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How to Reset WordPress to Default

Have you ever fiddled and tweaked with your new WordPress blog so much that you just wanted to go back to the beginning?    I know that I have!    Often I’ll play around with a few plugins, make some edits (or hacks as I prefer to call them!) and then end up in  a bit of a mess.     What I often do is go through, slowly, and undo everything that I have done. Problem is ….I’m getting old 🙂  I often forget what I’ve done!

Now, of course, I could uninstall the blog and start over but I don’t need to do that.   Why waste a good install?

The easier solution to get your blog reset to WordPress default settings is to use a plugin.

The WordPress Reset plugin simply tidies up your database and resets it to the default settings.  It also deletes any customizations and content you have added.    If you want to save your content you can export it in Tools/Export first.  If you want to save any theme customizations you have made to be cautious you should download the theme from your server before you click “reset”.

The plugin can also be configured to activate itself and other plugins after your blog has been reset if required.

To ensure you don’t accidentally reset your blog you should delete the plugin!

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