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Build an E-commerce Store Using WordPress & Free Resources

If you are setting up a small e-commerce store, or just want to get your feet with e-commerce then WordPress is a good choice.     There are other open source solutions  like Magento and Oscommerce for example but they can be trickier to set up and lack the massive array of plugins that WordPress has to offer its users.

Setting up an e-commerce store with WordPress can be done for free other than the cost of  your store’s domain name.

My favorite free resources for  e-commerce are:

Woo Commerce plugin (for shopping cart and ordering) and

Wootique (theme to make your store pretty!).  Wootique may be considered to be a basic ecommerce WordPress them compared to premium WordPress themes but I think it’s simplicity and clean design is more attractive than some of the paid templates.

Follow along with these 11 short videos (each less than 5 minutes in length) that will guide you through setting up the E-commerce theme and plugin for your new store.

(click the square icon on the video player to view full screen size and use the scroller to scroll through to the next video)

WordPress, is not the best solution for every e-commerce store.    If you have a very large store with a lot of inventory, say 1000s of products (and images) and if you use drop shipping for fulfillment then you may be better off with a commercial solution. Shopify is a commercial hosted solution which has add ons to automate a lot of functions for you.  For large stores processing a lot of payments and stock using a commercial solution could  save you time in the long run.    As always, do your research and see what solution is best for your needs.

By Leanne

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