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How to have different themes on different pages

The other day I read somewhere that you could not have different themes on different pages of your WordPress site.ย ย  Of course, that’s not true…’s WordPress it can do almost anything (but sadly not make coffee).ย ย  So here’s how to have different themes on different pages in a quick video tutorial.

In case you are wondering, you can also have different themes for different categories of your WordPress site but that tutorial is for another day.

Please excuse my voice…..I’ve had the flu for a week but it’s virtually back to normal for this vid ๐Ÿ™‚



By Leanne

My name is Leanne King and I'm an Australian internet marketer and WordPress fanatic. I share my knowledge of WordPress here on my blog, through my products, private coaching and in private forums. In my spare time I like to develop products for WordPress users that are easy to use. Find me on Google+

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I installed both headspace and page theme. A great start, but page attribute template only shows the templates associated with the main theme and not the ones with the page theme. Any thoughts?

And the transcript is where?
(Video is rather dysfunctional when working multiple PCs at once; not to mention portability problems… Perhaps this is why books lasted for centuries and Nooks will not.)

hi I installed the latest version of headspace 2 but i cant drag and drop from disabled to simple or advanced– itried the ver 3.6.33 as well I am using wordpress 3.5. can you please help in this regard

If you need customizations of the theme you do that prior to installing it. Other features of the theme should work as usual unless of course there is a conflict with plugins/themes

thank you! I’d love to say yes but unfortunately plugin developers have not jumped in to a) fix the plugin that did have this functionality or b) invent in a new mouse trap. Cross your fingers maybe someone will do it – if not I might do it myself.

Hey Leanne and thank you for your always useful tips! Any chance you got your hand on that category theme tutorial yet? That would just save my life!!

Thank you and keep up the great work..

Thanks for your reply. I tried what you said and the page was showing the optimoze theme however the squaeeze page templates did not load up into the page attributes section..

I was able to change a a page to the optimisze press theme via the ‘advanced’ button (as you showed in the above video). However the available squeeze/sales page templates for optimize press did not appear.

So eventually I abandoned this method and went back to creating a subdirectory and installing optimize press separately in the subdirectory.

I’m really hoping you have a solution to my problem as your method would be so much easier

Karen, not really following your problem I’m afraid. If you can’t see the page then it looks like it wasn’t published and it may be in your drafts or not saved at all. I presume the “older post” that you are referring to is the revisions section in WP?

Used your tutorial, and worked very well till, I hit the ” Older Post” link on the blog page, and it went back to the original theme, the page is
/blog/page/2 and I cant find it in my pages. How do I get this page to use the new template?

Thank you
Karen Coghlan

At the moment there is no category themes plugin that I know of. The one that was available previously hasn’t been updated for a long, long time. Hope a developer builds one!

What a lifesaver! I went throught all kinds of forum threads that involved altering the database and stuff, or making demo sites. Totally undoable, and then comes you! Thank you!

Fantastic that a new solution has finally been created. This will be great for people who don’t want the seo features of Headspace 2 because they already have a fave seo plugin and just want the theme on different pages. Thanks for sharing.

m a newbie… m using wordpress 3.3.2.. i used page-themes plugin to have different themes for different pages.. but itz not wordkin… all the pages have the current active theme.. and i did’nt get the name of the plugin in this video…

That theme is Optimize Press it is a premium theme and one of my faves for sales letters and membership sites.

Actually Mike in the 2.7 era or thereabouts there were a number of plugins that were stand alone for different pages and categories. However, the plugins have all been abandoned by their developers ๐Ÿ™

Thanks Leanne
I was looking for a way to switch themes for individual pages without hacking into code (customer site) and you provided the answer.
It’s a pity this function isn’t available as a stand-alone plugin. (Great possibility for a plugin developer).

Now that’s a strange one! I’ve never heard of that problem before so I suggest you a) change themes and/or b) contact the theme developer for help

Thanks Leanne
I have tried to use this to use the Shapeshifter theme on one of my pages but that page is now displaying all of the pages on my site vertically. I am totally lost as to what to do!
Any advice please?

Not at this stage, no. There were other options but they are not supported or haven’t been updated for a long time. Try and reinstall Headspace2 manually and see if that makes a difference

Thanks for the video, but I am wondering if you know of any alternatives to Headspace2 that will allow me to use different themes? I tried Headspace2, but can’t get the drag and drop feature to work.

Jessica you need to edit the theme beforehand. If you are used to doing it live you can set it up on a subdomain or use wamp on your computer.

This is great info!

One question: how does one edit the theme once it’s assigned to the different page? I can’t seem to make any edits to the actual theme since it’s not technically “activated”

You can find the website in progress

Thank you!

Thanks for sharing these great tips. I wanted to implement a members page theme different to my main magazine style theme. Though I determined that a sub-domain would be a better option, this was well worth a shot and would be the perfect solution for single pages.

Oh by the way, since the theme is loaded on a specific page, the controls don’t appear in admin panel, can you advise how I can change the theme components such and menu, side bars etc?

Thanks again.

I really love Google. If you just phrase your question the right way Google delivers. Thanks for the great video! I really needed to have a different theme for one page (made an iframe with contact form 7). You saved me a lot of work!

@Petter, I think you are overthinking this ๐Ÿ™‚ Just upload all your themes that you want to use as usual in Appearance/Install Themes then install Headspace. When you go to the page you want to change the look of scroll to the bottom where you see the drop down menu select the theme.

Hope that helps

My problem is that the different themes does not show up when I want to select a special theme for a page.

You say you upload different themes to the themes folder.

Do you put the alternative themes i the folder of the main themes, in seperate folders?

regards Petter

hey Wonderer ๐Ÿ™‚ adding themes by category can only be done now by having a hack in wordpress which I’ll put up as a tutorial soon. There used to be some super cool wordpress plugins that allowed this but so far they haven’t been updated for 3.0.

well, great tutorial and sexy voice ๐Ÿ˜€
but i’m impatientely waiting the one you promised about switching theme on category ๐Ÿ™‚
that’s a problem i’m fighting with since a few days…

I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what youโ€™re saying here and the way youโ€™ve presented it is awesome.

@Mark yes as I said in the vid I couldn’t be bothered adding any content to the page …way too much work for me!

@Ravi – loads of advantages if you have a sales page on the root of your domain then you can have a custom blog as another page alternatively you could have a directory set up and different themes with different headers for each business you are marketing, or have a blog with different sales pages/squeeze pages for each product you are promoting .. you are only limited by your imagination.

Thanks Leanne,

I noticed that the page you added needed some styling.

So I’m guessing I’d need to activate all themes and sort out header image, sidebars and footer, so that they are all ready to use as a template.

Thanks for the vid

I never knew this was possible in WordPress but I question how useful it is exactly. Users expect to visit a site and have a uniform look across it. Jumping from one theme to the next would only confuse them. It breaks continuity and I don’t see what the advantages are.
You can customise your category/post pages but not so drastically as to put them in a completely different theme. As I say – what are the advantages of using this method?

I think I told you before but i love your Australian accent and your overall voice ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s calm and soothing.
This a nifty plugin and might be useful if not overused. I think that every page with a different theme would confuse the user which is pretty lazy in remembering the layout.
Overall is a great guide!

Thanks for the information, I really could use this.
Sometimes is useful to have 2 or more themes on different pages.

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