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How on earth do you create a WordPress plugin?

Have you ever wanted to create a WordPress plugin?

Creating WordPress plugins is hot and has been for years now. The trend in plugin creation also shows no signs of waning.

Why are plugins so hot?

Because usually, if they are made well and designed with thought and a dash of love they solve a problem. They make life easier for us mere mortals that couldn’t live without the code geeks add ons.

Creating free … Read More

include specific pages in rss feed

Export Google Reader Feeds

As most people know Google Reader is no longer being supported from 1 July, 2000.

I’ve used  Reader for years now and have over 100 subscriptions that I regularly check on my iphone.

Now I have to find a new Reader 🙁     Luckily, there are heaps to choose from!

In the meantime, it is important to export your feeds so you can import them into a new Reader.    Luckily, this is a task that can … Read More

wordpress weekly round up

Make Your Own WP Magazine – Using A Free WP Magazine Plugin

Ever wanted to have an online magazine?   If you have, you are in luck!  Now you can create an online magazine for your niche using a free magazine plugin and theme package from the folks at Issue M.

wordpress magazine plugin

Like most plugins Issue M was created to solve a problem for the users and was then made available to the general public.   The creators of Issue M were looking for a way to publish their … Read More

include specific pages in rss feed

Include Selected Pages in RSS Feed

Often you might want to include pages that are updated in your RSS feed. You might have a testimonials page, services page or portfolio that is constantly updated for your visitors.

Most feeds generated for WordPress are for posts.   This is great if you have a blog that is constantly updated but it’s not good for those that have a blog and a static site or a static site that is updated.

The good news … Read More

different themes on different parts of your blog

Multiple Themes on One WordPress Installation

Years ago I wrote a post on using different themes on different pages. That post is now out of date because nowadays we can have different themes on different posts/pages and core pages like Category/Archive and Home.

Multiple Themes WordPress Plugin

The reason that we have more control over our sites is because of the new multiple themes WordPress plugin.

Why would you want a different theme on a page/post?

You might like to … Read More

awstats lists popular foreign seo terms

How to attract foreign visitors to your site

If you have a website that attracts a global array of visitors then you’ll probably want to know how you can optimize your site to attract more of those visitors.

Why would you want foreign visitors?

how to do foreign seoWe live in a global world 🙂 A lot of visitors to our sites may not speak English as a first or second language but they may be part of our target market. Having your content in a language … Read More

wordpress website security

3 Tips to Improve WordPress Website Security

Most WordPress users are already aware WordPress sites are being heavily targeted by hackers. Hackers are targeting the wp-login.php page in particular and sites that have a username of “admin”

Don’t panic – here’s what to do

wordpress website security

Tip 1

If you haven’t done so already it’s time to install the Limit Login Attempts plugin. This is a free but powerful plugin from the WordPress repository. It limits the number of times that a user … Read More