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Foo Plugins – New WordPress Store Opens

Adam Warner & Brad Vincent announced the launch of Foo Plugins last week. Foo Plugins is a store that sells (and also gives away) jquery and WordPress plugins.

At the moment the store only has a handful of products, but there are plenty more in the pipeline to be added.

I expected from the slickness of the website that the plugins would be quite pricey. I was wrong 🙂

Foo Plugin store


Foo are operating on the model of giving away a free “lite” version of a plugin with an optional upgrade to a more feature rich “pro” version. I have always liked this model, because it allows you to really test out a product and any quirks before you splash out more money.

The Foo Table Lite plugin caught my eye when I was browsing. I was really impressed by the download page for the plugin. Weird I know 🙂
Most WordPress users have experienced the situation where you download a free plugin (and sadly some paid ones) and there are no instructions on how to drive it! You end up fiddling about, looking in files and googling til your fingers bleed to work out installation for more complex plugins.



The refreshing thing about Foo is that their download page shows you how to use the plugin, loads of screenshots, demos!, FAQS and support documentation, and if all else fails even a help desk!  Their support desk is impressive because the information about the troublesome plugin is already pre-populated into the ticket.

I love the way that their website is laid out in a very user friendly and intuitive way.   I have a tiny gripe though.  I would have preferred to be able to see all the WordPress plugins at a glance on the home page rather than having to look for them interspersed with the jquery plugins.

Foo are currently having an opening sale where you can get 33% off the price when you use the coupon code “FOOCAMPERS”. I don’t know how long they will have the opening special for, so don’t be disappointed if it is not there when you stop by.

By the way, these plugins are not expensive.   There is one there that is $6 (or less than the cost of a pizza as a copywriter would say!) 🙂

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