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How to have different themes on different posts AND pages

Things have changed in the WordPress world since I wrote this post on how to have different themes on different pages.

Now there is a new option to have different themes on different pages and posts of your blog.

You can do this quite easily by just using a simple plugin that is freely available in the WordPress repository.

This short video will show you how I quickly and easily set up this plugin (in seconds) and used the plugin to have different themes on different pages and posts of your blog.


Hopefully, one day there will be a return to the WordPress repository of a plugin that allows you to have different themes on different categories of your blog but until that day this plugin is pretty great.

Remember, if you use the plugin and like it consider letting encouraging the developer by thanking them on their blog, rating the plugin in the repository, giving them a donation or even just sending out a tweet. Plugin developers freely give up so much of their time and talent for the WordPress community that we should all give them a pat on the back whenever possible.

Download the plugin from the WordPress repository

By Leanne

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3 replies on “How to have different themes on different posts AND pages”

I would guess that you have a plugin/theme incompatability. Let the developer know your theme/plugin set up so they can troubleshoot the problem for you.

So glad I found your post! I’m having a problem though. I use different sidebars for each page using the Custom Sidebars plugin, but they stop working when I use this Page Theme plugin. It seems to be getting confused and the only sidebars that work are the ones that use the default theme’s sidebar locations. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Thats an interesting tool. However, personally I would not use different themes for different pages. As a developer, I like to create websites that flow together. I would not want to give the appearance that the user has left the current website and entered a new one. But, there is always a place and time for everything.

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