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Convert a Joomla site to WordPress

I have never used Joomla in my life but I do know that it is a popular cms platform.

A know of quite a few people that have Joomla sites and want to convert them to WordPress so they can take advantage of the awesomeness created by the WordPress community 🙂

As most WordPress users know already it is easy to export content from a number of  platforms like Blogger for instance to WordPress using the Tools/Importer function built into WordPress.

I figured that there must be a quick and easy WordPress migrator  to do this with Joomla.

First of all though, in order to convert a Joomla site I actually had to build one!    I spent about half an hour building my very first Joomla site (be gentle on me Joomla users – I didn’t read the instructions) and then converted that site to WordPress in less than 5 minutes!

The quick video below shows how simple it is to convert your site to WordPress (5 minutes to watch).

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By Leanne

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