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WordPress Weekly Round Up – 25 March 2013

This week the WordPress weekly round up of new plugins and themes has a real e-commerce bent.    There are a lot of resources nowadays both free and premium for e-commerce webmasters and WordPress and in particular Woo Commerce is certainly leading a charge (or avalanche!) of plugins to enhance the e-commerce experience.   As well as ecommerce internet marketers are sure to find some useful plugins for either their own sites or from their client’s sites.

Premium WordPress Plugins

Twitter Faces WordPress plugin. Just like the Facebook plugin where you can see the faces of those who have “Liked” your page on your website you can do the same with Twitter. The aim is to build authority using social proof. You can customize the number of faxes, size etc of the faces in the widget.

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WP Passive Profits – is a plugin that promises to increase website revenue by up to 37% for your online campaigns. It works for affiliate, cpa and amazon marketers.


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Fast Group Deals Plugin – The plugin lets you create limited quality offers on your website (just like sites like Groupon). People can then claim the deal. Social buttons and email have been added to the plugin to ensure that people can spread the news of the deal around the internet.

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WP Mobile View Only – this little plugin allows you to insert special mobile view only information on your WordPress site. Say if you just want mobile users to get a coupon, special optin list or a tap to call button then you can just add this information (via a shortcode) to your WordPress pages and they’ll only display on the mobile view of the site. Nifty.

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WP2BlogSpot Converter – converts your WordPress site into a blogger blog. It’s aim is to quickly help you clone your money sites on different platforms.

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Note: having two blogs with the same content has a low level of “usefulness” – switch it up

WP Paid Comment Plugin – The aim of the plugin is to allow the webmaster to charge for reviewing and approving comments on their blog. The idea is that you increase your revenue and can control seo by turning on or off do follow. Paid comments can also be auto approved and you can adjust pricing per post or globally in whatever currency you fancy.

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If you only have a few comments on your blog and lots of lookers and not commenters then this plugin is not going to be helpful for you. It would be unlikely that people would start paying for comments when they are not already commenting. Popular blog = different story and depends on the perceived value to the commenter. The other concern I have is the effect long term on lots of “paid links” in your comment section.

Free WordPress Plugins

Woo Commerce Add Ons

Another Woo Commerce add on (seriously I think Woo Commerce is taking over the repository lately)

Mobile Plugin Add ons


WordPress Themes

The only theme that took my eye this week is the Premo Press Ecommerce Theme. The theme is aimed at offliners who build websites for real brick and mortar stores to sell their products online. Three things I like about the theme a) easy to customize and use b) responsive c) white label licence. The price also pretty sweet at the moment too.

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Whilst I don’t own this theme, I do own other themes produced by Premo Press and they work like a charm.

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