Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 1 September 2013

It’s a short round up this week because I need to get to a tv. Yes, I’m addicted 🙂 It’s the Masterchef final tonight and I’m dying to see who is the winner. I love cooking shows and Masterchef is one of my faves. So many personalities, so many types of food! I’m a pretty good cook myself but there’s no way that I could cook under pressure the way they do. I would still be thinking about a recipe by the time plating up came around!

WordPress plugin developers have been cooking up a great variety of code this week for WordPress internet marketers to use.

Here’s my favorite selection of the free plugins from the repository.

Free WordPress Plugins

Social Deals Engine – does what it says on the tin! Turns your WordPress site into a daily deals site. If you were going to go with this route I’d also suggest that you add in some content as well including FAQS and more information to help your user.

social deals plugin

Social Deals Engine

My Effecto – want to know what people right think of your content? Rather than wait for a text reply you can use the cute emoticons based on the site. You will need to sign up with to use the emoticons and to make use of the analytics.

MyEffecto-Instant Emotion Reaction

Artists Painting Using Pretty Photo – if you run an art gallery site then you may want to add in more details about a painting including the medium used. This plugin makes adding in those details super easy

artists wordpress plugin

WP Reading List – yet another reading list plugin! These plugins are helpful though if you do reviews of books or just like to keep your readers up to speed with what you are currently reading.

WP Reading List

WP Rapid Quiz – quizzes area a great way to build engagement with your audience but they are also helpful when selling products and services. Adding a short quiz that is designed to assist the visitor find the appropriate product/service for their needs could increase your sales.

wordpress quiz plugin

As Heard On – are you a gad about and a mover and shaker? If you are and have been interviewed by peeps on their podcasts you might want to spread the word on your own blog. You can do this by adding this plugin that is designed to showcase other podcasts where you have been interviewed

As Heard On

My Kindle Books – allows you to show your readers what you are reading on Kindle and insert your affiliate link as well.

kindle reading list plugin

My Kindle Books

Agreement – allows you to add a pop up agreement to your blog. Useful for terms of service, over 18 statements and the like. Of course, you need to supply the text of the agreement herself


Funniest Plugin of the Week Award

Strain To Try – displays a random medical marijuana strain to try in the footer

Premium WordPress Plugins

There have been quite a few premium plugins released this week. However, I am not recommending any to you. The ones that I checked out can be found for free in the WordPress repository and/or there are premium plugins that do the same thing, have been tried and tested and have great customer support. Just like anything, always do your research before pulling out the credit card on the latest must have plugin 🙂

Until next week ..

Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 25 August 2013

As usual it is a WordPress plugin feast this week with lots of developers geeking out over WordPress. I’ve sorted through the latest plugins to hit the repository and grabbed a selection of the most useful ones for WordPress internet marketer users.

Here goes ..

Free WordPress Plugins

Jameel’s Dev Tools – if you develop websites for clients then this handy plugin could save you a lot of time when you are transitioning the site to the client’s server. If you are doing the hosting yourself then you won’t need it 🙂

Jameel's Dev Tools

Iconic Navigation – ever admired those sites with cute little icons in the navigation bar? Of course you can easily do this if you are code savvy but for those that like to save hair pulling and learning code this is a little time saver.

icon navigation plugin

Iconic Navigation

WP Projects Portfolio – still on that offline theme have a projects page for your clients where they can add their own testimonials as well

project portfolio and testimonial plugin

WP Projects Portfolio with Client Testimonials

Daskal – most people are aware how popular tutorial sites are. You can create your own tutorials using this little plugin – super easy


CPD Journals – I have to do continuous professional development every year for my job so I found this plugin interesting. Rather than the scraps of paper and receipts I keep you can keep a journal of your CPD activities. This plugin is for use with a multisite installation and for the situation where you have a number of members being supervised for instance. Saying that, I think you could turn this into something useful for a membership site where members had to do “homework”

cpd wordpress journal


SEO Search Terms – something for the SEO enthusiasts

SEO SearchTerms Admin

Auphonic Importer – Auphonic is one of those companies I love! If you haven’t heard of them before you can check them out here:

I love them because you can upload your audio and they will analyze it and do whatever it takes to make it sound good. And they do this for free!

Now you can easily import those podcasts for example that you have created straight to WordPress with this handy auphonic import to WordPress plugin

Auphonic Importer

Infusionsoft for Developers – as a lot of internet marketers using WordPress also use Infusionsoft I’ve added this one for you

Infusionsoft WordPress Developers Plugin

DevSup – If you want to host videos in the back end of your WordPress dashboard for clients then this is a handy free plugin. At the moment, there is no support for hosting your own videos but apparently this will be coming soon.

videos in wordpress dashboard plugin

Simple Documentation – another plugin super useful for offliners! This one allows you to provide documentation in the dashboard for WordPress users.


Simple Documentation

Book Review – if you like reading books and sharing them with your readers then you’ll enjoy how you can format and rate the book using this plugin

book review wordpress plugin

Book Review

Update Shaming – if you need to clear the blog cobwebs but don’t know where to start

Update Shaming

Marketing Optimizer – go conversion testing mad with this plugin

Marketing Optimizer

Product Launch Countdown Widget

Product Launch Countdown Widget

Funniest Plugin Award

This week the funniest plugin goes to the Kittens for Comments developers!

kittens for comments plugin

Kittens for Comments

Premium WordPress Plugins

Sonic Impact – pop up madness

read more here:

or watch the video

WordPoster – bulk post your articles to WordPress

Read more here

Video Silo Plugin – the team at Theme Zoom have released their video silo plugin
you can read more here:

view the video

Just a reminder that Evanto are having a birthday sale. You can get about $500 worth of “stuff” for $20 until the 3rd September 2013

Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 18 August 2013

Well thankfully I’m over the worse of the flu but it does appear to be hanging on a little more than I like. As I was feeling a lot better this week it did give me an opportunity to check out more plugins for you!

Free WordPress Plugins

User Tracker WordPress Plugin

The user tracker plugin has quite a few little features and is a worthwhile plugin to test on your blog. It does, however, have the potential to annoy your visitors …hence testing is required.

user tracker wordpress plugin

Pix Gridder

If you are not using a framework or theme that has column and row shortcodes in built then the Pix Gridder plugin can give you those features without changing themes

pix gridder wordpress plugin



This is a great little plugin for offliners or digital marketers. Easily display your specials that you run on your website in an attractive way.

specials wordpress plugin


Simple Magazine

It’s a pity that the developer hasn’t found time to add more information to the repository on this plugin. However, if you follow the github link you will find more information. You can install the plugin on your site, quickly add articles and display all your magazines nicely.

simple magazine wordpress plugin

Simple Magazine

Free Live Support

Want live support on your WordPress blog wihtout paying monthly fees? Well Livesupporti is the latest offering this service. You do need to have an account with them to use this plugin

Free Live Chat Support

live chat wordpress plugin

Memphis Documents Library

This plugin has me scratching my head! So simple yet why on earth haven’t we seen more plugins with this idea? (yes, I know there are plugins like it but…) Memphis has a beautiful interface, easy tracking of downloads and the ability to easily replace versions of files is a god send to product creators and others that often update materials on their site.


Memphis Documents Library

Silo Plugin

The folks at ThemeZoom have released a free WordPress silo plugin.

You can read more about it here and watch the demo vids as well.

In order to download the plugin you do need to opt in. The opt in will be pre-filled with your Facebook information (if you are on Facebook) or you can use your regular email. ThemeZoom are using Aweber and it seem to take a few hours between confirming the subscription and notification.    Don’t panic.  It may take a few hours to hit your inbox.

One thing that I do like is that the guys at ThemeZoom are keeping track of theme conflicts. If you are worried that this plugin might conflict with your current WordPress tehme then check out the google doc spreadsheet and see if it is compatibile with the Silo Builder plugin

You can see the google doc here 

They have submitted the plugin to the WordPress repository so by the time of publishing of this post you may find it there.

Naturally, the guys are giving this away for a reason. The reason being that shortly they will have a Video WordPress Silo Architecture plugin on the market ($27). Giving away this plugin will help them gain more interest in their new release in the future. Kudos to them.

 Paid WordPress Plugins

As you know I only like to post things that I think will be useful to WordPress users that are internet marketers. Nothing this week in the premium market has taken my fancy as being useful to you in the long term. Hopefully, next week there will be new toys to play with 🙂

Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 11 August 2013

First of all big apologies! If you were waiting for last weeks Weekly Round Up it was cancelled. In fact, I had to cancel the whole week 🙁 I spent the week in bed nursing the flu and watching a lot of videos of Numbers and Supernatural between naps. The good news is that my math/s has improved but I’m now scared of things that go bump in the night 🙂

Free WordPress Plugins

Genesis 2.0 HTML5 – Genesis 2.0 was released this week which brought with it integration in the platform for HTML5 and Schema support. If you use Genesis out of the box upgrading is a breeze. However, if you use one of the many child themes you will find that most are in progress of being updated but only one, at the time of writing, has been updated. That’s where this little plugin can come in handy – giving you the features of Genesis 2.0 without the wait

Croice – want to have your own radio or webinar channel and make it easy for visitors to share your content? Then check out this cute little plugin new to the repository

Jabze Chat – This plugin really could be quite useful to internet marketers. Say you have a membership site with registered users and you want your users to engage with each other as well as you. This simple chat button will allow registered users to chat with each other on every page of the WordPress site. Think of it like a skype group specific to a page

DataListIt – I must have over the years put a ton of time and energy into creating excel spreadsheets for use on a website and then had to convert the information to a table becuase it wouldn’t display. Well now I’m just busting to find some sort of excel table I would like to incorporate on a blog post just so I can use this new plugin

Datalist it

The service is free and it also has a nifty online excel file merge and filtering service.

Gweb Pro Store Locator – If you are in the offline arena and manage brick and mortar stores that have multiple locations then this is a useful plugin to add to your arsenal

Gwebpro Store Locator

Want your slider images to pop a bit more? Then WP Roundabout is a plugin that will bring oomph to those images


Edu Hack – If you want to deliver courses in modules or a course grid style then this little plugin allows you to create unlimited courses and display them nicely



Before & After Plugin – interesting little plugin that requires a visitor to complete an action before viewing the content. Useful for sites that requires terms to be agreed to before adult only content (for example) is displayed

Before And After: Lead Capture Plugin For WordPress

PromoCode plus – Don’t be frightened away by the multiple colors and fonts on the offer page for this plugin! This little plugin is useful to set up affiliate pages, special offers and promotions.

read more here


OpenIcons / Pixabay


Award for funniest plugin has to go to the “D” plugin

Runner Up Prize to Buzzword Generator

Premium WordPress Plugins

Cart Delight – this WordPress plugin is aimed at service providers. If you sell for example SEO then you can use the cart button to process the order, accept multiple payments (including recurring) and track the order.

What I do like about is the fact that there is a customer panel so customers can see their order and account. Cuts down on customer service and mistakes.

check it out here

Cons – there is a demo site that you can access to use the plugin. However, I would have preferred a video was made available outlining its features.

Licensing – currently the plugin is on special. You can buy a licence for a single site, up to 5 domains or a developer licence.

Prosociate Amazon Store Builder – this new plugin makes it easy for you to build an Amazon store out in conjunction with the Woo Commerce theme. One of the features is that visitors add things to their “cart” on an affiliate site but then checkout through Amazon. Theoretically this means that your visitors aren’t clicking your affiliate link and then leaving to shop at Amazon but loading up their cart at your store.   Consequently, it feels more like an “in store” experience and theoretically visitors would browse and shop more at your store.

Read more here:

There are a number of videos to watch to see how the plugin works.

Elite QR Code Generator – this is a plugin that you upload to your site to allow visitors to create QR codes.


So you look like you are supplying free tools to visitors and became an authority in this area.

Read more here

Apex SEO – This plugin is marketed to those that are scaredy cat that the Google keyword tool that we’ve all grown to know and love is being replaced with Keyword Planner. To do your keyword research in future you will need an Adwords account – not a big deal unless you use an alternative tool.

Apex SEO lets you do your keyword research in the WordPress dashboard and not only retrieves your seed keyword but also related keywords (broad and exact match) and analyses the data collected for competitors.

What I do particularly like about is that it shows regional interest and trends in the one handy dandy screen.

If you are in the offline arena you can upload your logo and generate a report to give to clients as well.

You can also add your keywords and set it to research while you toddle off and have a coffee

Cons: what I don’t like is that offer is not forum style. That means there are no user reviews and I really like seeing how people interact with new plugins.

What I don’t understand after skimming the sales page is the licensing. You can purchase a single licence (for use on 3 of your domains) unlimited (for use on all your domains). What I don’t “get” is why I would need more than one licence? Can the tool only collect kewywords for that particular website? If you know the answer I’d appreciate it if you let me know in the comments below

Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 28 July 2013

A selection of the latest premium plugins available for internet marketers this week.

Double your profits WordPress Plugin – Jimmy Mancini is tempting us with a plugin that is said to double or even triple your profits. The premise for the plugin is based on a system called ART. This stands for attract and retain technology.

The plugin supposes that a visitor comes to your site clicks a link or banner to an external offer and remains on the third party site. His plugin basically returns the visitor back to you.

read more here

Review Site Builder – a wordpress plugin that creates product review video websites The plugin allows you to quickly put together an amazon review site in an attractive layout. However, I would highly recommend that you add your own voice and unique content to what the plugin displays rather than risk the wrath of Gogole’s animals.

Read more here 

WP Banner plugin – a copywriter is seriously needed for this sales page …. What I believe that the seller has for sale is a plugin where you can sell different banner sizes to those that wish to advertise on your site. The plugin is less than $3 at the moment

Skype Tracker – allows you to form skype groups and invite people either via skype or from your blog. Has the potential to annoy a lot of people but also can be useful when used by responsible grown ups.

Read more here

EZ Branding Generator – if you are an offline web design consultant you’ll like this plugin. You can cusotmize the login screen to suit your client by adding their logo or even a full background, add a custom dashboard (including videos, advertisements, images…almost anything) and you can also add a custom footer.   This is a great way to have your company branding and information in front of your client at all times (while restricting what they can play with on the site)


Read more here

Just a reminder that Studio Press is having a huge sale where you can get their entire package of themes (and those they make in the futuer) for less than $350 (saving over $850). It ends soon …no false scarcity here

WordPress News

Optimize Press 2.0 – Let the buzz begin

The new version of Optimize Press (completely re-built) is due for release soon on 31 July 2013.

What’s different about Optimize Press 2.0?

The main difference between this theme and the previous versions as well as competitor’s themes is ease of use and a bucket load of features.

The team at Optimize Press identified that lack of techie skills and graphics were delaying people from creating their sales funnels and membership sites quickly. They addressed this problem by re-building Optimize Press to a user friendly, point and click, drag and drop interface that takes minutes to customize (without any techie coding know how).  One of the great things about the new Optimize Press 2.0 platform is that you can choose to integrate this functionality by either WordPress theme or  WordPress plugin.

Optimize Press 2.0 has a number of pre built features in it, but one of the main selling points for me is the use of elements.

What are elements?


Elements are preconfigured, drag and drop features that are commonly used on websites.

For example, say you want to add a little feature box at a point in your page. You don’t need to look around for a shortcode or a plugin to do that you simply drag and drop that element where you want it on the page.

The element library that is included in Optimize Press 2.0 is extensive so no doubt there are short cuts that would suit everyone.

Point & Click New Templates

As you would expect for this theme there is also an amazing array of new templates that you can use out of the box. No fiddling with code or graphics just click the one that you want to use.

This provides the best of both worlds for WordPress users – you can choose how little or how much work you want to do customizing your new site.   This is just a small selection of the default templates available for Optimize Press 2.0 users.


Mobile Friendly

One of the most common requests that users of  Optimize Press had was to make it responsive.   When the new platform was built the team concentrated on ensuring that the new Optimize Press would size to fit on mobile phones and tablets.  As more and more consumers and internet surfers are using their mobile devices having mobile friendly sales pages, launch pages and membership sites responsiveness is more important than ever before.   You can also customize what content, if you wish, to show mobile visitors.

Live Preview

Don’t you just hate making customizations and opening another tab to see what it looks like?   Well with the  handy in built live preview feature you can kiss opening up separate tabs goodbye!  T ability to use the live editor which displays what your customized content looks like is a real time saver!

Memberships made easy

One of  the most common requests that I  have had personally over the years was to show people how I customized Optimize Press for use on membership sites.    I think I can trash my screenshots on this now 🙂

The new version of  this theme and plugin has really taken memberships to a new level.   There is  shopping cart integration with some of the most popular platforms like infusionsoft, paypal, paypal payments pro, clickbank and authorize. net. They are also working on more integrations with other platforms like office auto pilot shopping cart/membership system.

The members area has a number of features but it also allows for membership levels.   You can easily set up areas for example, silver, bronze and gold.     This is an absolutely boon for those that don’t want to use fancy pants plugins for memberships (and save the time and expense of figuring them out) or who want to keep their existing shopping cart and integrate it with the design elements and ease of use of Optimize Press 2.0.


Now you can offer your visitors a seamless website experience – using  Optimize Press your sales funnel, webinar registration and your blog all look the same ensuring visitors are not confused when roaming your site.  You can create a blog that compliments your brand with a ton of options using the in built layout manager.

So much more

There are so many other features that this theme and plugin include that one post won’t cover it.     One of  the things that I think will be extremely popular with internet marketers is ….webinars.   More on that later though!

Watch the video demonstrating some of  the features of  Optimize Press 2.0

P.S.   I know a lot of  people purchased Optimize Press when it was first launched a couple of years ago now.   Optimize Press 2.0 is not an upgrade but a completely new platform.    In plain speak, this simply means that you will have to pay for the new product.   However, existing users will be offered a discounted price when it is launch so keep an eye out on your inbox.

Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 15 July 2013

It’s way past this WordPress worker’s bed time! So it’s a very quick round up tonight for you guys – I need my beauty sleep! Rest assured though, the plugin developers have not been sleeping and have got a great range of plugins to tempt you with.

Free WordPress Plugins

Terms Per Product – For those selling digital products online using Pippin’s Easy Digital Downloads Plugin a new add on could help you out.

Easy Digital Downloads – Terms Per Product

Meetup Winner – if you are an offliner running or attending meet ups this little plugin could increase your engagement

Meetup Winner!

Lawyer Plugin – how could I not like this one 🙂 This plugin adds resources that are updated and relevant to the law firm’s area of practice. I assume that this plugin is only for US users though …
Something for offliners working in the lawyer niche to add and test on client sites perhaps

High Light Cam – Video hosting plugin – this is a new company that while it is in its start up stage will host your videos (up to 30 minutes) long for you. Currently, there is no limit to the number of videos or domain you can use with the plugin. Simple sign up, install the plugin and upload those videos.

You can get all the juicy details here

If you don’t have an S3 account to host videos and you make videos longer than you You Tube length then this may be a good option for you to explore.

Premium WordPress Plugins

geralt / Pixabay

Ultimate Video Curator – this is an entire video curation package – theme, plugin plus some bonuses. The premise is that the plugin finds relevant videos for you to download and curate on your site. The idea is that all this lovely content will then have hordes of traffic flooding your site. You can read more here 

Viral Pay Bot – Another plugin that locks content on your site until a payment is made. The plugin allows certain parts of your content to be redacted until the payment is made. Users that don’t want to hand over their wallet can pay with a tweet, like or Google Plus.

You can get all the dirt here

In other news …

This month we have two premium themes getting upgraded and re-launched. The first is Optimize Press 2.0 due for release later on in the month. The second is the much awaited Thesis 2.1 which is due for release on 16 July.