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How To Edit WordPress Posts In Bulk

The other day I accidentally turned the comments on some posts that I had made on another site.   The problem was that I had moved a lot of content to this site and I wanted it to be static rather than a blog.    In order to quickly change the comments on setting to comments off I used the great bulk editing feature built into WordPress.   If I had done this on a post by post basis I would probably be still clicking buttons as it was it only took 2 minutes to quickly edit the hundreds of posts.

Here’s how you can quickly edit posts in bulk for your site.

First of all you need to go to Posts (or Pages if that is what you are using) in your WordPress Dashboard

Using the drop down menu click “Edit” and then select the posts that you wish to edit.   If you want to edit them all just check the box next to the word “Title” to bulk select them.   Now click Apply.

The posts that you have now selected will be available to edit.

Using the drop down menus you can now bulk edit the Author name, allow or disallow comments, change the post status (for example from published to draft or vice versa), add sticky posts  or allow or disallow pings.   Once you have made the changes that you want just click “Update” to save them all

The bulk edit feature is a real time saver when you are building out large sites and you may have used an automatic uploader or just felt sleepy that day!


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