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Make Quick Customizations to Canvas WordPress Theme

The Canvas theme by Woo Themes is what this site is currently using.   Out of the box Canvas is pretty plain but the good news is that it is quite simple to make customizations to it (even if you are not a coding queen).

One of the quick changes that I made to WP Queen was moving the top navigation from the default left position to the right hand side.

This short video shows you how to move the navigation to the right hand side on the Canvas theme and the code used is below the video.

The css code used is:

[code lang=”css”]#top-nav {
float: right;

One of the other things that I wanted to change on the Canvas theme was the avatar image on the author profile and comments area. By default the image is round but I prefer the more traditional square avatar image. It’s quite simple to change the default avatar image to square with a little css.

This short video shows you where to paste the code to make the customizations and the css code used is below the video.

The css code used is:

[code lang=”css”]#tabs .inside li img.avatar, #tabs .inside li img.thumbnail {
background-color: #FFFFFF;
border: 1px solid #DDDDDD;
border-radius: 0 0 0 0;
float: left;
margin: 0 8px 0 0;
padding: 2px;
.entry img, .post img.woo-image, img.thumbnail {
background: none repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
border: none;
padding: 0;
} [/code]

The other change that I wanted to make was to display the social media icons in the navigation menu line. This is an easy customization to make. All you need to do is copy and paste the shortcodes that Woo already provides for you.

This short video shows how to have social media icons in your navigation bar (my apologies for the barking dog in the background, what can I say – I love him but he can be naughty:) )

The Woo Short Codes can be viewed here.

These little customizations don’t take long at all to do and are easy to do even if you are unfamiliar with any type of coding.

By Leanne

My name is Leanne King and I'm an Australian internet marketer and WordPress fanatic. I share my knowledge of WordPress here on my blog, through my products, private coaching and in private forums. In my spare time I like to develop products for WordPress users that are easy to use.Find me on Google+