Video Blogging – Fun or Fizzle?

What is Video Blogging?

Video blogging or Vlogging is a blog based on video rather than the traditional article format (like this one).   There are many ways that visitors like to digest information text, images and videos.    Most Vlogs consist of a talking head film style.   This means that a person is filming themselves when vlogging.

Why Vlog?

Video blogging is just one way that you can communicate with your niche.   You’ll find that almost every niche out there could have a video blog.    A quick peek at the categories on You Tube shows just how many broad areas there are where a vlog might appeal to your audience.

Because of the nature of a vlog you might find it easier for your niche to get to know you, like you and trust you.

Advantages of Vlogging

If short videos that are popular in your niche (hint:  have a look at You Tube for popular videos in your niche) can create a viral effect.     People often like to share videos that they have enjoyed with their friends and this can quickly build up your fan base.

You can start with very little money.   In fact, if you don’t have a blog you could just set up a You Tube Channel for your vlog posts.

You can leech traffic by uploading short videos to popular video sharing sites like You Tube and then directing viewers to your blog for the extended version of the video.

Videos can be quick and easy to make – simply shoot, render and upload.     There’s no need to be Stephen Spielberg!

It’s an opportunity to really put yourself in your niche’s lounge room and let people connect with the real you (messy hair and everything!)

Disadvantages of Vlogging

Usually, you will have to make sure that your hair is brushed and that you don’t have something stuck between your teeth!

You may be segmenting your market ie not all people in your niche may want to watch videos.    If you do not provide transcripts or powerpoint presentations of your vlog posts you may risk losing some of  your market.

Stuff happens.   The dog barks during a crucial part of your vlog post or the smoke alarm goes off.    This means that you will have to edit the video if you want to have a professional finish.   Editing takes time 🙁

The other problem with videos is that they often take a long time to upload.    Depending on your internet service provider it could take minutes or hours.    In addition, videos are generally bigger than a standard blog post so they will take up more room on your server.

A common complaint with videos is that they take a long time to load up.     Do your visitors a favour and use AS3 for faster loading time.

Finally, you may not have any video blogging equipment (although if you have a smart phone with a stand you could use that) so you may have an up front cost to get started.

If you do decide to start video blogging then remember:

  • use proper seo techniques on each of your video posts
  • create a video sitemap
  • label your videos with the keyphrase you wish to rank for
  • provide video in mobile ready format

Lately, I’ve been enjoying visiting Rachel Rofe’s blog.    She is doing a 30 day Vlogging Challenge.    If you are interested in vlogging stop by her site and pick up some tips.

By Leanne

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