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How to change your WordPress Database Prefix

WordPress originally had a default database name of  wp_ .     As you can imagine, it wasn’t too long before hackers figured that out and actively sought out the wp_ prefix.     In later versions of  WordPress you can now change the database prefix from the default wp_ to something else that adds another barrier of security to your blog.

If you are installing WordPress manually you will see that during the 5 minute install you have the option of changing the database name which is as simple as inserting your new prefix followed by an underscore eg:   erswplmk_

If you are  using a script to install WordPress you may find that you can also change the database prefix on installation.      Make the  most of this feature to ensure that you are thinking about the security of your site at all times.          Some automated solutions like Fantastico for example though do not allow you to change the prefix during the installation process.

If you are using Fantastico or another script for installation or have an existing blog you can still tighten up the security by changing the prefix.    You can either do this manually or by using a plugin.     I’ll show you both methods below in the two short videos.      Before you make any changes to your blog remember to back up your site in case cyberspace has a bad day 🙂

Manually Changing Your Database Prefix 

Changing your Database Prefix with a Plugin


WordPress Security Scan Plugin

WP Twin

Backup Buddy

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