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Ever wanted to make a news site?

I seen this question in a forum the other day where someone was wondering how to make a news aggregator site. I thought this might be something that you guys might be interested in as well.

It’s actually quite simple to make a feed aggregator site like this with the right ingredients.   Most of you will already know that I love WordPress automation – so much so that’s what my book WP Quick Cash is about 🙂

Here’s what you need:

  1. WP Omatic wordpress plugin
  2. Rss feeds – try yahoo, google, your niche, specialized sites like Syndic8 (make sure you are allowed to syndicate content)
  3. All your fave plugins that you would use for building any WordPress site

To Start:

  • Install and configure WP Omatic as per the instructions in the read me file of the plugin
  • Install and configure your fave plugins
  • Add your rss feeds to WP Omatic campaigns
  • Combine the above with a super WordPress theme that looks great for these types of sites.

Here are some suggestions:

Aggregator Theme –   This is a free theme and you can check out how it looks on the demo before you download

One News –  this is a premium theme for those that like a light framework

Mortar – great if you have images and want posts in columns.   This is a premium theme.

Antisocial– has a great web 2.0 feel to it.   Another premium theme.

Aggregado – nice free theme although the colors may not appeal to everyone.   Download here.

Snippet Theme – this is a premium theme  similar to Mortar – great if you are feeding images on your aggregator site as well.

News Tube – this is a low cost premium theme. Click here to visit Theme Junkie.

Now, of course, you could just use a theme that you have and change the way that it is displayed.   For example, if you like the newspaper column look just install a plugin like Post Columns to get that look.


If you purchase a premium theme through my affiliate link I will be paid a commission which helps keep me supplied with coffee and cake!

By Leanne

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1 reply on “Ever wanted to make a news site?”

Great post Leanne. Thanks for sharing.

But what if I don’t want to use RSS feeds? I want to create a news aggregating blog (similar to HuffingtonPost, but for a specific topic), where I can link to news articles on other websites and also post my own articles on the site.

I’m very new to WordPress so would really appreciate any advice.

Thanks Leanne.

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