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How to make a clickable WordPress header

Some WordPress themes automagically have a clickable header image – others do not.

 The good news is that it is really easy to create a clickable header image on your blog. Once you have a clicakable header image your users can click the header to return to the home page of your site so it is a great navigation tool for your blog. There are two ways to make the image clickable. The method that you choose depends on the way that the theme that you are using has been created.

Method 1

First of all go to Appearance/Editor and locate your your header.php page and have a look for this code:



• replace the url http://yourdomain/ with the name of your website


Method 2

If your theme is using a html tag you will need to have a look for a code that will look something like this:


* replace “headerimage” with whatever the path is to your header image

Make sure before you make any changes to your theme files that you keep a copy of them in case something goes weird 🙂 

Once you have made your changes give it a test out and enjoy your new clickable header.



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