testing something out then I’ll use Fantastico, a manual install and an auto installer.   If it’s my own product I need to know that it works!

The reverse is also true as well. Sometimes a theme or plugin will work with a manual and fantastico install but not with an auto installer. When this happens, I usually write to the developer of the troublesome plugin/theme and put in a request for the product to be changed to play nice with the auto installer.   I have to say that most developers I’ve contacted are always happy to help ….although it can take a while sometimes.

When I’m not testing stuff I’m usually building niche sites.  

I love niche sites because I have a system of setting them up and maintaining them.    When I first started building niche sites I realised that you need to have volume ie a lot of sites unless you want to become an authority site.  Personally, I like my niche sites because I don’t like to put all eggs in one basket and would rather have my niches spread out.  The problem though with building a lot of sites is that it can be time consuming.

Think about it.

First of all you have to choose a niche, gather your keywords, install wordpress, choose your related plugins and upload, choose a theme, gather your content, generate traffic.  Plus, I’m a fusspot.  There are some things that I like to have on all my niche sites and I really detest having to do the same old work over and over again.  It’s boring πŸ™

So, of course, there is a shortcut for some of it but you still need to do a little work πŸ™‚

The first thing that I do is use an autoinstaller to install WordPress

Using an autoinstaller gives me a number of advantages like:

 creating profiles for the things that I like to do.   So for example; for my niche sites I have a "profile" created for "Niches" which contains my favorite theme, WP Flex and my favourite niche plugins.  This means that I don’t have to search my hard drive for them or even worse install them one by one!  I just wp autoinstallerselect the profile and they are installed automagically.

I can have standard pages.  I like to have a standard privacy policy, contact page, site map on my niche sites.   I can create these pages in my autoinstaller and they will appear on all my niche blogs.  Again, this is a real time saver.

I can do bulk installs.  Usually, I select the profile; eg Niches and install 20 sites at a time.   While they are installing I just make a coffee.   In the time it takes for the kettle to boil my sites are all installed with the pages that I’ve asked for, with all my fave plugins and fave theme

Better still, I don’t have to clean up WordPress ie; remove the default post, links etc that WordPress automatically installs I just click a button to indicate that I don’t want that stuff.

Of course, WordPress, themes and plugins update from time to time.  The good news is that I can update all my sites created with the autoinstaller whenever that happens with a click of the button.  Completely painless πŸ™‚

Finally, my autoinstaller allows me to backup the database and save it to my desktop. 

Handy feature!

Of course, you don’t have to use an autoinstaller for this. 

I covered some other ways in my book, WordPress for Internet Marketers of acheiving the same thing. However, for ease of use and speed using my autoinstaller is my first choice every time.

You can see the interface on the right for my autoinstaller.   The Submit Articles is actually another module you can buy with the script to automatically upload your content and drip feed it to your blog.    That means you can take a long vacation πŸ™‚  The module also has a handy rss feeds section as well where you can get feeds from Ebay, Amazon etc and  add your affiliate id to earn some commissions.  Personally, that’s not a feature that I use that often because I prefer custom affiliate plugins for that – still it is handy to have and there are other rss feeds that you can grab as well.

By the way if you purchase my fave autoinstaller through my link I will get paid a small commission.  I’ll use my commission wisely to keep supplied in coffee

By Leanne

My name is Leanne King and I'm an Australian internet marketer and WordPress fanatic. I share my knowledge of WordPress here on my blog, through my products, private coaching and in private forums. In my spare time I like to develop products for WordPress users that are easy to use.Find me on Google+

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Thanks, I’ll have a look on that plugin.

Probably there will be some slightly different content on them, but the biggest part (the image galleries) will be the same. If different themes/CSS (and positioning of elements) can count as making the sites different for Google, I think I can fix that just by making small layout changes or something (which I would do anyway). It won’t make sense to have too many differences in content, if the content is that different they are better be treated as 2 different blogs and have 2 different installs.

Some solutions I’ve seen seem to work best when you have something like a domain where you offer “free blogs” to subscriber or something (or if you have many blogs controlled by yourself but absolutely different in content), these plugins seem to be more like something that let’s you install a “master” installation of WP (what one would call the core files, I guess) then your users blogs would be installed in different folders of this same installation, and WP would treat them as different blogs although general management could be done by the site admin.

A very simple option is just to set one of the domains to be forwarded to the other, but this is not also a good practice for Google I think mostly if you use javascript redirection I think (I read about this at Google somewhere). Also I could just copy and paste stuff from one admin panel to the other, but it will get boring after some time and there’s always something that will be missed/skipped, doing it as automated as possible is what works better I suppose.

you can use the manage multi blogs plugin to post to two blogs at once.
You might want to take a look at the features in WP 3 particularly the integration of WP Mu it might be better suited for you. You don’t say whether your site has links but obviously you’ll need to check that and use a plugin like redirection to make sure that you don’t lose them. The issue with Google as I understand it is of duplicate content. If you have posted unique content on one site then post it again on the other then it will not give the same vote to the second site. You can change that by adding more content or uniquifying the content

Is there an easy way to manage 2 WordPress blogs at once, one being a clone of the other just in the content (different themes perhaps) being the blogs in different domains?

I have a site to post my fractal images that has been active for some time (, and then I’ve created another domain to make some kind of clone of that site in another language, but later (about a month ago, actually) I decided to use this new domain (the one listed as my domain in this post) to test a new format to update my image galleries because I was getting tired to deal with all that CSS/HTML things whenever it was time to post a new image gallery, and with a blog system it would be much easier to manage.

But now I want to keep the old site, with the same contents as the new one, as it’s older and already indexed by search engines and linked elsewhere etc. etc. so I’d like to do something like post some gallery and this post would appear on both blogs at once.

Would just an install of WP in that other old domain pointing to the same database of the new one work? Will there be a conflict? I know that with PHPBB forums you can do that – the forum/install A or B or C will read the posts that are in the database you’ve specified.

If this is not entirely possible as in to clone everything at once, I’d like at least to try to clone some posts (mostly the posts with images). I read somewhere that this can be dangerous if Google thinks you’re trying to spam several blogs with your content… but I’ll be using just 2 blogs, no more than that.

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